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Hank Willis Thomas: Black Righteous Space

February 1 – April 7, 2018


Hank Willis Thomas’s Black Righteous Space is an interactive installation that features a looping soundtrack combining songs, speeches, and dialogue from more than 50 noted black leaders, musicians, ministers, poets, and celebrities. Their observations on racism, equality, injustice, and life in America are punctuated with a barrage of patterns, including a recurrent Confederate flag recolored in hues of the Black Power Movement. Additionally, a microphone is placed in front of the screen for visitors to speak or sing into the mic during randomized moments of silence.

Supported by the Office of the President, Office of the Provost, The University at Albany Foundation, and University Auxiliary Services.


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Image credit:
Hank Willis Thomas
Black Righteous Space, 2012
Interactive video installation, DVD (playlist and video installation), Mac mini, and microphone, 60 minutes
Courtesy of the artist and Jack Shainman Gallery, New York