Packages consist of any item that will not fit in your assigned mailbox. Only students that have a housing assignment will be allowed to receive packages at Mail Services. All packages received by Mail Services from students that do not have a housing assignment will be returned to sender.

Package Pickup Hours (Academic Year)

Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 3:00pm

Things to know...

  • After a package is received by the respective carrier, Mail Services enters the package information in our internal tracking system which will generate an email notification (from informing you that you have a package ready for pick up.
  • Your UAlbany Photo ID (SUNYCard) is required to receive packages. Packages will not be released without approved form of picture identification presented to the staff.
  • Please pick up packages promptly. The package area has limited space and cannot store packages for an extended period of time. If the package is not picked up after numerous reminders, it will be returned to the sender.

If you do not receive an email and are expecting a package please call 518-442-3272 and ask if you have a package, a staff member can look up the informaton while you are on the phone.

During the winter and spring intersessions, Mail Services will hold all packages in the facility. During the summer intersession, packages will be returned. If you have an official housing assignment or function during the summer, Mail Services must be notified.