Mission Statement

The Office of Personal Safety & Off-Campus Affairs strives to improve the safety of students, faculty and staff as well as relations between the University and the larger community in which it resides.

To achieve this, the Director of Personal Safety & Off-Campus Affairs:

  • Sponsors, coordinates and is involved with personal safety programs for the University on campus;
  • Sponsors, coordinates and is involved with personal, property and fire safety programs for the University off campus in partnership with other colleges, law enforcement agencies, city officials, business owners and community groups;
  • Improves relations between college students off campus and their long term neighbors, develops alcohol abuse prevention programs off campus and improves the quality of life in neighborhoods where college students reside;
  • Assists the University in its community outreach and engagement programs and initiatives;
  • Assists the University Police Department with community education and public relations;
  • Coordinates support for student victims of crime and student victims of fires off campus.