William A. Lanford

Physics Department, University at Albany

Ph.D, Physics, University of Rochester, 1972.
B.S. Physics, University of Rochester, 1966.

Professor of Physics with joint appointment in Classics, SUNY Albany 1998-present.
Professor of Physics, SUNY Albany, 1983-present.
Associate Professor of Physics, SUNY Albany, 1979-1983.
Associate Professor of Physics, Yale University, 1977-79.
Assistant Professor of Physics, Yale University, 1973-77.
Post Doc and Assistant Professor, Michigan State University, 1971-73.


His interests have concentrated on the physics of materials including work on: ion beam analysis, hydrogen in materials, use of copper for microelectronic metalization, ion beam modification of materials, effects of cosmic rays on electronic devices, ion beams in archaeology.

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellowship for "Fundamental Research in Physics" 1979-83.
SUNY Albany's Presidential Award for Excellence in Research, 1987.
Elected Chair, New York State Section of the American Physical Society, 1987-89
Elected Chair, University at Albany Faculty Senate, 1990-91.
Nobel Committee for Physics and Chemistry of the Swedish Royal Academy of Science "Guest Researcher" (1994-96). Support provided to do research at any Swedish institution
Semiconductor Research Corporation Inventor Recognition Award, 1994, 1996 and1998.

PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES: Member of International Advisor Committee of the Ion Beam Analysis Conference, 1981-present; Chair, Conference on Particle Solid Interactions, Albany, 1981; Co-Chair, International Conference on Ion Beam Analysis, Tempe, AZ, 1983, Co-Organizer, NATO Advanced Study Institute on "Applications of Particle and Laser Beams in Materials Technology, Chalkidike, Greece, 1994; Consultant, International Atomic Energy Commission (Vienna) for CRP of "Application of MeV Ion Beams" 1997, 1998 and 2000. External Review Committee, "Ion Beam Materials Study Group" to advise Los Alemos National Laboratory on future of ion beams for materials research, 1982; External Review Committee, to advise Natural Science and Engineering Research Council (Canada) on relocating ion beam analysis effort from Chalk River to University of Western Ontario, 1986; External Program Review, Physics and Chemistry at Skidmore College, 1987, External Review Committee for Physics Department, University of Texas (Dallas), 1996. Executive Committee (1981-85), Vice Chair (1985-87), Chair (1987-89), Representative to APS Council (1989-91) for New York State Section of the American Physical Society; Editor, Radiation Effects (conferences and reviews) 1983-89; Associate Editor, Nuclear Science Applications (1979-88); Consultant to many corporations including on the use of ion beams in materials studies: IBM, Bell Labs, Exxon, RCA, National Semiconductor, Intel, Chronar, Arco Solar, Standard Oil, Applied Materials, Kodak, Sothebys...

Recent publications
  1. W. A. Lanford, B. Anderberg, H. Enge, and B. Hjorvarsson, "Compact Broad Range Magnetic Spectrometer for Use in Ion Beam Analysis", Nuclear Instruments and Methods B136-38 (1998) 1177.
  2. S. Bedell and W. A. Lanford, "Investigation of Blistering and Layer Transferal of Hydrogen Implanted Crystals" Journal of Applied Physics (submitted 2000).
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  4. W. A. Lanford, S. Bedell, P. Isberg, B. Hjorvarsson, S. K. Lakshmanan and W. N. Gill, "Low Temperature Transport of Al Into and Through Copper Starting With Cu/Al/SiO2 Bilayers", Journal of Applied Physics 85 (1999) 1487.
  5. K. Cummings, W. A. Lanford and M. Feldman, "Weathering of Glass in Moist and Polluted Air", Nuclear Instruments and Methods B136-38 (1998) 858.