AIEA Thematic Forum

Internationalization and the American Research University: Implications for Faculty Research and Graduate Education

Thursday, April 5th & 6th, 2018
University at Albany, Albany, New York
Life Sciences Building: D'Ambra Auditorium, LS 2095

Globalization has precipitated a degree of dynamism and disruption in American higher education never before witnessed in its history. While much of the strategic and orchestrated efforts around internationalization has occurred at four-year and teaching institutions, much less has occurred at research universities. Yet it is research universities, as one sector of the academy, that are the primary engines of discovery and innovation, and that have the resources and infrastructure to be most effective at pushing the boundaries of knowledge the farthest, and finding solutions to the most pressing challenges confronting humanity. Recognizing that scholarship is increasingly an international endeavor, and acknowledging the imperative to prepare graduate students for careers that will be profoundly international, why then are so many research universities not engaged in explicitly and intentionally internationalizing their campuses?

This symposium will therefore explore the following issues:
  • The state of internationalization at American research universities
  • What research universities must do to respond to globalization
  • Federal recognition of the importance of internationalization through grant funding
  • Successful strategies deployed at research universities to link internationalization with scholarship and graduate education
  • The role global rankings on faculty research and graduate education

Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings Masterclass will be offered as part of this symposium on April 6th, 9AM to 12 Noon. (Exclusive and detailed analysis of the performance of the US higher education sector will be presented. It will include a detailed briefing on the construction and methodology of the influential rankings, as well as previously unpublished data and analysis.)

Speakers and Panelists

Dr. Philip Altbach- Professor & Founding Director of the Center for International Higher Education; World’s leading scholar on international higher education
Dr Anne Emig

Dr. Anne L. Emig - is the Cluster Lead for the Programs and Analysis Cluster and Program Manager for Japan and Taiwan in the National Science Foundation Office of International Science and Engineering (NSF/OISE).

John Gill - Editor of Times Higher Education, Publisher of World University Rankings
Dr. Sigrid Berka - Executive Director of the International Engineering Program, University of Rhode Island
Dr William Brustein Dr. William Brustein - Vice Provost for Global Strategies and International Affairs, West Virginia University


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