Facilities and Equipment



ETEC is home to the Department of Environmental & Sustainable Engineering. The facility is a new academic and research building that brings academia and innovation together under one roof. Equipped with modern interactive classrooms and state-of-the-art teaching laboratories and equipment, ETEC is a shining example of how the University is incorporating innovative, sustainable technologies into its construction projects while strengthening its academic offerings for students.



ETEC at UAlbany Aerial image


The Department of Environmental & Sustainable Engineering labs are currently located in the Biology and ETEC Buildings.


Teaching Lab

The Environmental Teaching Laboratory is a flexible facility designed for bench-scale experiments and analysis of environmental samples and processes. The facility is host to both upper-level undergraduates and graduate students.


Core Lab

The CNSE Core wet lab analysis facility is a shared wet lab resource supporting research and teaching across the College of Nanotechnology, Science, and Engineering.


Air Quality Equipment
ese observair series equipment


ObservAir Series Aerosol Black Carbon with CO and NO2
Manufacturer: Distributed Sensing Technologies (DST)
Location: BIO 355 (Field Measurement)
The ObservAir Series Aerosol Black Carbon monitor (n = 8) is an aerosol photometer that continuously draws air through a white fibrous filter with a rotary vane pump, measures the rate of 880 nm radiation attenuated by BC accumulating on the filter, and computes the real-time hourly BC mass concentrations in the air. Housed in a compact weatherproof enclosure, it stores data to the SD memory card and incorporates a 2G cellular modem for wireless communication. 
The base model ObservAir Series also includes two sensors to measure gaseous pollutants such as CO and NO2 along with temperature and relative humidity.


controlled environmental chamber ese lab equipment


Controlled Environmental Chamber for filter weighing
Manufacturer: ets, Electro-Tech Systems, Inc.
Location: BIO 355 (Lab Measurement)
The Air Quality Lab is equipped with a controlled environmental chamber for filter conditioning and weighing. The Model 518 Controlled Environmental Chamber is a completely integrated system, fabricated from 0.375” clear and white acrylic that provides the user with excellent visibility inside the controlled environment section. It incorporates precision automatic humidity and temperature control systems that can control the relative humidity to within 0.5% R.H. and the temperature to within 1.0 °F (0.5 °C) of the desired levels. It is housed on a granite slab, which stabilizes weighing results against environmental vibrations.
It includes glove ports, equipment and sample access doors, circulating fans, lighting and accessory power outlets. The standard chamber is capable of precisely controlling temperatures from <32-122°F (<0-50°C) and humidity from 5-98%. The overall dimensions of the chamber is 47″W x25.5″D x22″H including the controlled compartment.

Dr. Huang's Equipment
TA instruments heat measure equipment


Instrument and available accessories
A TAM IV Microcalorimeter system (TA Instruments) for reaction heat measurement

Working principles
All physical, chemical and biological processes release or absorb heat, and microcalorimeter is a technique developed to directly measure the heat signal. The heat signal can be used to derive quantitative thermodynamics and kinetics data of the process being studied.


heat flow for phosphorus absorption graph


Graph 1
Real-time heat signal for adsorption of different phosphorus compounds to solid sorbents using a flow through ampoules.


heat flow enzymatic oxidation reaction graph


Graph 2
Enthalpy of enzymatic oxidation reaction measured by isothermal titration of different volumes of the substrate into an enzyme solution, using isothermal titration ampoule.

Capability with accessories currently installed
Sensitivity: heat signal as low as 0.5 W (J/sec) can be measured.
Experiment types: isothermal titration (liquid to liquid or liquid to solid suspension), perfusion (gas or liquid flow through solids), batch experiment (isothermal or temperature scanning);
Sample type and volume: ampoules can accommodate sample volume up to 4 mL, solids at sub-micron sizes can be used in a titration experiment, and solids sized > 0.4 m are required for perfusion experiment, the batch ampoule is highly accommodating to different types of samples;
Reaction condition: temperature between 15 to 90 °C, aqueous solutions (organic solvent may also be used), isothermal or temperature scanning (<1°C/hr).

Dr. Kim's Lab Equipment
digital digestion reactor designed to measure organic matter concentration in samples


Digital Digestion Reactor
Model Number: DRB200
Company: Hach
Description: The reactor is designed for programmable digestion to measure organic matter concentration in samples. 


laboratory vis spectrophotometer equipment for lab water analysis


Laboratory VIS spectrophotometer with RFID tech
Model Number: DR3900
Company: Hach
Description: A benchtop visible spectrum (320 - 1100 nm), split beam spectrophotometer with over 220 pre-programmed methods optimized for laboratory water analysis (parameters like Ammonium, COD, Phosphate, Nitrate and many others) 


multimeter data acquisition system equipment


Multimeter Data Acquisition System
Model Number: DAQ6510
Company: Keithley Instruments
Description: DAQ6510 is a precision data acquisition/data logging system with the measurements of a 6.5 digit DMM plus 40 channels of instrument grade switching. 


potentiostat galvanostats equipment for electrochemical analyses


Model Number: VSP (5 slots) 
Company: BioLogic USA
Description: For electrochemical analyses (CV, LSV, CA, CP, EIS, and others). EIS measurement from 10 µHz to 1 MHz, Current ranging from 10 μA up to 1 A.


gas chromatograph equipment to analyze gas productions


Gas Chromatograph
Model Number: 8610C
Company: SRI Instrument 
Description: To analyze gas productions (hydrogen, oxygen, and methane) in samples. 

Dr. Liang's Lab Equipment
agilent triple quad lc ms ese lab equipment


Agilent 1290 UPLC 6470 Triple Quadrupole LC/MS

The instrument is dedicated for analyzing per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and other emerging organic contaminants. Detection limits for PFAS are in the low end of ng/L (ppt) ranges. We are experienced in analyzing per- and polyfluoroalkyl acids (PFAAs), PFAA precursors, and PFAS alternatives following EPA method 537.1 and other up-to-date protocols. For details, please contact Dr. Yanna Liang at [email protected].

Health and Sustainability Equipment
ion chromatrograph ese lab equipment


Metrohm 930 Compact IC Flex Oven/SeS/Deg ion chromatograph

The ion chromatograph measures anions and cations in solution and incorporates a column oven, sequential suppression and built-in degasser. A model 800 Dosino is used to regenerate the suppressor. 


organic carbon analyzer ese lab equipment


Shimadzu TOC-LCPH total organic carbon analyzer
The instrument is a combustion catalytic oxidation/NDIR detection method TOC analyzer with an autosampler. It oxidizes low molecular weight organic compounds and insoluble and macromolecular organic compounds using the 680 °C combustion catalytic oxidation method. An SSM-5000A Solid Sample Combustion Unit is incorporated for TOC measurements in solid samples.


agilent gas chromatography ese lab equipment
Agilent 490 Micro GC gas chromatograph (Right)
Agilent 8860 Gas Chromatograph System (Left)


Agilent 490 Micro GC gas chromatograph 
This GC with dual carrier gas is designed for gas analysis and operates with Agilent OpenLab CDS for instrument control and digital data acquisition. 

Agilent 8860 Gas Chromatograph System
The instrument is equipped with an FID detector, 50-vial autosampler and electronic pneumatics control.  The 8860 operates with Agilent OpenLab CDS for instrument control and digital data acquisition.