Farial Nur Maysha '19

Process Integration Engineer at GlobalFoundries

“UAlbany Helped Me Get My Current Job”

Farial Nur Maysha stands in a black coat on a wooden pier in front of a river and city skyline.

Farial Nur Maysha MS ’19 credits her experiences at UAlbany — from her course work to her extracurriculars — with her success as an engineer.

As a master’s student in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Maysha took advantage of all that UAlbany has to offer, pursuing hands-on learning opportunities, including research, and joining organizations like the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). 

“I was involved in extracurricular activities at UAlbany, which helped me to get a scholarship,” said Maysha. “My research experience with Professor Saulnier and graduate courses taught me to solve critical problems.”

Now a Process Integration Engineer with GlobalFoundries, Maysha enjoys putting her problem-solving skills to work every day.

I like to solve critical problems, which is a part of my daily work at a high-volume manufacturing company, besides making my process work more standard and efficient in productivity."

It’s all thanks, in part, to UAlbany.

“UAlbany helped me to get my current job,” said Maysha. “It has not only made me think out of the box but also taught me how to solve complex problems and increase my thinking capacity.”

For current students looking to follow in her footsteps, Maysha’s advice is simple.

“Just focus on what you are doing and try your best in that,” Maysha said. “Try to communicate with the faculty for suggestions and career goals.”