Since 1991, CHSR has produced many publications, reports and presentations for our funders and program stakeholders. In many cases, documents are meant for internal use only and so are not available for external distribution. But, when possible, CHSR shares all materials with any interested readers. Our peer-reviewed publications and reports, research briefs, and infographics are available on our Scholars Archive page. Recent conference presentations can be found below.



Evaluating Job Applicant and Staff Member Stories to Better Hire and Develop Successful Employees
Director Margaret Gullick and Assistant Director Erin Berical presented this session at the annual meeting of the American Evaluation Association. (Indianapolis, IN; October 2023)

Virtual Home Visiting Post Covid: Retention Rates and Performance Targets
Senior Research Scientist, Moira Riley, presented a session on the impact of virtual home visits on retention rates and performance targets at the Prevent Child Abuse America conference in Baltimore. (August 2023)

Virtual Team Meetings: A Tool Worth Keeping in the Care Coordinator’s Toolbox
Research Scientist Camille Barnes presented to National Training and Technical Assistance Center for Child, Youth, and Family Mental Health System of Care Summit. (May 2023)

Implementing Trauma-Informed Evaluations: Turning the Principles into Practices
Director Margaret Gullick presented this session at the annual meeting of the American Evaluation Association. (New Orleans, LA; November 2022)

Research & Evaluation Within an Early Parenting Intervention Program: Ideas from Healthy Families New York
Director Margaret Gullick presented this session with Kristen Kirkland of OCFS at The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong 2022 Symposium on Early Childhood Intervention. (Virtual/Hong Kong; November 2021)

Survey Tips and Tricks: Considerations for Survey Design and Integration of Technology
Research Scientists, Margaret Gullick, Mandi Breen, and Camille Barnes presented at the University at Albany Downtown Campus. (March 2020)

Moving Surveys into the Future: Considerations for Technology-Friendly Survey Design
Director Margaret Gullick presented this session at the annual meeting of the American Evaluation Association, with support from Research Scientist Mandi Breen. (Minneapolis, MN; November 2019)

Community Training and Assistance Center (CTAC) webinar
Ruth Lindenfelser, LMSW, Senior Research Support Specialist, presented findings on Youth Peer Advocates involved with the NYS System of Care High Fidelity Wraparound Initiative. This was part one of a two part presentation. Part two included a panel of service providers and recipients who spoke to the impact of Youth Peer Advocates on youth, families and providers. (September 2019)

New York’s Groundbreaking MRT Evaluation
Director Margaret Gullick presented this session with partners from two program sites at the annual meeting of the Corporation for Supportive Housing (Los Angeles, CA; June 2018)

2017 System of Care Evaluation
Research Scientists, Camille Barnes, Thomas LaPorte and Jennifer Ciccone presented at Parson’s Child and Family Center with the project leadership team for the NYS System of Care project. (November 2017)

New York State Office of Victim Services 2017 Conference: The Crime Victims Legal Network Project: Connecting Crime Victims to Civil Legal Assistance
Remla Parthasarathy, Project Lead - Crime Victims Legal Network; CHSR Research Scientist, Susan Ehrhard-Dietzel, PhD - University at Albany; Liz Keith, Program Director - Pro Bono Net (November 2017)

Best Practices to Enhance the Employability of Young Adults: PowerPoint Presentation
Senior Research Support Specialist, Sarah Rain and Research Interviewer, Tyler Bellick presented at the The City of Albany’s Poverty Reduction Initiative Luncheon (July 2017)

2016 Partnership for Youth Justice State Conference: Using Data to Drive Practice
Dr. Susan Ehrhard-Dietzel presented at The Partnership for Youth Justice at the Partnership for Youth Justice State Conference in Syracuse, NY. (September 2016)