Support the Arts

The Arts at UAlbany offers our students a wide range of creative outlets and helps to improve academic performance. Exposure to the arts sparks students’ creative thinking and enhances their ability to innovate, shift perspectives, and think broadly—all skills relevant to the demands of the 21st century.

Our public arts programs enlighten, inform, engage, challenge, inspire, entertain, and rejuvenate not only our students, but our community audiences as well. The Arts at UAlbany significantly contributes to the robust cultural landscape of the Capital Region and engages a community audience through its diverse programs and opportunities.

The arts reflect upon the past, keep us alive in the moment, and bring hope for the future. They connect us to each other and to our humanity.

Please consider supporting the Arts at UAlbany. Give to the art program of your choice. Your donation will have an immediate and tangible impact that will benefit UAlbany students as well as the larger community. Here are some examples of how your support can make a difference:

Support the Visual Arts

  • Provide funding support for an exhibition of contemporary art at the University Art Museum or for the creation of its corresponding exhibition catalog; support an education program, or an art acquisition;
  • Fund a scholarship or annual award for an outstanding student in the Art and Art History Department, or help purchase art supplies and equipment;
  • Support the Visiting Artist/Scholar program.

Support the Performing Arts

  • Fund performances and residencies by touring actors, musicians, and dancers as part of the Performing Arts Center’s Prime Performances series, or support matinee performances for area high school students;
  • Purchase musical scores and instruments for the Music Program, or support guest performer fees and master classes;
  • Support student scholarships for outstanding Theatre Program students, or provide funds for theatre performance royalty fees, scenery construction, and costume supplies.

Support the Literary Arts

  • Support the New York State Writers Institute’s Visiting Writers and Classic Films Series, community writing workshops, and summer writing workshop for high school students;
  • Provide funding for the English Department’s student-run literary journals, and graduate student colloquia;
  • Fund multi-disciplinary collaborations, such as The Creative Life: A Conversation Series at UAlbany, and related book purchases for students.

You can also support the Arts at UAlbany with your presence at our many events. Please join us!