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Northeast Anthropology

Northeast Anthropology is a journal dedicated to scholarly investigations and reports from the northeastern United States and adjacent Canadian provinces. It is a bi-annual publication covering a wide range of anthropological issues including archaeology, linguistics, physical and cultural perspectives. The traditional strengths of the journal have been in the areas of archaeology and ethnohistory, but we are very interested in broadening the scholarly base and readership.

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Dr. Christopher B. Wolff

Dr. Christopher B. Wolff
Editor of Northeast Anthropology

Department of Anthropology
University at Albany, SUNY
1400 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12222



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Northeast Anthropology Editorial Board

Editors Emeritus

  • Howard R. Sargent, 1971-1982
  • Dean R. Snow, 1982-1995
  • Richard G. Wilkinson, 1995-1999
  • Charles R. Cobb, 1999-2005
  • Sean M. Rafferty, 2005-2021

Author's Guide

Editorial Policy

Northeast Anthropology is a biannual, peer-reviewed journal that publishes papers on anthropological topics of the Northeast. We encourage authors to write in a formal academic style, but because we publish in a variety of disciplines, we encourage authors to minimize jargon for our broader readership. Please consult the following guide before submitting your manuscript for consideration.

Manuscript Submission

Authors should submit a digital copy of their manuscript in Microsoft Word (or compatible software) to the Editor, Christopher Wolff, at [email protected]. Northeast Anthropology is edited using Microsoft Word and reviews will be given back to the author(s) in that format (.doc or docx). We do not accept pdfs.

The editor may reject or return a manuscript for revision. Revisions may be required for either content or stylistic reasons. The Chicago Manual of Style is the principal guide in matters of style.

Upon acceptance for publication, authors are to submit the final version of the paper via email to the editor and separate table and figure files.

How manuscripts should be structured

  1. Abstract: A single paragraph with a maximum of 150 words
  2. Text (Title, author(s), institutional affiliation or address included at the top)
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. References cited
  5. Tables (with captions)
  6. Figures (captions for figures should be on a separate page)

All manuscripts should be double-spaced with a one-inch margin on all sides. Each page should be numbered consecutively in the upper right corner. We discourage endnotes but if necessary, they can be inserted between the text and acknowledgments. Footnotes and appendices should be avoided. If material is important enough to be included, it should be incorporated into the text.

Manuscript Style

Primary headings should be flush left and typed in all capital letters. Secondary headings should be flush left with initial capital letters on all significant words and set in italics. Tertiary headings should be part of the paragraph, indented, with initial capital letters on all significant words, and italicized.

Units of Measurement

All measurements must be in metric units. Specific measurements should be abbreviated without periods (6 km). If used to begin a sentence, or when discussed in general terms, measurements should be written out. Some metric measurements, such as hectares, remain obscure to many readers; therefore, if English equivalents (e.g., acres and miles) seem required for clarity, they should be indicated parenthetically following their appearance as metric measures.

Format of Numbers

Numbers from one to twenty are spelled out in the text. Numbers from 21 upwards are written as numerals except for numbers used in an approximate sense or when beginning a sentence. Ordinal numbers (first, second, etc.) are always spelled out. Dates should be expressed in the following forms; 1980s, twentieth century, 1980-1990, January 13, 1990.

Format of Dates

Mathematical notations and radiocarbon dates are to be given according to the style used by American Antiquity, except that B.P. dates will be allowed as substitutes for B.C. Lab numbers must always accompany radiocarbon dates and any corrections made to the date(s) reported by the laboratory must be listed in addition to (not instead of) the reported date(s).


Quotations of five lines or more should be set off from the text and indented. Shorter quotations should not be set off. Authors are responsible for accuracy, correct attribution, and legal permissions to publish any material submitted. In other matters concerning quotations, the uses of italics, capitalization, hyphenation, abbreviations, ellipses, and accents, refer to The Chicago Manual of Style.

Special Usage Words and Phrases

Northeast Anthropology uses the practice of referring to individuals of tribal, national, ethnic, or linguistic groups by the normal English plural (e.g., "six Penobscots"). When used as adjectives or when referring to the proper names of such entities, they may remain in singular form. Foreign words are italicized; however, foreign words that have come into common usage in English (e.g., in situ) are not. Foreign place names are not italicized.

Citations in Text

Citations must appear parenthetically. If two or more citation dates appear together for one author they should be separated in calendrical order with commas. If two or more references by the same author(s) are listed with the same year, use a, b, c, etc. to distinguish them. If three or more authors are listed, use "et al." following the first author's name.

If two or more citations appear within one set of parentheses they should be separated with semicolons, listing authors alphabetically first, and chronologically, second: (Able 1984:23; Baker 1983, 1985; Clinton 1996). Use a colon to separate date of publication from additional information, such as pages, figures, or tables specified. Provide the date of completion for an unpublished manuscript rather than using "n.d."

Provide the date of submission for a manuscript that is in press. Works submitted but not accepted should be treated as unpublished manuscripts. Personal communications should be cited as such, with a date if possible. Personal communications are not listed in the References Cited section.


A short descriptive title or heading should be placed above each table. Any explanatory material essential to the understanding of the table should be incorporated into the text or placed as footnotes in the table using superscripts a, b, c, etc. All tables must be mentioned in the text and numbered sequentially in the order they appear in the text.


All illustrative material will be designated figures and numbered consecutively. All figures must be mentioned in the text. Figure numbers and captions must be submitted on a separate page to facilitate publication. Final versions of photographs and line drawings must be submitted digitally in at high quality resolution (600 dpi, grayscale TIFF file) and should have file names that includes the first author's last name and the figure number (e.g. Wolff_Fig1). Authors are responsible for supplying both photographs and line drawings at sizes that will allow them to be legibly printed with a caption in an area no larger than 6 x 8 inches.

References Cited

Authors are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the references cited. All references cited in the text (except for personal communications) must be included in the References Cited section and all references in that section must be cited in the text. Alphabetize the references by the first author's last name. Use initials for first and middle names. Two or more works by the same author(s) should be listed chronologically, the earliest first. Two or more works by the same author(s) in the same year should be listed in the order they are referred to in the text and differentiated by lower case letters (a,b,c, etc.) following the year. When referring to publishers, do not include words such as "Company, Inc., Publishers." If the city of publication is not known, include the state or province. Use initial capital letters on all significant words in a title of a publication. Capitalization of foreign titles follows the custom of the language of the citation. Place of publication is always in English.

Citation Examples
Book with single author

Rafferty, Sean
2021 Native Intoxicants of North America. The University of Tennessee Press, Knoxville.

Book with multiple authors

Betts, Matthew W., and M. Gabriel Hrynick
1994 The Archaeology of the Atlantic Northeast. University of Toronto Press, Toronto.

Edited book (editor as author)

Sanger, David and M.A.P. Renouf (editors)
2006 The Archaic of the Far Northeast. The University of Maine Press, Orono.

Translated book

Lévi-Strauss, Claude
1963 Totemism. Translated by R. Needham. Beacon Press, Boston.

Reprinted book

Willoughby, Charles C.
1973 Antiquities of the New England Indians. Reprinted. AMS Press, New York. Originally published 1935, Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Cambridge, MA.

Group authorship

Group authorship should be under the name of the group responsible for writing or publishing the volume

Indian Chiefs of Alberta
1970 Citizens Plus. Indian Association of Alberta, Edmonton.

Multi-volume sets

Give total number of volumes here (reference in text to give specific volume(s) cited)

Hackluyt, Richard
1965 The Principall Navigations, Voiages, and Discoveries of the English Nation 1589. 2 vols. Cambridge University Press, New York.
Extensive and frequently cited series of published archival documents are treated as special cases. In these exceptional cases, the following method is acceptable. Parenthetical citations need contain only the abbreviation, volume, and page numbers (e.g., JR 13:155-157).

JR=Thwaites, Reuben G. (editor)
1959 The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents 1610-1791. 73 vols. Pageant, New York.

NYCD=O'Callaghan, Edmund B. (editor)
1853-1887 Documents Relative to the Colonial History of the State of New York. 15 vols. Weed, Parsons, Albany.

Titled volume in a series

Petersen, James B.
1991 Archaeological Testing at the Sharrow Site: A Deeply Stratified Early to Late Holocene Cultural Sequence in Central Maine. Occasional Publications in Maine Archaeology 8. Maine Archaeological Society and Maine Historic Preservation Commission, Augusta, ME.

Article in journal

Snow, Dean R.
1997 The Architecture of Iroquois Longhouses. Northeast Anthropology 53:61-84.

Article in edited book

Wolff, Christopher B. and Donald H. Holly, Jr.
2019 Sea Ice, Seals, and Settlement: On Climate and Culture in Newfoundland and Labrador. In The Archaeology of Human-Environmental Dynamics on the North American Atlantic Coast, edited by L. Reeder-Myers, J.A. Turck, and T.C. Rick, pp. 16-43. University Press of Florida, Gainesville.

Chapter in edited volume in a series

Silliman, Stephen W.
2008 Collaborative Indigenous Archaeology: Troweling at the Edges, Eyeing the Center. In Collaborating at the Trowel's Edge: Teaching and Learning in Indigenous Archaeology, edited by S.W. Silliman, pp. 1-24. Amerind Studies in Archaeology, J. Ware, Series Editor. The University of Arizona Press, Tucson.

The title of the individual volume is italicized unless it is part of series, then the series is italicized.

Paper presented at a meeting

Boisvert, Richard A.
1997 Three New Paleoindian Sites in New Hampshire. Paper presented at the 37th Northeastern Anthropological Association Meetings, Montebello, Quebec.

Book review

Benison, Charles
1997 Review of "Native People of Southern New England: 1500-1650" by Kathleen J. Bragdon. Northeast Anthropology 53:89-90.

Contracted and proprietary reports

Hartgen Archaeological Associates, Inc.
1996 Phase IA Literature Review and Phase IB Archaeological Investigations for the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York Office Building-Broadway and Maiden Lane, City of Albany, New York. Prepared for the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York, Albany.

Dissertation or thesis

Bamann, Susan E.
1993 Settlement Nucleation in Mohawk Iroquois Prehistory: An Analysis of a Site Sequence in the Lower Otsquago Drainage of the Mohawk Valley. Ph.D. dissertation, Department of Anthropology, State University of New York at Albany. University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, MI.

Manuscript for book or journal in press (only if MS has been accepted for publication)

1998 Title of Article. Northeast Anthropology. In Press.

Unpublished manuscript

Warrick, Gary A.
1982 The Fonger Site: A Prehistoric Neutral Community. MS on file at the Ministry of Communications and Culture, Toronto.

Do not use n.d. unless absolutely necessary. If manuscript is in the author's possession, state "MS in the author's possession."

Book Reviews

A reviewer's principal responsibility is to provide the reader with a concise summary of the book's content. Within this context, the reviewer may elect to critique various aspects of the book author's stated goals, methodology, and/or conclusions. Such critiques should relate directly to the book under review. A sample heading for a book review is given below and includes the types of information that must be included:

Holocene Human Ecology in Northeastern North America. George P. Nicholas, editor. Plenum Press, New York, 1988. xxi + 319 pp., maps, figures, index, bibliography. $45.50.

The reviewer's name should be flush left below the book review heading. The reviewer's institution should be flush left below the reviewer's name and in italics or underlined. All references cited in the text of the review must be placed in a section headed "References Cited." This section must follow the format employed by Northeast Anthropology. The text of the written review (exclusive of the book review heading and the References Cited section) should not exceed 800 words.


Accepted Manuscripts

If a manuscript is accepted, proofs will be sent to the corresponding author for correction of typographical and editorial errors. The latter do not include copy editing changes made in the manuscript to bring it into conformity with the specific style requirements of Northeast Anthropology. No changes or additions in content may be made. Corrected proofs must generally be returned to the editor within one week of receipt.

Up to 20 reprints may be purchased by authors at a cost of $.10 per page. Most leaves count as two pages, and the number of pages per article will be multiplied times the number of reprints requested in calculating charges. An opportunity to order reprints is provided when page proofs are returned.

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Volumes shown with price are available to order

1 (Spring 1971)

  • Articles: An Introduction (Howard R. Sargent, p. 5); The Eastern Boundary of Iroquoia: Abenaki Evidence (Gordon M. Day, p. 7); The Ethnohistorical Implications of Early Delaware Linguistic Materials (Ives Goddard, p. 14); Newfoundland Prehistory Since 1950: Some Answers and More Questions (James A. Tuck, p. 27); Preliminary Report on Excavations at Cow Point, New Brunswick (David Sanger, p. 34); Middle Connecticut Valley Indian House Types: A Cautionary Note (Peter A. Thomas, p. 48)
  • Reports and Comments: Prehistoric Indian Skeletons from New Hampshire (L. Cabot Briggs, p. 51); Ammonium Chloride as an Aid in Enhancing the Detail of Lithic Artifacts for Photography and Study (Herbert C. Kraft, p. 53)
  • Northeastern Anthropological Resources Section (Edwin S. Dethlefsen, p. 58)

2 (Fall 1971)

  • Articles: Editorial (Howard R. Sargent, p. 2); Deadman's Pool--A Tobique Complex Site in Northern New Brunswick (David Sanger, p. 5); A Stratified Rockshelter in the Upper Delaware Valley (Robert E. Funk, George R. Walters, and Walter E. Scott, p. 23); Types and Attributes in Iroquois Pipes (J. Cynthia Weber, p. 51); Problems of Urban Historical Archeology (Dan W. Ingersoll, p. 66); Factionalism, Pan-Indianism, Tribalism, and the Contemporary Political Behavior of the St. Regis Mohawks (Jack A. Frisch, p. 75); The Belcher Island Murders: An "Anti-Nativistic" Movement (Robert J. Dryfoos, p. 82); Stephen Phillips 1907-1971 (Ernest S. Dodge, p. 88)
  • Reports and Comments: Archeology and American Indian Protest: Minnesota 1971 (Elden Johnson, p. 89); Committee on Public Understanding of Archeology: State Representatives (Hester A. Davis, p. 93); Amateur Archeological Societies, The Conservation of Archeological Sites and the National Historic Sites Act of 1965 and 1969 (Carl H. Chapman, p. 95); Ham Radio for Ethnographic Exercise (Edwin S. Dethlefsen, p. 102); Steatite Tempered Pottery in New England (Janice M. Weeks, p. 103); Notes from Vermont (William Haviland, p. 104)
  • New Books/Reviews: Books Received for Review (p. 105)
  • Northeastern Anthropological Resources Section (Edwin S. Dethlefsen, p. 106)

3 (Spring 1972)

  • Articles: Editorial (Howard R. Sargent, p. 5); Radiocarbon Dates for a Windsor Occupation at the Shantok Cove Site, New London County, Connecticut (Bert Salwen and Ann Ottesen, p. 8); Dating Kaolin Tobacco Pipes from Indian Island (John W. Fox, p. 20); An Analysis of Quaker-Seneca Councils, 1798-1800 (Richard Bauman, p. 36); Mermen, Mermaids, and Indians: A Psychocultural Interpretation (Robert J. Dryfoos, Jr., p. 49)
  • Reports and Comments: Algonquian Linguistics in the Northeast (Ives Goddard,p. 55); New York State Museum and Science Service Excavations of July-August 1971 (Robert E. Funk, p. 56); Report from Northern Labrador (James Tuck, p. 56); Report from New Hampshire (Howard R. Sargent, p. 58)
  • New Books/Reviews: Tuck: Onondaga Iroquois Prehistory: A Study in Settlement Archaeology (Howard R. Sargent, p. 61); Wolpoff: Metric Trends in Hominid Dental Evolution (L. Cabot Briggs, p. 62); Books Received for Review (p. 64)

4 (Fall 1972)

  • Articles: Editorial (Howard R. Sargent, p. 2); Early Man in the Northeast and the Late Glacial Environment (Robert E. Funk, p. 7); The Atlantic Phase: A Late Archaic Culture in Massachusetts (Dena Dincauze, p. 40); The Rune Stones of Spirit Pond, Maine (Einar Haugen, p. 62); Dorothy Cross Jensen 1907-1972 (Ronald A. Thomas, p. 81)
  • Reports and Comments: Forever Lost? Some Practical Responses to the Present Emergency in Archeology (Albert A. Dekin, Jr., p. 83); A Preliminary Survey of Anticosti Island, Quebec (A. Kidder II and James A. Tuck, p. 88)
  • New Books/Reviews: Voigt: The Susquehanna Compact: Guardian of the River's Future (Henry I. Baldwin, p. 93); Brose: The Summer Island Site: A Study of Prehistoric Cultural Ecology and Social Organization in the Northern Lake Michigan Area (Bruce Rippeteau, p. 93); Books Received for Review (p. 96)

5 (Spring 1973)

  • Articles: The Anthros Are Coming! An Editorial (Howard R. Sargent, p. 3); The Paleopathology of the Indians of New Jersey (Marie Striegel Clabeaux, p. 7); Squakheag Ethnohistory: A Preliminary Study of Culture Conflict on the Seventeenth-Century Frontier (Peter A. Thomas, p. 27); The Political Significance of Incongruent Boundaries: The Case of the Seneca Nation (Thomas S. Abler, p. 37); The Iroquois Condolence Business (Denis Foley, p. 47)
  • Reports and Comments: American Indian Civilization in New York: A Report to the Governor (Robert Ascher, p. 55); Beehive-shaped Stone Structures: Ancient or Recent Origin (Jonathan Hall and Eric Woodman, p. 60); Searching for Answers, Not Options (Robert E. Stone and Andrew E. Rothovius, p. 62); Two Fluted Points from New England (Howard R. Sargent and Francois G. Ledoux, p. 67)
  • New Books/Reviews: Osborne (ed.): The Biological and Social Meaning of Race (Edwin S. Dethlefsen, p. 69); Vanderwerth: Indian Oratory: Famous Speeches by Noted Chieftains (George Peter Nicholas II, p. 70); Books Received for Review (p. 71)

6 (Fall 1973)

  • Articles: Aboriginal Settlement and Subsistence on the Maine Coast (Bruce J. Bourque, p. 3); The Hirundo Archeological Project--Preliminary Report (David Sanger and Robert G. MacKay, p. 21); Farming, Seafaring, and Bilocal Residence on the Coast of Maine (William A. Haviland, p. 31)
  • Reports and Comments: The Iroquois Vocabularies of C. C. Trowbridge (Jack A. Frisch, p. 45); Missisquoi: A New Look at an Old Village (Gordon M. Day, p. 51); Delaware Clan Names (Jay Miller, p. 57); Late Archaic, Transitional, and Early Woodland Tree Ring Corrected Dates in Northern United States (Bruce Rippeteau, p,. 61); The Spirit Pond Cryptography (O.G. Landsverk, p. 67); Comment on O.G. Landsverk's "The Spirit Pond Cryptography" (Einar Haugen, p. 75)
  • New Books/Reviews: Kinsey: Archeology in the Upper Delaware Valley: A Study of the Cultural Chronology of the Tocks Island Reservoir (Dena F. Dincauze, p. 77); Books Received for Review (p. 80)

7 (Spring 1974)

  • Articles: The Minutes and Ledgers of the Narragansett Tribe of Indians, 1850-1865: An Intimate Glimpse Into the Economic and Social Life of an Acculturated Indian Tribe on the Threshold of Detribalization (Ethel Boissevain and Ralph Roberts III, p. 3); Archeological Investigations in the Maurice River Tidewater Area, New Jersey (R. Alan Mounier, p. 29); Cluster Analysis: A Method for Studying Iroquois Prehistory (William Engelbrecht, p. 57); Iroquois-Algonquin Wampum Exchanges and Preservation in the 20th Century: A Case for In-situ Preservation (Arthur Einhorn, p. 71); Hound Pond 4--A Charles Complex Site in Groswater Bay, Labrador (William Fitzhugh, p. 87)
  • Reports and Comments: Extending the Field Season: An Experiment (Elizabeth and Christopher Igleheart, p. 104); A Further Note on Delaware Clan Names (Ives Goddard, p. 106); The Second Fluted Point from New Brunswick (Christopher J. Turnbull, p. 109); The Maurice River Shell Tool Complex (Perry A. Brett, p. 110); A Technique of Analysis in Paleodemography (Wm. Jack Hranicky, p. 122); Recent Meetings on Maine-Maritimes Archeology: A Synthesis (David Sanger, p. 128)
  • New Books/Reviews: Graymont (ed.): Fighting Tuscarora: The Autobiography of Chief Clinton Rickard (Arthur Einhorn, p. 130); Bord and Bord: Mysterious Britain (Frank E. Greene, p. 131); Heizer and Whipple: The California Indians: A Source Book (Jill Drinkwine, p. 132); Van Zandt: Chronicles of the Hudson (Daniel W. Ingersoll, p. 133); Books Received for Review (p. 134)

8 (Fall 1974)

  • Articles: A Lamoka Component in North Central Pennsylvania (William A. Turnbaugh, p. 3); The Riverhaven No. 2 Vertebrate Fauna: Comments on Methods in Faunal Analysis and on Aspects of the Subsistence Potential of Prehistoric New York (Donald K. Grayson, p. 23); A New Collection of Beothuck Indian Decorated Bone Pieces (Ingeborg Marshall, p. 41); White Encroachment on Micmac Reserve Lands in Nova Scotia, 1830-1867 (Harold Franklin McGee, Jr., p. 57); Public or Perish: A Study of Differences in Acculturation of Franco-American Schoolchildren (Peter Woolfson, p. 65)
  • Reports and Comments: Preliminary Report on Archeological Investigations of the Labrador Eskimo in Hamilton Inlet in 1973 (Richard H. Jordan, p. 77); Osteology of the Dorset People (James E. Anderson and James A. Tuck, p. 89); The Archeological Survey: A Reorientation (William S. Dancey, p. 98); Diabetes Research Among the Iroquois: A Report on Methodology (Richard A. Judkins, p. 113); Anthropology and the Academy; George H. Perkins and the Nineteenth Century (William A. Haviland and Louise A. Basa, p. 120)
  • New Books/Reviews: Rogers: The Quest for Food and Furs: The Mistassini Cree, 1953-1954 (Nicholas N. Smith, p. 126)

9 (Spring 1975)

  • Articles: "Crooning His Own Quaint Runes": The Professional Runologist and the Enthusiastic Amateur (Claiborne W. Thompson, p. 2); Report of a Survey in Grand Lake Region, St. John River Basin, New Brunswick (Chris Turnbull, p. 9); Narragansett Kinship (William S. Simmons and George F. Aubin, p. 21); Powwow: A Study of Ethnic Boundary Maintenance (Jack Campisi, p. 33)
  • Reports and Comments: Pit Excavation Techniques at the Faucett Site (Roger Moeller, p. 47); Excavations at Spirit Pond (Edward J. Lenik, p. 54); The Cultural View of Delaware Clan Names as Contrasted with a Linguistic View (Jay Miller, p. 60); A Reply to "A Further Note on Delaware Clan Names" (Nora Thompson Dean, p. 63); A Brief Comment on Mrs. Dean's "Reply" (Ives Goddard, p. 65); Further Comment on Notched Clam Shell Tools (Bernard W. Powell, p. 67)
  • New Books/Reviews: Herisson: An Evaluative Ethno-Historical Bibliography of the Malecite Indians (Nicholas N. Smith, p. 69); Books Received for Review (p. 70)

10 (Fall 1975)

  • Articles: Analysis of the Ceramics Found at the Vereberg Tavern Site, Albany County, New York (Lois M. Feister, p. 2); "Iroquoian" Ceramics in "Algonkian" Territory (Hetty Jo Brumbach, p,. 17); Radiocarbon Dating the Culture Chronology of Southwestern Ontario (David M. Stothers, p. 29); Post-Glacial Environments and Cultural Change in the Hudson River Basin (Bert Salwen, p. 43)
  • Reports and Comments: Factors Affecting New England Archeology (Douglas F. Jordan, p. 71); A Response to "Pit Excavation Techniques at the Faucett Site" (Peter A. Thomas, p. 74); A Note on Wabanaki Kinship (Harold Franklin McGee, Jr., p. 78); Reply to Nicholas Smith (M. Herisson, p. 80); Notes on the Firing of Clemson's Island Pottery (John A. Zaner, p. 81)

11 (Spring 1976)

  • Articles: The Dutch in the Strait of Davis and Labrador During the 17th and 18th Centuries (Jan Kupp and Simon Hart, p. 3); The Turner Farm Site: A Preliminary Report (Bruce J. Bourque, p. 12); Lithic Analysis in the Northeast: Resume and Prospect (Dena F. Dincauze, p. 31); Identification and Distribution of Some Lithic Raw Materials from New York State (John Hammer, p. 39)
  • Reports and Comments: Experimental Utilization of Onondaga Flint (Francis P. McManamon, p. 63); A Prehistoric Quarry-Workshop at Mt. Jasper, Berlin, New Hampshire (R.M. Gramly and S.L. Cox, p. 71); The Survival of a Native Craft in Colonial Rhode Island (William Turnbaugh, p. 74)
  • New Books/Reviews: Richardson: Strangers Devour the Land: A Chronicle of the Assault Upon the Last Coherent Hunting Culture in North America, the Cree Indians of Quebec, and Their Vast Primeval Homelands (Nicholas N. Smith, p. 80)

12 (Fall 1976)

  • Articles: The Legend of Teharahsahkwa (Gunther Michelson, p. 3); Huron Pipes and Iroquoian Shamanism (Zena Pearlstone Mathews, p. 15); An Archeological Reconnaissance of Saint John, New Brunswick (David V. Burley, p. 33); Ecological and Patron-Client Relationships: Algonkians of Eastern Subarctic Canada (E.J. Hedican, p. 41); Some Ethnological and Ethnohistoric Notes on the Iroquois in Alberta (Jack A. Frisch, p. 51)
  • Reports and Comments: Projectile Points from Lake Banook, Nova Scotia (Stephen A. Davis, p. 65); Shell Heaps: An Environmental and Cultural Interpretation (Richard T. Will, p. 70); The Delaware Doll Dance (Jay Miller, p. 80); Sources on the Ethnobotany of the Great Lakes Region (James A. Metress, p. 85)

13 (Spring 1977)

  • Articles: Archeology in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick Between 1863 and 1914 and Its Relationship to the Development of North American Archeology (John Connolly, p. 3); A Late Paleo-Indian and Early Archaic Sequence in Southern Labrador (Priscilla Renouf, p. 35); A Report on the Shenks Ferry and Susquehannock Components at the Funk Site, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (Ira F. Smith III and Jeffrey R. Graybill, p. 45); Northwestern Ontario Historic Populations (K.C.A. Dawson, p. 67)
  • Reports and Comments: The Clement Site: Field Investigation (Howard R. Sargent, p. 79); The Clement Site: Analysis of Skeletal Material (Edwin S. Dethlefsen, L. Cabot Briggs, and Leo P. Biese, p. 86); The Clement Site: Features and Artifacts (Edwin S. Dethlefsen and Nancy Demyttenaere, p. 90); Post-Glacial Environments and Cultural Change in the Hudson River Basin (David R. Starbuck, p. 96); Observations on "The Lower Hudson: A Decade of Shell Middens" (B.W. Powell, p. 99); Disjunct Plant Distributions and Archeological Interpretation (Russell J. Barber, p. 103); Six Nations Traditionalist Social Structure (Denis P. Foley, p. 107)

14 (Fall 1977)

  • Articles: Iroquois Population Statistics (Gunther Michelson, p. 3); The Rural Six Nations Traditionalist Belief System: 1870-1914 (Denis P. Foley, p. 19); Bear River, Nova Scotia: A Collection Analysis (John Connolly, p. 35)
  • Reports and Comments: Mammoths and Man (Christine W. Dragoo, p. 49); A Description of the Penobscot and Passamaquoddy Indians in 1808 (Raoul N. Smith, p. 52); Wabanaki Bibliography (Nicholas N. Smith, p. 57)

15 and 16 (1978)

  • Articles: The Micmac Buoin, Three Centuries of Cultural and Semantic Change (Vincent O. Erickson, p. 3); The Environmental Basis of Prehistoric Occupation on the New Jersey Coastal Plains (R. Alan Mounier, p. 42); A Vegetational and Cultural Sequence for Southern New England 15,000 B.P to 7,000 B.P. (Lisa A. Fagan, p. 70)
  • Reports and Comments: The Identification of Activity Loci in Plough Zones: An Example from New York State (Eugene L. Sterud, Francis P. McManamon, and Matthew Rose, p. 94); The Use of Soil Analysis in Archeological Research (M.A. Griffith and Frazer Mark, p. 118); Archaic Subsistence in the Lower Connecticut River Valley: Evidence From Woodchuck Knoll (Kevin A. McBride, p. 124); Basic Considerations in Contract Archeology (Leland W. Patterson, p. 132); Prehistoric Human Skeletons from Bear River, Nova Scotia (Paul A. Erickson, p. 138); More Paleo-Indian Points form New Brunswick (Chris Turnbull and Pat Allen, p. 147); An Attribute List for Stemmed Bifaces (Robson Bonnichsen, p. 153)

17 (Spring 1979) $8

  • Articles: Late Archaic Chronology for the Middle Mohawk Valley, New York State: A Review of the Type Concept and Cross-Dating (William A. Starna, p. 3); Flying Saucers (Ronald L. Grunloh, p.19); Inscription Mania, Hyperdiffusionism and the Public: Fallout form a 1977 Meeting in Vermont (John R. Cole, p. 27); The Sandy Point Site: An Example of Research Designs in Contract Archeology (Stephen M. Perlman, p. 55); A Coefficient for Testing Site Similarity (John Hammer, p. 125)
  • Reports and Comments: Discriminant Analysis and Classification of Projectile Points form Eastern New York (Charles Fisher, p.145); An Ethnohistoric Perspective on Male/Female Roles as Expressed in a New England Cemetery (Emme Bill and Lisa Goddard, p. 158); A Statement Concerning America B.C. (Ives Goddard and William W. Fitzhugh, p.166)

18 (Fall 1979) $8

  • Articles: Archeological Research in Quebec: An Historical Overview (Charles A. Martijn, p. 3); Algonkian Huron-Petun Ceramics in Northern Ontario (K.C.A. Dawson, p. 14)
  • Reports and Comments: Chemical Variation in Soapstone Quarries of Southern New England (Willliam A. Turnbaugh and Thomas H. Keifer, p. 32); The Riverbank Site: Observations on an Early, Unrecorded Cemetery (B. W. Powell, p.48); A Comment on Contract Archeology On New England Historic Sites (Vernon G. Baker, p. 59); The Production of Celts (Mima Kapches, p. 63); A New Approach to the Analysis of New England Prehistoric Pottery (Victoria B. Kenyon, p. 81); The Basis of Contract Archeology: A Reply to Patterson (Neal L. Trubowitz, p. 84)
  • New Books/Reviews: Koster: Americans in Search of Their Prehistoric Past (George P. Nicholas II, p. 86); Images de la Préhistoire du Québec (Dena F. Dincauze, p. 88); Eskimos Without Igloos: Social and Economic Development in Sugluk (George P. Nicholas II, p. 90)

19 (Spring 1980) $10

  • Articles: Comments on recent Trends in Vermont Archeology (Peter A. Thomas, p. 3); Paleo-Indian Hunters and the Champlain Sea: A Presumed Association (Stephen Loring, p. 15); Artifact Variability at the Multi-Component Winooski Site (Marjory W. Power, Frank L. Cowan, and James B. Petersen, p. 43); The McNeil Generating Plant Site (VT-CH-93), Burlington, Vermont (Peter A. Thomas, p. 57); VT-CH-94: Vermont's Earliest Known Agricultural Experiment Station (M. Pamela Bumsted, p. 73); Environmental Diversity as a Factor in Modeling Prehistoric Settlement Patterns: Southeastern Vermont's Black River Valley (William A. Bayreuther, p. 83); Self-Directed Pipe Effigies (Ted J. Brasser, p. 95); Trend Surface Analysis: The Settlement Dynamics of Colonial Connecticut (Charles B. Monroe, Kenneth L. Feder, David A. Poirier, and Robert R. Gradie, p. 105); The Griffin Site: A Susquehanna Cremation Burial in Southern Connecticut (John Pfeiffer, p. 129)
  • Reports and Comments: Comments on Perlman: The Sandy Point Site (George P. Nicholas II, p. 109); The Basis of Contract Archeology: A Reply to Trubowitz (Leland W. Patterson, p. 136)
  • Book Reviews: Ancient Vermont: Proceedings of the Castleton Conference (George P. Nicholas II, p. 138)

20 (Fall 1980) $10

  • Articles: Prehistoric Industry at the Mt. Jasper Mine, Northern New Hampshire (Richard Michael Gramly, p. 1); The Calf Island Site and the Late Prehistoric Period in Boston Harbor (Barbara E. Luedtke, p. 25); A Comparative Perspective on Native American Mortuary Games of the Eastern Woodlands (Pierre Ventur, p. 77)
  • Reports and Comments: Feature Analysis: A Neglected Tool in Archeological Survey and Interpretation (Ruth Carol Barnes, p. 101); The Kennedy Island Pictograph Site on the French River (Nick Adams, p. 114); Two Stone Plummets form the Lake Superior Region (Thor Conway, p. 120); A Reply to Roger Moeller (Leonard Eisenberg, p. 123); A Reply to Nicholas' Sandy Point Site Comments (Stephen M. Perlman, p. 125); Response to Brasser (Zena Pearlstone Mathews, p. 129)
  • Book Reviews: Dossier Caribou, Ecologie et Exploitation Du Caribou au Quebec Labrador, Recherches Amérindiennes au Québec (Donald Burness, p. 131)

21 (Spring 1981) $10

  • Articles: Microscopic Analysis of Cherts Within and Adjacent to the Delaware River Watershed (Lucianne Lavin and Donald R. Prothero, p. 3); Test Excavations at the Hodgdon Site (Eric Lahti, Arthur Spiess, Mark Hedden, Robert Bradley and Alaric Faulkner, p. 19); Preliminary Physical Anthropological Report on the 650 Year Old Skeleton From Seabrook, New Hampshire (Howard M. Hecker, p. 37); The Foundations of Archeology and Anthropology in Maryland: A Summary Essay (Frank W. Porter III, p. 61); Carbonized Seed Remains from Prehistoric Sites in Connecticut (Bernard W. Powell, p.75); Gabriel Tomah's Journal (Willard Walker, p.87); Whatever Became of the New England Indians Shipped to Bermuda to be Sold as Slaves? (Ethel Boissevain, p. 103); The Covenant Chain in Colonial History (Gunther Michelson, p. 115); An Empirical View of Marriage in Early Connecticut (Denis G. Wright, p. 127)
  • Reports and Comments: Funding and Efficiency Considerations For Archeology (Leland W. Patterson, p. 139); The Relationship Between Documentary and Archeological Data: A Comment on Baker (Gregory T. Laden, p. 143); Reply to Zena Pearlstone Mathews (Ted J. Brasser, p. 146); Comment on Test Excavations at the Hodgdon Site (Dean R. Snow, p. 146); Reply to Snow's "Comment on Test Excavations at the Hodgdon Site" (Mark Hedden and Arthur Spiess, p. 148); Reply to Burness' "Dossier Caribou" Comments (J. Garth Taylor, p. 150); Response to J. Garth Taylor (Donald Burness, p. 151)

22 (Fall 1981)

  • Articles: Maine State Museum Investigation of the Goddard Site (Bruce J. Bourque and Steven L. Cox, p. 3)
  • Special Section: SITE SURVEY IN SOUTHERN NEW ENGLAND (Assembled by Kenneth L. Feder)
  • Foreword (Howard R. Sargent, p. 29); Site Survey in Southern New England: Toward a Settlement Model (Kenneth L. Feder, p. 31); Prehistoric Settlement in the Lower Connecticut River Valley (Kevin A. McBride and Robert E. Dewar, p. 37); Settlement and Subsistence Patterns in the Northeastern Highlands of Connecticut (William M. Wadleigh, p. 67); Predictive Modeling of Prehistoric Site Locations in the Uplands of Central New York (Edward V. Curtin, p. 87); The Cape Cod National Seashore Archeological Survey: A Summary of the 1979-1980 Results (Francis P. McManamon, p. 101); The Farmington River Archeological Project: Focus on a Small River Valley (Kenneth L. Feder, p. 131); Beyond Site Prediction: Interpreting and Evaluating Prehistoric Data in Southern New England (Paul A. Robinson, p. 147); Southern New England Surveys: A Preservation Planning Prospectus (David A. Poirier, p. 153)
  • Reports and Comments: An Indian Peace Medal from King Philip's War, 1676 (William A. Turnbaugh and William S. Simmons, p. 159)

23 (Spring 1982) $10

  • Articles: Native Languages and Government Policy in Canada: An Historical Examination (Linda Tschanz, p. 1); Drift Whales at Nantucket: The Kindness of Moshup (Elizabeth A. Little and J. Clinton Andrews, p. 17); Earliest Man in the Western Lake Erie Basin (David M. Stothers, p. 39); Interpreting Intrasite Spatial Distribution of Artifacts: the Draper Site Pipe Fragments (Alexander von Gernet, p. 49)
  • Reports and Comments: Projectile Points from the First Avenue Site, Sleightsburg, New York: Implications from Multivariate Analysis (Charles Fisher, p. 61); Archeological Evidence Suggesting Communal Deer Hunting in Vermont (Russell J. Barber, p. 66)
  • New Books/Reviews: Dean R. Snow: The Archaeology of New England (David R. Starbuck, p. 73); Elizabeth S. Wing and Antoinette B. Brown: Paleonutrition: Method and Theory in Prehistoric Foodways (Jean-Francois Moreau, p. 76); Neil Jorgensen: A Guide to New England's Landscape (George Peter Nicholas II, p. 81); Giovanna Neudorfer: Vermont's Stone Chambers: An Inquiry Into Their Past (Howard R. Sargent, p. 84)

24 (Fall 1982) $10

  • Articles: A Preliminary Analysis of the Datum: A Multicomponent Site Near the Hudson River, Ulster County, New York (Leonard Eisenberg, p. 1); Western Massachusetts "Monks Cave": 1979 University of Massachusetts Field Research (John R. Cole, p. 37); "the Indians old dradition" (Thomas S. Abler, p. 71); Indian-Dutch Relations in the Upper Hudson Valley: a Study of Baptism Records in the Dutch Reformed Church, Albany, New York (Lois M. Feister, p. 89)
  • Reports and Comments: Ancient Lake-Level Indicators (William A. Newman and Peter S. Rosen, p. 115); Molls Rock: A Multi-Component Site in Northern New Hampshire (With an Appendix on Faunal Remains by Dr. Arthur E. Spiess) (Richard Michael Gramly and Kerry W. F. Rutledge, p. 121); A Late Archaic Cache/Burial from New Brunswick (Stephen A. Davis, p. 135); The Ossipee Cranium: A Preliminary Analysis (Scott W. Simpson, p. 147)

25 (Spring 1983) $10

  • Articles: Prehistoric Archaeology in the Merrimack River Valley (Victoria Bunker Kenyon, p. 1); Environmental Setting of Merrimack River Valley Prehistoric Sites (Victoria Bunker Kenyon and Particia F. McDowell, p. 7); Survey and Excavation Along the Upper Merrimack River in New Hampshire (David R. Starbuck, p. 25); A Model for the Early Postglacial Settlement of the Central Merrimack River Basin, New Hampshire (George P. Nicholas, p. 43); Preliminary Report on the Shattuck Farm Site (Barbara E. Luedtke, p. 65); Prehistoric Site Distribution Along the Sudbury River: The Evidence from Wayland (Linda A. Towle, p. 75); A Review of Past and Current Research in the Sudbury and Assabet Drainages (Duncan Ritchie, p. 83); A Controlled Study at the Watertown Dairy Site (Tonya Largy, p. 95); Diversity in Shell Middens: The View From Morrill Point (Russell J. Barber, p. 109)

26 (Fall 1983) $10

  • Articles: The Boundary Between Lenape and Munsee: The Forks of Delaware as a Buffer Zone (Marshall J. Becker, p. 1); Phytoliths, Archaeology, and Caveats: A Case Study from New York State (William A. Starna and Donald A. Kane, Jr., p. 21); Radiocarbon and Reality: The Fifth Millennium B. P. in Southern New England (Curtiss Hoffman, p. 33); Evidence Against Prehistoric Digging Tools of Sandstone in Central New York State (Christopher Lindner, p. 55); Seeds and Subsistence in the Northeast: The Paleoethnobotany of the Delaware Park and Van Voorhiss Farm Sites (Pam Jean Crabtree, p. 75); Survival Strategies: The Seventeenth-century Wampanoag and the European Legal System (Laurie L. Weinstein, p. 81)

27 (Spring 1984) $12.50

  • Articles: Social Dynamics and New England Archaeology (Robert Paynter, p. 1); Thoughts on "Social Systems and Material Remains" (Francis P. McManamon, p. 13); The Paradigm Trap, or Horatio's Blindspot: Comments Freely Offered in Advance of the Meeting (Dena F. Dincauze, p. 17); Social Systems and Material Remains: Discussion of the 1982 Conference Papers (David R. Starbuck, p. 21); Steps to an Ecology of Human Enterprise: Lessons from Daniels Village, Connecticut (Albert F. Bartovics, p. 25); Prospects and Perspectives on an Archaeology of the Household (Stephen A. Mrozowski, p. 31); Metal Tools for Stone Age New Englanders: Trade and Warfare in Southern New England (Kenneth L. Feder, p. 51); Social Systems and Material Culture: Afro-Americans in Nineteenth-century Boston (Beth Ann Bower, p. 67); Frontier Demography and Settlement Patterns of the Mohawk Iroquois (David Guldenzopf, p. 79)

28 (Fall 1984)

  • Articles: The Archaeology of Households: Alternative Approaches (Dean J. Saitta, p. 1); Methods of Description and Interpretation in the Archaeology of Households: An Afterword on Saitta's Paper (Francis P. McManamon, p. 9); Socioeconomic Complexity in Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherer Land Use Systems (Peter F. Thorbahn, p. 11); Archaeology and the Historical Household (Mary C. Beaudry, p. 27); The Development of the Household as an Economic Unit in the Lower Connecticut River Valley (Kevin McBride, p. 39); The Structure and Function of Prehistoric Households in Northern New England (David R. Yesner, p. 51); The Shaker Concept of Household (David R. Starbuck, p. 73); Status, Occupation, and Ceramic Indices: A Nineteenth-Century Comparative Analysis (Suzanne Spencer-Wood, p. 87); The Archaeological Distribution of Banded Spherulitic Rhyolite in Maine (Bruce J. Bourque, Robert G. Doyle, and Steven White, p. 111)

29 (Spring 1985)

  • Articles: Missionary Role in French Colonial Expansion: An Examination of the Jesuit Relations (Nancy Bonvillain, p. 1); Prevailing Winds and Site Aspects: Testable Hypotheses About the Seasonality of Prehistoric Shell Middens at Nantucket, Massachusetts (Elizabeth A. Little, p. 15); A Reevaluation of the Late Woodland Cultural Relationships in the Susquehanna Valley in Pennsylvania (Deborah Swartz, p. 29); A Morphological Analysis of Bifurcated-Base Projectile Points in the Northeastern United States (Robert D. Kuhn, p. 55); Were the French on Lake Ontario in the Sixteenth Century? (James F. Pendergast, p. 71); Passamaquoddies and Protestants: Deacon Sockabason and the Reverend Kellogg of the Society for Propagating the Gospel (Vincent O. Erickson, p. 87)
  • Book Reviews: Haviland and Power: The Original Vermonters: Native Inhabitants Past and Present (James B. Petersen, p. 109); Spiess and Hedden: Kidder Point and Sears Island in Prehistory (Francis P. McManamon, p. 113)

30 (Fall 1985)

  • Articles: Modern Economic Trends Among the Northern Ojibwa (Edward J. Hedican, p. 1); Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction in the Coastal Zone: A Case Study from Rhode Island (Jordan E. Kerber, p. 27); From Fakelore to Folklore: A Consideration of Some Wampanoag Texts (William S. Simmons, p. 45); Coastal New York Settlement Patterns: A Perspective from Shelter Island (Kent Lightfoot, Robert Kalin, Owen Lindauer, and Linda Wicks, p. 59); The Iroquois Confederacy, and the Adoption and Administration of Non-Iroquoian Individuals and Groups Prior to 1756 (James Lynch, p. 83); Wild Maine and the Rusticating Scientist: A History of Anthropological Archaeology in Maine (Arthur E. Spiess, p. 101)
  • Book Reviews: Jennings et al.: The History and Culture of Iroquois Diplomacy: An Interdisciplinary Guide to the Treaties of the Six Nations and Their League (Bruce G. Trigger, p. 131)

31 (Spring 1986)

  • Articles: The Origin of the Mask Concept in the Eastern Woodlands of North America (Rolf Krusche [Translated by Annemarie Shimony and William C. Sturtevant] p. 1); The Case for an Aboriginal Origin of Northeast Indian Woodsplint Basketry (Kathryn Bardwell, p. 49)
  • Analytical Units in New England Archaeology: Introduction to CNEA Papers (David R. Yesner, p. 69); Discovering Settlement Systems of the Past in New England Site Distributions (Robert E. Dewar, p. 77); Flexible Tools for Constructing the Past (Barbara E. Luedtke, p. 89); Discerning Some Spatial Characteristics of Small, Short-Term, Single Occupation Sites: Implications for New England Archaeology (Peter A. Thomas, p. 99); Historical Landscapes: Archaeology of Place and Space (Patricia E. Rubertone, p. 123); House Not a Home: Hill Farm Clustered Communities (Richard C. Waldbauer, p. 139); Units of Analysis and Prehistoric Land Use on Outer Cape Cod (Francis P. McManamon, p. 151)

32 (Fall 1986) $12.50

  • Articles: Dutch Glass Beads in the Northeast: An Ontario Perspective (Ian Kenyon and William Fitzgerald, p. 1); Anadromous Fish and Fishing: A Synthesis of Data from the Hudson River Drainage (Hetty Jo Brumbach, p. 35); Late Archaic and Ceramic Period Utilization of the Mud Lake Stream Site, Southwestern New Brunswick (Michael Deal, p. 67); The Temple of Virtue: An Artifact of Social Conflict at the Last Cantonment of the Continental Army (Charles L. Fisher, p. 95); Toward an Understanding of the Manufacture and Function of Large Argillite Bifaces in New England (Alan E. Strauss, p. 109)
  • Book Reviews: James Axtell: The Invasion Within: The Contest of Cultures in Colonial North America (Neal Salisbury, p. 123); Claude Chapdelaine: Des Éléphants, des des Hommes: La Période Paléoindienne (Dena F. Dincauze, p. 127)

33 (Spring 1987) $12.50

  • Articles: The Bark Wigwams Site: An Early Seventeenth-Century Component in Central Massachusetts (Eric S. Johnson and James W. Bradley, p. 1); Introduction to Papers on the Beginnings of the Fur Trade (Bruce G. Trigger, p. 27); Native Exchange and European Trade: Cross-Cultural Dynamics in the Sixteenth Century (James W. Bradley, p. 31); Fishermen, Furries, and Beothuks: The Economy of Extinction (Ralph T. Pastore, p. 47); Mythical Realities and European Contact in the Northeast During the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries (George R, Hamell, p. 63)
  • Social Relationships on a Moving Frontier: Natives and Settlers in Southern New England, 1638-1675 (Neal Salisbury, p. 89); "Emphaticall Speech and Great Actions": An Analysis of Seventeenth-Century Native Speech Events Described in Early Sources (Kathleen J. Bragdon, p. 101); Diet, Dental Disease, and Transition in Northeastern Native Americans (Marc A. Kelley, T. Gail Barrett, and Sandra D. Saunders, p. 113); The Illy-Smelling Sea: Indians, Information, and the Early Search for the Passage (John L. Allen, p.127); Norridgewock: Village Translocation on the New England-Acadian Frontier (Harald E.L. Prins and Bruce J. Bourque, p. 137)
  • Book Reviews: Archaeology in Quebec/L'Archéologie au Québec. Meeting Our Ancestors: What Can Their Bones Tell Us/Recontre avec nos Ancêstres: Ce que nous Révèlent leurs Ossements (Mary Ann Levine, p. 159)

34 (Fall 1987) $12.50

  • Articles: Health, Demographics, and Physical Constitution in Seventeenth-Century Rhode Island Indians (Marc A. Kelley, Paul S. Sledzik, and Sean P. Murphy, p. 1); Iroquoian Occupation of the Mohawk Valley During and After the Revolution (David K. Faux, p. 27); Model Building and the Case of the Micmac Economy (Ronald J. Nash and Virginia P. Miller, p. 41); Sourcing Hudson Valley Cherts from Trace Element Analysis (Robert D. Kuhn and William A. Lanford, p. 57); New England Pandemic of 1616-1622: Cause and Archaeological Implication (Arthur E. Spiess and Bruce D. Spiess, p. 71); Surface Analysis of the Ochee Spring Steatite Quarry in Johnston, Rhode Island (Boyd Dixon, p. 85); Going Away to Stay at Home: The Role of Circular Migration Among Cape Breton Acadians (Constance P. deRoche, p. 99)
  • Book Reviews: Orphanides: Radioanalytical Techniques in Archaeology: Pottery and Raw Clay Analysis (Victoria Kenyon, p. 117); Passchier: Le Système Economique Micmac, Perspective Ethnohistorique au XVLLe Siècle (Denys Delage, p. 121)

35 (Spring 1988) $12.50

  • Articles: The Florescence and Demise of Iroquoian Cannibalism: Human Sacrifice and Malinowski's Hypothesis (Thomas S. Abler and Michael H. Logan); Spatial Analysis of Post Mold Patterns at the Sackett Site, Ontario County, New York (Susan C. Prezzano, p. 27); Newfoundland Beothuk Illustrated (Ingeborg Marshall, p. 47); Terminal Archaic Settlement and Subsistence in the Connecticut River Valley (Peter Pagoulatos, p. 71); The Adams and Culbertson Sites: A Hypothesis for Village Formation (Martha L. Sempowski, Lorraine P. Saunders, and Gian Carlo Cervone, p. 95)
  • Book Reviews: McManamon: Chapters in the Archaeology of Cape Cod, I: Results of the Cape Cod National Seashore Archeological Survey, 1979-1981 (Russell Barber, p. 109); Denis Delâge: Le Pays Renversé. Amérindiens et Europeens en Amérique du Nord-Est: 1600-1664 (Norman Clermont, p. 115)

36 (Fall 1988) $12.50

  • Articles: Soil Patterns and Prehistoric Sites in Suffolk County, New York (Robert J. Kalin, Kent Lightfoot, and James Moore, p. 1); Estimating Ontario Iroquoian Village Duration (Gary A. Warrick, p. 21); An Account of an Iroquois Condolence Council (Gunther Michelson, p. 61); Seneca Tribalization: An Adaptive Strategy (Mary Ann Niemczycki, p. 77); Excavations at the Ken Wing Site, An Isolated Ceramic Period Encampment in the Stratton Highlands, Northwestern Maine (Richard Michael Gramly, p. 89)
  • Book Reviews: Cossette and Chapdelaine: La Période Archaique (Jean-François Moreau, p. 101); Hedican: The Ogoki River Guides: Emergent Leadership Among the Northern Ojibwa (T.E. Holzkamm, p. 105)
  • Brief Comment: Corrigenda to Tooker: An Ethnography of the Huron Indians, 1615-1649 (Elisabeth Tooker, p. 109)

37 (Spring 1989) $12.50

  • Articles: Scotia Lake Pictograph Site: Shamanic Rock Art in Northeastern Ontario (Thor Conway, p. 1); The Gerrish Site (CeDk2): A Report on Preliminary Excavations (Patricia Allen, p. 25); Some Contributions of Archaeology to the Study of Cave and Rockshelter Sediments: Examples from Eastern New York (Robert E. Funk, 35)
  • Book Reviews: Richter and Merrell: Beyond the Covenant Chain: The Iroquois and Their Neighbors in Indian North America, 1600-1800 (Jack Campisi, p. 113); Hauptman: Formulating American Indian Policy in New York State, 1970-1986 (William A. Starna, p. 115); Nicholas: Holocene Human Ecology in Northeastern North America (Gary A. Wright, p. 117)

38 (Fall 1989) $12.50

  • Articles: The Iroquois in the Eighteenth Century: A Neglected Source (Michael Cardy, p. 1); The Hendrickson Site: A Late Woodland Indian Village in the City of Kingston, Ulster County, New York (Leonard Eisenberg, p. 21); Seasonal Movements of Indians in Acadia as Evidenced by Historical Documents and Vertebrate Faunal Remains form Archaeological Sites (Frances L. Stewart, p. 55); The End of the Beginning or the Beginning of the End: The Third Millennium B.P. in Southern New England (Elena L. Filios, p. 79); Historians on the Early History of Anthropology (Gary A. Wright, p. 95)
  • Book Reviews: Nash: Mi'kmaq: Economics and Evolution and Stewart: Faunal Remains from the Delorey Island Site (Bj-Cj-9) of Nova Scotia (Arthur Spiess, p. 105)
  • Brief Comment: Wampum Belts Returned to the Onondaga Nation (p. 109)

39 (Spring 1990) $15

  • Articles: Radiocarbon Dating "Village" Sites in Coastal New York: Settlement Pattern Change in the Middle to Late Woodland (Lynn Ceci, p. 1); Deer Tooth Sectioning, Eruption, and Seasonality of Deer Hunting in Prehistoric Maine (Arthur Spiess, p. 29); A Note on Undergraduate Courses in Anthropology in the Latter Part of the Nineteenth Century (Elisabeth Tooker, p. 45)
  • The Mandeville Site and the Definition of a New Regional Group Within the Saint Lawrence Iroquoian World (Claude Chapdelaine, p. 53); The Jefferson County Iroquoians (William Engelbrecht, Earl Sidler, and Michael Walko, p. 65); Trade and Warfare: The Disappearance of the Saint Lawrence Iroquoians (J.B. Jamieson, p. 79); Saint Lawrence Iroquoia ns in the Upper Trent River Valley (Peter G. Ramsden, p. 87)
  • Book Reviews: Plumet: Archéologie de l'Ungava: le Site de la Pointe aux Bélougas (Qilalugarsiuvik) et les Maisons Longues Dorsétiennes (Bryan C. Hood, p. 97); Greber and Ruhl: The Hopewell Site: A Contemporary Analysis Based on the Work of Charles C. Willoughby (Gary A. Wright, p. 101); Book Notes (Gary A. Wright, p. 105)

40 (Fall 1990)

  • Articles: Algonquian Kinship Terminology: Some Problems of Interpretation (Edward J. Hedican, p. 1)
  • Emerging Saint Lawrence Iroquoian Settlement Patterns (James F. Pendergast, p. 17); Evidence of the Saint Lawrence Iroquoians in Northern New England: Population Movement, Trade, or Stylistic Borrowing? (James B. Petersen, p. 31); The Origin of the Iroquoian Rim Sherd from Red Bay (Claude Chapdelaine and Gregory G. Kennedy, p. 41); The Iroquoian Presence in the Estuary and Gulf of the Saint Lawrence River Valley: A Reevaluation (Charles A. Martijn, p. 45); Neutron Activation Analysis of Saint Lawrence Iroquoian Pottery (Robert R. Crépeau and Gregory G. Kennedy, p. 65); Why Did the Saint Lawrence Iroquoians Become Horticulturalists? (Norman Clermont, p. 75); Basque-Amerindian Trade in the Saint Lawrence During the Sixteenth Century: New Documents, New Perspectives (Laurier Turgeon, p. 81); A Basque Etymology for the Word "Iroquois" (Peter Bakker, p. 89)
  • Essay: Frank G. Speck's Anthropology (1881-1950) (William N. Fenton, p. 95)
  • Book Reviews: Benmouyal: Des Paleoindiens aux Iroquoiens en Gaspesie: six mille ans d'histoire (James Molnar, p. 103); Betress: Human Osteology for the Archeologist (Leslie E. Eisenberg, p. 105)

41 (Spring 1991) $15

  • Articles: Oklahoma Delaware Personal Names (Ives Goddard, p. 1); Correlating Archaeology and Linguistics: The Algonquian case (Stuart J. Fiedel, p. 9); Assessment of the Ceramic Evidence for Woodland-Period Cultures in the Lac Saint-Jean Area, Eastern Quebec (Jean-François Moreau, Erik Langevin, and Louise Verreault, p. 33); Gravestone Inscriptions as a Source for Colonial History: A Case Study on the Transition from Puritan to Yankee New England (Robert K. Fitts, p. 65); Native American Land-Use Patterns of the Outer Coastal Plain of New Jersey (Peter Pagoulatos and Gregory Walwer, p. 85); Delaware Masking (Jay Miller, p. 105)
  • Book Reviews: Ramsden: The Kirche Site: A Sixteenth Century Huron Village in the Upper Trent Valley (James W. Bradley, p. 111)

42 (Fall 1991) $15

  • Articles: Lithic Beings and Lithic Technologv: References from Northern Iroquoian Mythology (Anne L. Moulton and Thomas S. Abler, p. 1); Land Politics and Power: The Mohegan Indians in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries (Laurie Weinstein-Farson p. 9); Delaware Personhood (Jay Miller, p. 17)
  • Putting Wetlands into Perspective (George P. Nicholas, p. 29); Wetlands as a Critical Variable in Predictive Modeling of Prehistoric Site locations: A Case Study from the Passaic River Basin Robert Hasenstab, p. 39); Prehistoric Land Use and Changing Paleoecological Conditions at Titicut Swamp in Southeastern Massachusetts (Brona G. Simon, p. 63); Places and Spaces: Changing Patterns of Wetland Use in Southern New England (George P. Nicholas, p. 75)
  • Book Reviews: Gregg and Gregg: Dry Bones: Dakota Territory Reflected (Richard Wilkinson, p. 99)

43 (Spring 1992) $15

  • Articles: Directions in Wetlands Research (George P. Nicholas, p. 1); Prehistoric and Historic Patterns of Wetland Use in Eastern Connecticut (Kevin A. McBride, p. 10); Some Major Wetlands in New York State: A Preliminary Assessment of Their Biological and Cultural Potential (Robert E. Funk, p. 25); The History and Archaeological Research Potential of Tree-Ring Studies in New England and Their Relationship to Wetlands (Catherine C. Carson, p. 43)
  • Amateur Collections Research in Massachusetts: Problems and Prospects (Eric S. Johnson, p. 61); Hard Choices: Agricultural Policy and Individual Decisions in the Dairy Industry (Jeanne M. Simonelli, P. 75)
  • Essays: Lithic Misidentification (Barbara a.. Calogero, P. 87); Experimental Uses of Stone Tools: A Preliminary Study (Peter Pagoulatos, p.91)
  • Book Reviews: Elizabeth B. Garland: Late Archaic and Early Woodland Adaptation in the Lower St. Joseph River Valley, Berrien County, Michigan (Gary A. Wright, p. 101)

44 (Fall 1992)​​​​​ $15

  • Articles: Prehistoric Use of Plant Foods in the Narragansett Bay Region (David J. Bernstein, p. 1); The Early Paleo-lndian Parkhill Phase in Southwestern Ontario (D. Brian Deller and Christopher J. Ellis, p. 15); Cornfields at Meductic: Ethnic and Territorial Reconfigurations in Colonial Acadia (Harold E.L. Prins, p. 55); Seriation Changes in Monongahela Triangular Lithic Projectiles (Richard L. George and Richard Scaglion, p. 73); New York Quakers Among the Brotherton, Stockbridge, Oneida, and Onondaga, 1795-1834 (Christopher Densmore, p. 83)
  • Book Reviews: Carl Masthay: Schmick's Mahican Dictionary (Dean R. Snow, p. 95); Book Notes (Dean R. Snow, p. 97)

45 (Spring 1993)

  • OBITUARY: Howard R. Sargent 1922-1993
  • Articles: The Maritime Adaptation of the Saint Lawrence Iroquoia ns (Claude Chapdelaine, p. 3); A Taxometric Analysis of Old Chopper Projectile Points (Edward J. Hedican and James McGlade, p. 21); A New Predictive Site Location Model for Interior New York State (John Hammer, p. 39); The Evidence for a Saint Lawrence Iroquoian Presence on Sixteenth-Century Mohawk Sites (Robert D. Kuhn, Robert E. Funk, and James F. Pendergast, p. 77); Ethics of Reburial: Two Cases from Southern New England (Carol Abatelli, p. 87)
  • Book Reviews: Daniel K. Richter: The Ordeal of the Longhouse: The Peoples of the Iroquois League in the Era of European Colonization (Francis Jennings, p. 101); John Arthur Gibson: Concerning the League: The Iroquois League Tradition as Dictated in Onondaga (Dean R. Snow, p. 103)

46 (Fall 1993) $15

  • Articles: Some Comments on Calibrated Radiocarbon Dates for Saint Lawrence Iroquoian Sites (James F. Pendergast, p. 1)
  • Centering (Dena F. Dincauze, p. 33); The Lighthouse: History and Archaeology of an Outcast Village (Kenneth L. Feder, p. 39); Perceptions of Marginality: The Case of the Early Holocene in Northern New England (Brian S. Robinson and James B. Petersen, p. 61); Ethnoarchaeology and Historical Archaeology: A Comparative Examination of Marginality and Farm Abandonment (Stephen A. Mrozowski and Richard A. Gould, p. 77); Epilogue: Reflections on Marginality and New England Archaeology (Stephen A. Mrozowski, p. 99)
  • Book Reviews: Donald A. Grinde, Jr., and Bruce E. Johansen: Exemplar of Liberty: Native America and the Evolution of Democracy (Elisabeth Tooker, p. 103)

47 (Spring 1994) $15

  • Articles: Variability in Late Archaic Human Burials at Turner Farm, Maine (Lenore T. Barbian and Ann L. Magennis, p. 1); Late Prehistory of the Thames River: Survey, Landscape, and Preservation Along a Connecticut Estuary (Harold D. Juli, p. 21); The Place of the In Situ Hypothesis in Iroquoian Archaeology (William A. Starna and Robert E. Funk, p. 45); Paleo-Eskimo and Recent Indian Subsistence and Settlement Patterns on the Island of Newfoundland (Frederick A. Schwarz, p. 55); Back to the Beaches: New Data Pertaining to the Early Beothuk in Newfoundland (Laurie McLean, p. 71); Antiquarians to Archaeologists in Nineteenth-Century Toronto (Mima Kapches, p. 87)
  • Book Reviews: Roger W. Moeller: Analyzing and Interpreting Late Woodland Features (Susan J. Bender, p. 99); Book Notes (Gary A. Wright, p. 103)

48 (Fall 1994)​​​​​​ $15

  • Articles: Some Inferences Concerning Proto-Algonquian Economy and Society (Stuart J. Fiedel, p. 1); Prehistoric Diet and Health in a Coastal New York Skeletal Sample (Patricia S. Bridges, p. 13); Why Did They Choose to Live Here? Ceramic Period Settlement in the Boothbay, Maine, Region (Douglas C. Kellogg, p. 25); Cairn and Brush Travel Shrines in the United States Northeast and Southeast (Stephen C. Jett, p. 61); Cultural Utility of the Cobble Beach Formation in Coastal Newfoundland and Labrador (M.P. Stopp, p. 69); The Hill Site: A Possible Late Early Iroquoian Ceramic Firing Site in South-Central Ontario (Mima Kapches, p. 91)
  • Book Reviews: Barbara E. Luedtke: An Archaeologist's Guide to Chert and Flint (Barbara L. A. Calogero, p. 103); Patrick Frazier: The Mohicans of Stockbridge (Eric S. Johnson, p. 105)

49 (Spring 1995) $15

  • Articles: Introduction to Symposium Papers: Unearthing the Late Woodland, Ethnogenesis and Ceramics in the Northeast (Hetty Jo Brumbach, p. 1); The "Michigan Owasco" and the Iroquois Co-Tradition: Late Woodland Conflict, Conquest, and Cultural Realignment in the Western Lower Great Lakes (David M. Stothers, p. 5); Ceramics and Ethnicity in West-Central New York: Exploring Owasco-Iroquois Connections (Mary Ann Palmer Niemczycki, p. 43); Algonquian and Iroquoian Ceramics in the Upper Hudson River Drainage (Hetty Jo Brumbach, p. 55); The Meaning of Early Late Woodland Pottery from Southwestern Quebec (Norman Clermont, p. 67); An Early Late Woodland Pottery Sequence East of Lac Saint-Pierre: Definition, Chronology, and Cultural Affiliation (Claude Chapdelaine, p. 77); The Eastern Subarctic: Assessing the Transition From the Middle to Late Woodland Periods (Jean François Moreau, p. 97)
  • Book Reviews: Diana diZerega Wall: The Archaeology of Gender: Separating the Spheres in Urban America (Russell G. Handsman, p. 109)

50 (Fall 1995) $15

  • Articles: Rocks and Minerals Used by Tool New England (Barbara L.A. Calogero and Anthony R. Philpotts, p. 1); Woodland or Ceramic Period: A Theoretical Problem (Kevin Leonard, p. 19); Earliest Evidence for Textiles from Millbury III: A Transitional Archaic Cremation Cemetery Site in South-Central Massachusetts (Tonya Baroody Largy and Alan Leveillee, p. 31); The Case of the Disappearing Iroquoia ns: Early Contact Period Superpower Politics (William Engelbrecht, p. 35); European Glass Trade Beads and the Chronology of Niagara Frontier Iroquois Sites (Kathryn J. Stark, p. 61); Visions in Stone: A New Look at the Bellows Falls Petroglyphs (William A. Haviland and Marjory W. Power, p. 91); Etymons, Knowledge, and Mythical Images as Illustrated with Innu Narratives (Daniel Clément, p. 109)
  • Book Reviews: Timothy G. Baugh and Jonathon E. Ericson: Prehistoric Exchange Systems in North America (Barbara E. Luedtke, p. 117)

51 (Spring 1996) $15

  • Obituary: William A. Ritchie 1903-1995 (p. 1)
  • Articles: "We'll All be Together Again": The Federal Acknowledgment of the Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head (William A. Starna, p. 3); Gay Head (Aquinnah) Wampanoag Community Structure and Land Use Patterns (Kevin A. McBride and Suzanne G. Cherau, p. 13); Forgotten Forbears: Samuel Smith, William Nelson, and William McLeod (Robert S. Grumet, p. 41); A Tale of Many Landscapes: The White-Darrach Store and Tenant Property, Duck Creek Hundred, Delaware, ca. 1765-ca. 1865 (LuAnn DeCunzo, p. 49); Aboriginal Architecture in Southern New England: Data From the Griswold Point Site (Harold D. Juli and Lucianne Lavin, p. 83); The Current State of Huron Archaeology (Peter Ramsden, p. 101); Prehistoric Use of Wetland Environments: A Case Study from the Interior of Long Island, New York (David J. Bernstein, Michael J. Lenardi, Daria Merwin, and Lynn Harvey-Cantone, p. 113)
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52 (Fall 1996) $15

  • Articles: Prehistoric Agricultural Systems in the West Branch of the Susquehanna River Basin, A.D. 800 to A.D. 1350 (John P. Hart and Nancy Asch Sidell, p. 1); Poor Women and Bad Mothers: Placing the Blame for Turn-of-the-Century Infant Mortality (Helen H. Ball and Alan Swedlund, p. 31); Nonmetric Trait Distribution and the Expression of Familial Relationships in a Nineteenth Century Cemetery (Michael W. Spence, p. 53); Taverns, Forts, and Castles: Rediscovering King Hendrick's Village (Philip Lord, Jr., p. 69); Diet, Health, and Subsistence at the Late Archaic Turner Farm Site, Maine (Ann L. Magennis and Lenore T. Barbian, p. 95)
  • Book Reviews: Diversity and Complexity in Prehistoric Maritime Societies: A Gulf of Maine Perspective (Bruce J. Bourque) (David J. Bernstein, p. 121); Kinehiyawiwininaw Nehiyawewin. The Cree Language is Our Identity: The LaRonge Lectures of Sarah Whitecalf (H.C. Wolfart and Freda Ahenakew, editors) (Regna Darnell, p. 123); Prehistoric Farmers of the Susquehanna Valley: Clemson Island Culture and the St. Anthony Site (R. Michael Stewart) (Lucianne Lavin, p. 125)

53 (Spring 1997) $15

  • Articles: Pits and Pitfalls: An Analysis of Pit Features and Site Function at the Ripley Site (William Green and Lynne P. Sullivan, p. 1); Lessons From Burlington: A Reconsideration of the Pickering vs. Glen Meyer Debate (Jeffrey A. Bursey, p. 23); Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis of Copper and Brass from the Auger Site (BdGw-3), Simcoe County, Ontario (Lisa M. Anselmi, Martha A. Latta, and R.G.V. Hancock, p. 47); The Architecture of Iroquois Longhouses (Dean R. Snow, p. 61)
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54 (Fall 1997) $15

  • Articles: Massachusetts Kinship Terminology and Social Organization, 1620-1750 (Kathleen Bragdon, p. 1); Federal Archaeological Preservation Programs in the Northeast: An Assessment for 1997 (Dena F. Dincauze, p. 15); Wendat Dialects and the Development of the Huron Alliance (John Steckley, p. 23); Radiocarbon Dating the Middle to Late Woodland Transition and Earliest Maize in Southern Ontario (David G. Smith, p. 37)
  • Research Report: 1996 Salvage Excavations at Anse aux Bouleaux on the Quebec North Shore (Pierre Desrosiers, p. 75)
  • Book Reviews: The Mi'kmaq. Resistance, Accommodation, and Cultural Survival (Harald E.L. Prins) (Charles A. Martijn, p. 79); Archaeology of the Mid-Holocene Southeast (Kenneth J. Sassaman and David G. Anderson, editors) (Chris Benison, p. 81); Father Aubery's French Abenaki Dictionary (Fr. Joseph Aubery, translation by Stephen Laurent, coordinated by Charles R. Huntoon) (Nicholas N. Smith, p. 83); The Archaeology of Wealth: Consumer Behavior in English America (James G. Gibb) (Paul R. Mullins, p. 87); Chesapeake Prehistory: Old Traditions, New Directions (Richard J. Dent) (Lucinda J. McWeeney, p. 89)

55 (Spring 1998) $15

  • Articles: Released form Thraldom by the Stroke of War: Coercion and Warfare in Native Politics of Seventeenth-Century Southern New England (Eric S. Johnson, p. 1); A Possible Late Middle Woodland Tool Kit from Thompson Island, Massachusetts (Barbara E. Luedtke, p. 15); Congenital Deformity in a Late Woodland Burial from Southwestern Ontario (Michael W. Spence, p. 31); Early Recent Indian Interior Occupation at Deer Lake Beach: Implications for Theories of Recent Indian Beothuk Resource Use, Settlement, and Social Organization in Newfoundland (David Reader, p. 47)
  • Book Reviews: A History and Ethnography of the Beothuk (Ingeborg Marshall) (Ralph Pastore, p. 71); Enfants du Néant et Mangeurs d' Âmes: Guerre, Culture et Société en Iroquoisie Ancienne (Ronald Viau) (Ronald Tremblay, p. 73)

56 (Fall 1998) $15

  • Articles: The Windsor Tradition: Pottery Production and Popular Identity in Southern New England (Lucianne Lavin, p. 1); An Oneida Community in 1780: Study of an Inventory of Iroquois Property Losses during the Revolutionary War (Anthony Wonderley, p. 19); Pottery and Steatite in the Northeast: A Reconsideration of Origins (Curtiss Hoffman, p. 43)
  • Research Reports: An Archaeological Survey of Fogo Island, Newfoundland (Donald H. Holly, Jr., p. 69)
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57 (Spring 1999)

  • Articles: Why Does It Take So Long?: Federal Recognition and the American Indian Tribes of New England (Jack Campisi and William A. Starna, p. 1); Another Look at "Clemson's Island" (John P. Hart, p. 19); Gunflints in the Northeast (Barbara E. Luedtke, p. 27); Regional Diversity within the Early Woodland of the Northeast (Nina M. Versaggi, p. 45); Interpreting Diverse Marine Shell Deposits of the Woodland Period in New England and New York: Interrelationships Among Subsistence, Symbolism, and Ceremonialism (Jordan E. Kerber, p. 57)
  • Research Reports: Late Paleoindian Occupation in a Coastal Environment: A Perspective from La Martre, Gaspé Peninsula, Quebec (Éric Chalifoux, p. 69)
  • Book Reviews: The View form Madisonville, Protohistoric Western Fort Ancient Interaction Patterns (Penelope Ballard Drooker) (Christina B. Rieth, p. 81); L'éveilleu et l'ambassadeur: Essais archéologiques et ethnohistoriques en hommage à Charles A. Martijn (Ronald Tremblay, editor) (Christian Gates St-Pierre, p. 83)

58 (Fall 1999) $15

  • Articles: Material Selection, Rejection, and Failure at Flint Mine Hill: An Eastern New York State Chert Quarry (Hetty Jo Brumbach and Judith Weinstein, p. 1); Nineteenth Century Urbanism and Public Health: The Evidence of Twelve Privies in Albany, New York (Robert M. Rosenswig, p. 27); Patterns of Material Culture During the Early Years of New Netherland Trade (Wayne Lenig, p. 47)
  • Book Reviews: Iroquoian Peoples of the Land of Rocks and Water, a.d. 1000-1650: A Study in Settlement Archaeology (William D. Finlayson) (James W. Bradley, p. 75); At a Crossroads: Archaeology and First Peoples in Canada (George P. Nicholas and Thomas D. Andrews, editors) (Jordan E. Kerber, p. 78); The Allegany Senecas and Kinzua Dam: Forced Relocation through Two Generations (Joy A. Bilharz) (John C. Mohawk, p. 80); Applied Anthropology in Canada: Understanding Aboriginal Issues (Edward J. Hedican) (George P. Nicholas, p. 81); Current Northeast Paleoethnobotany (John P. Hart, editor) (Jack Rossen, p. 83); Oyster Wars and the Public Trust: Property, Law, and Ecology in New Jersey History (Bonnie J. McCay) (M. Estellie Smith, p. 86)

59 (Spring 2000) $15

  • Articles: The Faunal Assemblage from the Engelbert Site, Nichols, New York: An Analysis of Subsistence and Paleoecology (Niels Rinehart, p. 1); Evidence for Prehistoric Maize Horticulture at the Pine Hill Site, Deerfield, Massachusetts (Elizabeth S. Chilton, Tonya Baroody Largy, and Kathryn Curran, p. 23); Integrating Sea Level History and Geomorphology in Targeted Archaeological Site Survey: The Gould Site (EeBi-42), Port au Choix, Newfoundland (M. A. P. Renouf and Trevor Bell, p. 47)
  • Book Review Essay: Recent Contributions to Algonquian Linguistics (Regna Darnell, p. 65)
  • Book Reviews: Race and Affluence: An Archaeology of African America and Consumer Culture (Paul R. Mullins) (Terrence W. Epperson, p. 73); The Archaeological Northeast (Mary Ann Levine, Kenneth E. Sassaman, and Michael S. Nassaney, editors) (James B. Petersen, p. 74); An Archaeology of Manners: The Polite World of the Merchant Elite of Colonial Massachusetts (Lorinda B. R. Goodwin) (LouAnn Wurst, p. 75)

60 (Fall 2000) $15

  • Articles: New Dates from Classic New York Sites: Just How Old are Those Longhouses? (John P. Hart, p. 1); Atikamekw Economy in the 1830's and the Hudson's Bay Company Account Books as Sources for Historical Ethnographic Studies (Claude Gélinas, p. 23); Beyond the Massacre: Historic and Prehistoric Activity at Fort William Henry (Brenda J. Baker and Christina B. Rieth, p. 45); Tool Use-Patterning at the Grand Banks Site of the Princess Point Complex, Southwestern Ontario (Chen Shen, p. 63)
  • Book Reviews: In Search of New England's Native Past: Selected Essays by Gordon M. Day
  • (Michael K. Foster and William Cowan) (Kathleen J. Bragdon, p. 89); L'archéologie sous la loupe: Contributions à l'archéometrie (Paléo-Québec No. 29) (Jean-François Moreau) (Adrian L. Burke, p. 90); Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century Domestic Site Archaeology in New York State (John P. Hart and Charles L. Fisher) (Patrick J. Heaton, p. 93)

61 (Spring 2001) $15

  • Articles: Poverty in the Nineteenth Century: Documentary and Cemetery Studies from New York State (Rosanne L. Higgins, p. 1); The Biology of Poverty: Evidence from the Erie County Poorhouse, Buffalo, New York: 1856-1910 (Rosanne L. Higgins, p. 11); (Shawn M. Phillips, p. 27); Disturbing Cemeteries: Invisibility, History and Demographics of the Broome County, New York, Poorhouse (Peter E. Killoran, Frank C. Tarricone, Tyler G. O'Brien, p. 49)
  • Book Reviews: Women of the Dawn (Bunny Mc Bride) (Jean S. Forward, p. 63); Lines that Divide: Historical Archaeologies of Race, Class, and Gender (James A. Delle, Stephen A. Mrozowski, and Robert Paynter) (Diana DiPaolo Loren, p. 63); Harvest of Souls: The Jesuit Missions and Colonialism in North America, 1632-1650 (Carole Blackburn) (Karen K. Seat, p. 65)

62 (Fall 2001)

  • Articles: The Iroquois Creation Story over Time (Anthony Wonderley, p. 1-16); Reflections on the People and Land of Whitewater Lake, Northwestern Ontario: an Ethnographic Narrative (Edward J. Hedican p. 17-30); Two Sites, but Two Phases? Revisiting Kipp Island and Hunter's Home (Christian Gates St-Pierre, p. 31-53); A Late Woodland Winter Seal Hunting Ground at the Mouth of the Saguenay River (Quebec) (Michel Plourde, p. 55-70); The National Register of Historic Places Nomination for the Leeds Flat Site, Catskill, New York (Robert D. Kuhn, p. 71-76)
  • Book Reviews: Natives and Newcomers: The Cultural Origins of North America (James Axtell) (Marshall Joseph Becker, p. 77-79); Reanalyzing the Ripley Site: Earthworks and Late Prehistory on the Lake Erie Plain (Lynne P. Sullivan) (Robert J. Hasenstab, p. 79-80)

63 (Spring 2002)

  • Articles: Mahican Life and Moravian Missions. Pachgatgoch, Connectictu and Friedenhütten, Pennsylvania, 1742-1772 (Riva Berleant-Schiller, p. 1-21); Oneida Ceramic Effigies: A Question of Meaning (Anthony Wonderley, p. 23-48); A Wampum Belt Chronology (Marshall Joseph Becker, p. 49-70); Archaic Period Land Use and Settlement in the Pawcatuck River Watershed of South-Central Rhode Island (Joseph N. Waller, Jr. and Alan Leveillee, p. 71-82)
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64 (Fall 2002) $15

  • Articles: Thematic Issue: NATIVE COASTAL NEW ENGLAND (Holly Herbster and Elizabeth Chilton, editors, p. 1-2); Introduction (Holly Herbster and Elizabeth Chilton, p. 3-4); Bone Artifacts: Continuity In Technology And Form In Pre-European Archaeological Sites Along The Maine Coast (Richard Will, p. 5-16); Continuity Versus Change During the Last Three Millennia at Mashantucket (Brian D. Jones, p. 17-29); A Native American Archaeological Site In the Plymouth Commemorative Landscape (Timothy L. Binzen and Christopher L. Donta, p. 31-42); Past to Present: Archaeology and the Aquinnah Wampanoag (Holly Herbster and Suzanne G. Cherau, p. 43-54); The Archaeology of Coastal New England: The View from Martha's Vineyard (Elizabeth S. Chilton and Dianna L. Doucette, p. 55-66); Lucy Vincent Beach: Another Look at the Prehistoric Exploitation of Piscine Resources off the Coast of Massachusetts (T. B. Largy, P. G. Burns, E. S. Chilton, and D. Doucette, p. 67-73); Cultural and Ecological Continuities and Discontinuities in Coastal New England: Landscape Manipulation (Lucinda McWeeney, p. 75-84); Comments on "Continuity in Native Coastal New England" (Jordan E. Kerber, p. 85-88); Discussion on "Continuity in Native Coastal New England" (Brona G. Simon, p. 89-92)
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65 (Spring 2003) $15

  • Articles: Where the Earth Opened: What Hope Allen Learned About New York Oneida Folklore In 1925 (Anthony Wonderley, p. 1-16); Midwinter at Two Onondaga Longhouses (Gunther Michelson, p. 17-29); Ceramics and Trade In Late Prehistoric Southern New England: A Proton Induced X-Ray Emission (Pixe) Analysis Of Connecticut Prehistoric Ceramics (Harold Juli, John Trimble, and Michael Monce, p. 31-52)
  • Book Reviews: Iroquoia: The Development of a Native World (William Engelbrecht) (Kurt A. Jordan, p. 67-68); The Columbia Guide to American Indians of the Northeast (Kathleen Bragdon) (Dixie L. Henry, p. 67-70)

66 (Fall 2003) $15

  • Articles: Thematic Issue: SEASCAPES AND LANDSCAPES OF THE FAR NORTHEAST (Donald H. Holly, Jr. and Adrian L. Burke, editors, p. 1-2); Introduction (Donald H. Holly, Jr. and Adrian L. Burke, p. 3-4); Dorset Palaeoeskimo Settlement Patterns In White Bay, Newfoundland (John C. Erwin, p. 5-14); Multiple Boundaries of the Moorehead Burial Tradition (Brian S. Robinson, p. 15-27); Who Lived in Pre-European Maine?: A Cosmology Approach to Social Patterning on The Landscape (David Sanger, p. 29-39); Archetypal Landscapes and Seascapes: Coastal Versus Interior in the Archaeology of the Maritime Peninsula (Adrian L. Burke, p. 41-55); Places of the Living, Places of the Dead: Situating a Sacred Geography (Donald H. Holly, Jr., p. 57-76)
  • Book Reviews: Picture Rocks: American Indian Rock Art in the Northeast Woodlands (Edward J. Lenik) (Jan F. Simek, p. 77-78); A Lasting Impression: Coastal, Lithic, and Ceramic Research in New England Archaeology (Jordan E. Kerber, editor) (Arthur E. Spiess, p. 78-79)

66 (Fall 2003) $15

  • Articles: Thematic Issue: SEASCAPES AND LANDSCAPES OF THE FAR NORTHEAST (Donald H. Holly, Jr. and Adrian L. Burke, editors, p. 1-2); Introduction (Donald H. Holly, Jr. and Adrian L. Burke, p. 3-4); Dorset Palaeoeskimo Settlement Patterns In White Bay, Newfoundland (John C. Erwin, p. 5-14); Multiple Boundaries of the Moorehead Burial Tradition (Brian S. Robinson, p. 15-27); Who Lived in Pre-European Maine?: A Cosmology Approach to Social Patterning on The Landscape (David Sanger, p. 29-39); Archetypal Landscapes and Seascapes: Coastal Versus Interior in the Archaeology of the Maritime Peninsula (Adrian L. Burke, p. 41-55); Places of the Living, Places of the Dead: Situating a Sacred Geography (Donald H. Holly, Jr., p. 57-76)
  • Book Reviews: Picture Rocks: American Indian Rock Art in the Northeast Woodlands (Edward J. Lenik) (Jan F. Simek, p. 77-78); A Lasting Impression: Coastal, Lithic, and Ceramic Research in New England Archaeology (Jordan E. Kerber, editor) (Arthur E. Spiess, p. 78-79)

67 (Spring 2004) $15

  • Articles: Picturing Pachgatgoch: An Eighteenth-Century American Indian Community in Western Connecticut (Corinna Dally-Starna and William A. Starna, p. 1-22); Seneca Iroquois Settlement Pattern, Community Structure, And Housing, 1677-1779 (Kurt A. Jordan, p. 23-60); Marbletown and Nachte Jan: Two Multi-Component Rockshelters in the Esopus Drainage, Ulster County, NY (Joseph E. Diamond, p. 61-88)
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68 (Fall 2004) $15

  • Articles: Marine Resources and the Human Carrying Capacity of Coastal Ecosystems in Southern New England Before European Contact (Scott Nixon, p. 1-23); Phytolith Evidence for Twentieth-Century B.P. Maize in Northern Iroquoia (Robert G. Thompson, John P. Hart, Hetty Jo Brumbach, Robert Lusteck, p. 25-40); Patterns in Precontact Site Location on the Southwest Coast of Newfoundland (Tim Rast, M. A. P. Renouf, Trevor Bell, p. 41-55) Mixed Assemblages and Indigenous Agents: Decolonizing Pine Hill (Siobhan M. Hart, p. 57-72)
  • Book Reviews: The Most Advantageous Situation in the Highlands: An Archaeological Study of the Fort Montgomery State Historic Site (Charles L. Fisher, editor) (Douglas V. Campana, p. 73-74); Gambling and Survival in Native North America. (Paul Pasquaretta) (Barrett P. Brenton, p. 74-75)

69 (Spring 2005) $15

  • Articles: Cooking Residues, AMS Dates, and the Middle-Late Woodland Transition in Central New York (John P. Hart and Hetty Jo Brumbach, p. 1-34); Giant's Grave: Exploring the Cultural Significance of Prehistoric Landscapes Within the Genesee River Valley (Roderick B. Salisbury and Karen S. Niemel, p. 35-57); Canis Familiaris Skeletal Remains From Weyanoke Old Town (44PG51), Virginia (Jeffrey P. Blick, p. 59-85); The Ottawa Valley Irish After the Great Famine, 1851-1881: Re-Thinking the Stem Family Debate (Edward J. Hedican, p. 87-107)
  • Book Reviews: Kahnawa:ke Factionalism, Traditionalism, and Nationalism in a Mohawk Community (Laurence M. Hauptman) (Gerald F. Reid, p. 109-110); Perishable Material Culture in the Northeast (Penelope Ballard Drooker, Editor) (Jenna Tedrick Kuttruff, p. 110-112); Sparing Nature. The Conflict Between Human Population Growth and Earth's Biodiversity (Jeffery K. McKee) (Peter W. Stahl, p. 112-113)

70 (Fall 2005) $15

  • Articles: "Natural Inhabitants, Time Out of Mind": Sachem Rights and the Contest for Wampanoag Land in Colonial New England (David J. Silverman, p. 1-10); Selling the Praying Towns: Massachussett and Nipmuc Land Transactions, 1680-1730 (Daniel R. Mandell, p. 11-17); Indian Land Deeds as Evidence for Indian History in Western Connecticut (Blair A. Rudes, p. 19-48); Oh Wither Weantinock: Deeds and Their Interpretations (Laurie Weinstein and Deseree Heme, p. 49-66)
  • Book Reviews: Touring Gotham's Archaeological Past: 8 Self-Guided Walking Tours Through New York City (Diana diZerega Wall and Anne-Marie Cantwell) and Unearthing Gotham: The Archaeology of New York City (Anne-Marie Cantwell and Diana diZerega Wall) (Charles D. Cheek, p. 67-68); Beyond Conquest: Native Peoples and the Struggle for History in New England (Amy E. Den Ouden) (Neal Salisbury, p. 68-70)

71 (Spring 2006) $15

  • Articles: Upstream from Old Coldspring: William N. Fenton And the Investigation of Seneca Culture in Time (Thomas S. Abler, p. 1-8); Sky Dancers and Bear Chasers: What (If Anything) Does Haudenosaunee Star Lore Mean? (Anthony Wonderley, p. 9-21); Untangling Multiple Components at the Log Cabin Point Site in Southern Ontario (Jenneth E. Curtis, p. 23-63); the Stones Throw Site: a Late Paleoindian Site in East-central New Hampshire (Timothy H. Ives; 65-85)
  • Book Reviews: Caribou Hunter: A Song of a Vanished Innu Life (Serge Bouchard) (Robert Jarvenpa, p. 87-88); The Lowell Experiment: Public History in a Postindustrial City (Cathy Stanton) (Ivan D. Steen, p. 89-90)

72 (Fall 2006) $15

  • Articles: Deer, Toads, Dogs, And Frogs: A New Interpretation of the Faunal Remains from the Engelbert Site, Tioga County, New York (April M. Beisaw, p. 1-23); New York State's Garnetiferous Gneiss Bannerstones: The Form and Function of Flight (Ralph C. Rataul, p. 25-41); Paul Radin and the Historical Origins of Debates on Indigenous Knowledge (Ninian R. Stein, p. 43-53); Political Economies and Peer Polities, Trade Networks and Social Landscapes: Theorizing Hopewell in Middle Woodland Period New York State and Southern Ontario (Jennifer M. Cantú Trunzo, p. 55-76)
  • Book Reviews: Circular Villages of the Monongahela Tradition (Bernard Means) (John P. Nass, Jr., p. 77-78); Fellow Travelers: Indians And Europeans Contesting The Early American Trail (Philip Levy) (Christina Snyder, p. 79-80); Words of the Huron (John L. Steckley) (Blair A. Rudes, p. 80-83)

73 (Spring 2007) $15

  • Articles: Public Archaeology and Education in Research and Compliance Projects: An Introduction (Christina B. Rieth, p. 1-13); Teaching Our Teachers: A Case Study in Public Archaeology (Christina B. Rieth and Kristy Primeau, p. 15-27); Approaching Relevance: Public Outreach and Education in CRM (Hope E. Luhman, p. 29-36); New York Odyssey: Forging Partnerships in American Archaeological Outreach (Sherene Baugher, p. 37-51); Comments on Public Education in the Northeast (Beverly A. Chiarulli, p. 53-58)
  • Book Reviews: Early Native Literacies in New England: A Documentary and Critical Anthology (Kristina Bross and Hilary E. Wyss, editors) (Laurie Weinstein, p. 59-60)

75/76 (Spring and Fall 2008) $15

  • Articles: Reciprocal Symbols: A Review of Ontario Iroquois Archaeological Evidence Relating to Long-Distance Contacts (William A. Fox, p. 1–22); Bockmier Point Site: The Kinzua Phase Revisited (Steven P. Howard, Paul J. Pacheco, and Lynette Willsey-Schmidt, p. 23–57); Stable Isotope Analysis of Shelter Island, New York, Native American Remains (Vincent H. Stefan, p. 59–72); Investigating Lithic Raw Material Use During the Late Archaic and Woodland on Long Island (Jaclyn Nadeau, p. 73–92); The 1747 Wyandot Elders Council (John Steckley, p. 93–111)
  • Book Review: A Kindly Scrutiny of Human Nature: Essays in Honour of Richard Slobodin (Richard J. Preston, editor) (Robert Jarvenpa, p. 113–115)

77/78 (Spring and Fall 2012) $25

  • Articles: An Analysis of Phase I Surveys in New England (Mandy Ranslow, p. 1–19); Tree Throws and Site Selection: Late Archaic Occupation at Southeastern Connecticut’s Preston Plains Site (Timothy H. Ives, p. 21–45); Post Molds and Preconceptions: New Observations about Iroquoian Longhouse Architecture (John L. Creese, p. 47–70); Rethinking Palisades in the Northeast: Evidence from the Eaton Site (Piotr Poplawski, Joshua J. Kwoka, and William Engelbrecht, p. 71–87); European Trade Goods at the Ripley Site: Implications for Interaction Networks and Chronology (Penelope B. Drooker, p. 89–138); Representational Art of the St. Lawrence Iroquoians and Eastern Iroquois (Anthony Wonderley, p. 139–161)
  • Book Review: The Eastern Archaic, Historicized (Kenneth E. Sassaman) (Edward V. Curtin, p. 163–166)

79/80 (Spring and Fall 2013) $25

  • Articles: Revisiting Indigenous Structures of New England: A Survey of Ethnohistoric Accounts From the Contact Period (Henry Glick, p. 1–36); Remembering Stone Piles in New England (Timothy H. Ives, p. 37–80); The Lower Great Lakes Fur Trade, Local Economic Sustainability, and the Bone Grease Buffer: Vertebrate Faunal Remains From the Eighteenth-Century Seneca Iroquois Townley-Read Site (Adam S. Watson and Stephen Cox Thomas , p. 81–123); Finding Fort Hardy: Combining Documentary Research, Archaeogeophysics, and Excavation to Locate a French and Indian War Fort (Scott Stull, Michael Rogers, and Nik Batruch, p. 125–143)
  • Book Reviews: The Edge of the Woods Iroquoia (Jon Parmenter) (William A. Fox, p. 145–146); Connecticut’s Indigenous Peoples (Lucianne Lavin) (Brian D. Jones , p. 147–151); The Tonawanda Senecas’ Heroic Battle Against Removal: Conservative Activist Indians (Laurence M. Hauptman ) (Kathryn Lavely Merriam, p. 153–154)

81/82 (Spring and Fall 2014) $25

  • Articles: The Swanzey Fish Dam: A Large, Precontact Native American Stone Structure in Southwestern New Hampshire (Robert G. Goodby, Sarah Tremblay, and Edward Bouras, p. 1-22); Lithic Debitage and Settlement Patterns at the Rebecca Nurse Homestead (Jessica E. Watson, p. 23-47); A Study of Precontact Native American Archaeological Features Beneath Agricultural Fields: Site RI 1830 and the Expanding University of Rhode Island Kingston Campus (Erin Flynn, Alan Leveillee, and Joseph Waller, Jr., p. 49-74); The Squawkie Hill Site (Timothy C. Lloyd, Peter Leach, Leslie Branch-Raymer, R. Jeannine Windham, and Daniel Welch, p. 75-107); Lenape (“Delaware”) in the Early Colonial Economy: Cultural Interactions and the Slow Processes of Culture Change Before 1740 (Marshall Joseph Becker, p. 109-129)
  • Book Reviews: In the Shadow of Kinzua: The Seneca Nation of Indians Since World War II (Laurence M. Hauptman) (Thomas S. Abler , p. 131-132); Ninigret, Sachem of the Niantics and Narragansetts: Diplomacy, War, and the Balance of Power in Seventeenth-Century New England and Indian Country (Julie A. Fisher and David J. Silverman) (Paul A. Robinson, p. 133-134)

83/84 (Spring and Fall 2015) $25

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  • Book Review Connecticut Unscathed: Victory in the Great Narragansett War, 1675–1676 (Jason W. Warren) (Christine M. DeLucia, p. 215–216)