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Email Dr. JoAnne Malatesta

Dr. JoAnne Malatesta

Vice Provost
Dean for Undergraduate Education

Welcome to the Academic Support Center! Our mission is to recognize and foster the unique potential of each student to succeed in their personal academic journey. Our advisors are dedicated to helping you achieve your academic goals by providing personalized and holistic advising as you chart your educational path. We look forward to getting to know you and participating in your future!

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Email Kristen Swaney

Kristen Swaney


College may be the first time in your life that you get to choose what you want to learn about, so take advantage of the opportunity! I am here to be a resource and advisor to you during your first few years at Albany, and I want to help you take ownership of your education to set your goals.

Email John Donoghue

John Donoghue

Assistant Director

Students come first! This is my personal philosophy as an academic advisor at the University at Albany. In working with students I hope to help them explore their academic options, help to make them aware of the various opportunities available at University at Albany, or just being there to listen.

Email Vanessa Borum

Vanessa Borum

Assistant Director

Advising is about deep witnessing. I see my role as your advisor to be in the struggle with you and be your biggest champion. I want you to feel comfortable sharing your hopes and dreams. We will work together, discuss classes, strategies and experiences that build on your strengths. Let’s find threads of hope, positivity and respect together.

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Email Michael Geroux

Michael Geroux

Assistant Director

As you make your decision to pursue a degree in higher education, know there are times you will thrive and others that will be very challenging. It takes persistence to succeed in both education and life. It is my mission to be a champion for all students and help you achieve your goals.

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Email Cassie

Dr. Cassie Andrusz-Ho Ching

Academic Advisor

For more information about Cassie, please click on the link below.

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Email Barbara Brown

Barbara Brown

A+ Coordinator
Academic Coach

A+ Tutoring and Academic Support is the place to go when you are not sure what you need to be successful. We help connect students to the resources they need. I work with students to help them pinpoint areas of stress and then develop personalized strategies and plans for success.

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Email Zachary Desjardins

Zachary Desjardins

Academic Advisor

My purpose is to serve as a guide while you navigate this new and exciting chapter of your life. As a holistic advisor, I will look at all avenues of your life to ensure we are coming up with collaborative solutions that will help you not only develop as a successful student but also a self-assured individual. I am excited to work with you, no matter where you are in the process, and help you reach heightened levels of success.

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Email Nicole DeSorbo

Nicole DeSorbo

Human Biology Advisor

As an academic advisor, my purpose is to support you as you navigate this new stage in your life. I serve as mentor and guide, working with you to identify your passions and achieve your educational, professional, and personal goals.

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Email Sabrina Eames

Sabrina Eames

Academic Advisor

I am here to be your sounding board, confidant, shoulder to cry on, cheerleader, friend, mentor, and whatever else you need while on your journey. College is filled with both triumphs and tribulations; I am here to help you navigate this uncharted territory and to be successful at UAlbany.

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Email Dr. Kathryn Fore

Dr. Kathryn Fore

Honors Advisor

My purpose as an academic advisor is to give students the tools and information they need to set and achieve their academic and personal goals, to encourage a sense of belonging on campus and in their chosen field, and to find their place and sense of purpose at UAlbany and beyond.

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Email Christopher Gebhardt

Christopher Gebhardt

Academic Advisor
Pre-Law Advisor

As an advisor, I think building a relationship is extremely beneficial to helping students. I believe advising to be a critical part of student development, and a significant role in the growth of an individual as they work towards their goals.

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Email Sarah Gelfand

Sarah Gelfand

Academic Advisor

As you walk through your college journey, my goal as your Advisor is to walk with you through all of the highs and all of the lows. I am here to encourage you as you reach new heights and try new things, and work with you through any challenges. Come as you are.

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Email Lorna Hanson

Lorna Hanson

Academic Advisor

For more information about Lorna, please click on the link below!

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Email Kimberly Kerker

Kimberly Kerker

Pre-Health Coordinator

Pre-health advisors work with students to help them understand the requirements of these graduate programs and to explore ways to meet them. The pre-health advisors offer our students individual meetings; weekly walk-in hours; pre-health programming and workshops; and resources on our pre-health website.

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Email Lucas Lavera

Lucas Lavera

Academic Advisor

As an academic advisor, I am here to help you navigate being a college student, to support your goals and aspirations and help you find a way to reach them. When things are not going well, we work together to find ways to solve, improve, or pivot. We work as a team, but I also want you to advocate for yourself, as this will help you grow into your future self.

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Email Bryan Mannarino

Bryan Mannarino

Student-Athlete Academic Advisor

I feel it is important to take a developmental advising approach with a strong emphasis on building a trusting relationship. There can be many barriers to attaining one’s education. Students must feel comfortable sharing their trials and tribulations so that we can partner proactively to overcome those barriers.

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Email Marcelle Martens

Marcelle Martens

Academic Advisor

I’m here to support you, academically and otherwise, and be a resource for you on campus. I’ll be there to help you work through challenges, and celebrate your successes.

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Email John Martinez

John Martinez

Academic Advisor

My approach to advising centers on encouraging personal responsibility and self-reflection. As there is a tremendous variation in how people view the world, my goal is to use differing viewpoints to provide changes to perspective. This can lead to opportunities for personal growth and
higher confidence.

Email Olivia Mihalko

Olivia Mihalko

Academic Advisor

My goal as an academic advisor is to guide and support students throughout their college career. Whether this is through celebrating achievements, overcoming challenges, or exploring new paths, I am here to help them succeed and achieve their goals.

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Email Cirita Moffett Martin

Cirita Moffett Martin

Academic Advisor

Email Joseph Murphy

Joseph Murphy

Honors Advisor

As an Academic Advisor, my goal is to help you navigate your college experience. Through the sharing of life lessons and experiences, while challenging you to expand your thinking beyond your comfort zone, I hope to help you as you
develop into your future self.

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Email Amanda Parker

Amanda Parker

University Tutoring Coordinator

A+ Tutoring and Academic Support is the place to go when you are not sure what you need to be successful. We help connect students to resources they need, and I work specifically with undergraduate peer tutors. If you think you need a tutor, or if you would like to become a tutor, contact me!

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Email Valerie Rivera

Valerie Rivera

Academic Advisor
Pre-Health Advisor

As an advisor, my goal is to provide you with all of the tools you need in order to succeed and reach your goals. I am here to listen and sit with you through the tough times and celebrate through the great ones. You may make some mistakes along the way and that’s okay! Let’s grab a coffee, talk about what did and did not work, and work out a plan to learn and grow!

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Email Matthew Ruiz

Matthew Ruiz

Academic Advisor

I tell students every day that my job is to give them the best possible information that they need to make conscious decisions about their next steps. I often say “you can’t build a house from the 2nd floor down, you have to first establish a strong foundation to build on. That’s why you are here.”

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Email Casey Sheridan-Smith

Casey Sheridan-Smith

Academic Advisor
International Student Specialist

I’m all about trying new things and I encourage my students to try EVERYTHING. If you don’t try things, you’ll never know what you might miss! Adapting can even lead to better things than plans do! I work with my students to find opportunity everywhere, and to not get discouraged when the path doesn’t seem linear. That’s when it’s at its most exciting!

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Email Diana Valdez

Diana Valdez

Academic Advisor

Email Danielle Vassi

Danielle Vassi

Academic Advisor
Pre-Health Advisor

My role as your academic advisor is to support you in recognizing and achieving your goals. Together we will construct an educational plan consistent with your goals that incorporates your interests and strengths.

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Email Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones

Office Manager

What I love most about my job is the day-to-day interaction with students, being a sounding board or just lending an ear to listen. I often share words of wisdom and a good laugh from time to time, which always seems to help alleviate the stress of being a student!

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