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PLANNING.  Regardless of where you are in your academic career when you enter the University, thekey to completing all degree requirements and graduating in a timely manner is planning.   This is crucial for Transfer Students, as it may take longer than you had anticipated. 

Almost all Biology courses have mandatory prerequisites that must be met prior to enrolling in them, and there are no exceptions.  In addition, not all Biology courses are offered every semester.

The Bachelor of Science in Biology is a 66 credit, combined major/minor program; no minor is required. 


To ensure the best possible course access, please complete and submit your educational plan as soon as possible.  The plan IS ONLY A DRAFT.

When creating your educational plan, you should strive for a balance between courses that apply to your major and general education courses or electives.  It will be helpful to you throughout your semesters here at UA if you learn to navigate your degree audit and our online resources now.

First, examine the Bio/BS portion of your degree audit to see what you need.  Be sure to consider course prerequisites.  These are given in course descriptions in the Undergraduate Bulletin.  Ideally, you would choose two or three courses that apply to your major.

Next, examine the general education portion of your degree audit and choose one or two general education courses or elective courses.  You can search for courses by general education category in the schedule of classes. There are drop down menus near the bottom of the page and a box at the very end to "Check if search results should be restricted to courses with open seats".  It does not matter in which order you take general education courses.

Finally, create your educational plan.  IT IS ONLY A DRAFT.   It can (and probably will) be modified throughout the online advisement process.

Your Educational Plan will be reviewed by a member of the Biology faculty, who will contact you by
email with comments and/or questions. 

If you feel that you cannot generate an educational plan, you may register for classes at a transfer
planning conference instead.  Please be aware that on-site registration will take place after a Biology
Q&A session, and that the process may take most of the afternoon.

Check MYUAlbany to find your biology advisor’s name.  You can expect this information to appear before the beginning of your first regular academic year semester at UA.

Course Scheduling

  1. You are advised to complete and submit your Educational Plan as soon as possible, to maximize access to available seats. The plan does not have to be perfect or be the final plan.

  2. Your Educational Plan will be reviewed by a member of the Biology faculty who will contact you by email with comments or questions. When your proposal is approved, you will receive your AVN (Advisement Verification Number). This will allow you access to the registration system to create your fall schedule.


  • Contact Advisement Services Center 518 442-3960 or ITS Help Desk (518 442-3700).


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