Preparing for Medical School

Most Albany students will enter a Doctor of Medicine (MD) or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) programs after graduation.  We recommend that students follow the pre-health curriculum listed on our website.

The following list should serve as a general guideline only since program requirements vary:

Common Course Requirements

General Biology w/labs                                                                       2 semesters
General Chemistry w/labs                                                                   2 semesters
Organic Chemistry w/labs                                                                   2 semesters
Physics w/labs                                                                                     2 semesters
Statistics/Calculus                                                                               1-2 semesters
English Composition                                                                           1-2 semesters

Additional Courses depending on the program:

Cell biology
Psychology, Sociology, and Social Psychology (new section on MCAT 2015)

Common Admissions Requirements:

MCAT test scores are required. (January-July preferred time to take it/Spring before you apply)   
Pre-health Committee interview/evaluation is highly recommended for most medical schools – Review:
4 Letters of recommendation- 3 (two science and one humanities/social science) academic faculty and 1 health-care experience
Minimum GPA of 3.5+
Volunteer/work experience in a health care setting. 

How to Apply:
AMCAS (MD schools) and/or AACOMAS (DO schools) are the central application services.
Application cycle opens in June and end in February. Apply early between June-August
For more information on medical schools: Association of American Medical Colleges view:
For more information on osteopathic schools: American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine view:    

Are you looking for the requirements for our Early Assurance to Albany Medical College MD Program?






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