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New Transfer Student Academic Advisement

3. UAlbany Degree Requirements

Degree Audit Reports (DARS)

Your Degree Audit report will be prepared after the University receives your admission deposit.

These reports are accessed through MyUAlbany. Click for instructions.

Print your DARS and use the following to understand your current status.

Your degree audit report keeps track of all the requirements necessary to complete your degree at UAlbany, and as such is a valuable tool for you throughout your career here.  DARS uses plusses (+) and minuses (-) to indicate whether a particular requirement has been completed (+) or still needs to be satisfied (-). 

Student’s Academic Program
Displays the current information about your major(s) and minor(s).  “Intended” implies that you have not yet been admitted to your major.  All students who have earned less than 24 credits are “Intended”.  Additionally, if your major has admission criteria, you will see “Intended” until you have satisfied these requirements. 

Summary of Transfer Courses

In this section you will see listed the total number of credits being transferred to UAlbany. This will match the number listed on your transfer evaluation report. Credits listed as "in progress" are ones for which Albany has not yet received an official transcript.

Bachelor of Arts/Sciences Requirements

All students must earn 120 credits in order to graduate.  This section calculates your status in terms of number of credits including transfer credits.  The audit will always count any coursework "in progress" as satisfying requirements.  Changes to "in progress" coursework will necessarily change whether requirements have been satisfied.

Current UAlbany Cumulative GPA
Only coursework completed at UAlbany is factored into your grade point average (GPA).  All students are required to earn a minimum of a 2.0 GPA at UAlbany to graduate.

            Liberal Arts and Science classes
Totals your Liberal Arts credits.  Not all classes are designated as Liberal Arts classes.  Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree must complete at least 90 credits of Liberal Arts; students pursuing a Bachelor of Science must complete at least 60 credits of Liberal Arts.  A complete listing of Liberal Arts courses can be found at

Residence Requirement

The General Education Program
The General Education Program at the University at Albany proposes a set of knowledge areas, perspectives, and competencies considered by the University to be central to the intellectual development of every undergraduate. Taken together, the coursework is intended to provide students with a foundation that both prepares them for continued work within their chosen major and minor fields and gives them the intellectual habits that will enable them to become lifelong learners. Courses within the program are designed not only to enhance students’ knowledge, but to provide them as well with new ways of thinking and with the ability to engage in critical analysis and creative activity.

All students are required to complete the requirement for each category listed under the General Education section of the audit.  Transfer courses may be used to satisfy these requirements. Courses offered in a semester that satisfy each category can be identified by using the Schedule of Classes Search.  Each category specifies a credit requirement (3 or 6 credits) or a course requirement (1 course, regardless of how many credits).

**NOTE**  Achieving a score of 85 or higher on the NYS Regents Exams in Math B and/or Foreign Language satisfies the Gen Ed requirements in those areas. Students scoring 85 or higher on the US History Regents exam are able to choose from a broader array of classes to satisfy their US History Gen Ed.  To have your record updated, you will need to arrange to have an official High School Transcript sent to Undergraduate Admissions.

Major Requirement Summary
The total number of credits required to complete the major is listed here.  DARS will also calculate the number of credits you have earned toward the major and indicate how many you still need.

            Major Requirements
Specific requirements for the major are listed here, often grouped in categories.  Each category will indicate either a number of credits or courses needed, and will provide descriptive information as to whether the required classes just need to be at a certain level (400 level or higher) or need to be specific classes.  Plusses and minuses will continue to indicate your progress in satisfying requirements. You are required to earn a 2.0 GPA in your major to graduate.

            Advance Course Level Check
Calculates your status on residency credits. In order to earn a degree from UAlbany, you must take a certain number of classes overall on this campus as well as a certain number of classes in your major and in your minor.  In most majors, the residency requirement is 18 credits.  Additionally, 12 of these 18 credits must be at the upper level (300 or 400 level classes).

Minor Requirement Summary
The total number of credits required to complete the minor is listed here.  DARS will calculate the number of credits you have earned toward the minor and indicate how many you still need. You are required to earn a 2.0 GPA in your minor to graduate.

If you are required to complete a minor in conjunction with your major, but haven’t yet indicated the minor you choose to complete, you will see

Your record will be updated within one week, which will update your DARS.

Courses that are excluded from Graduation Requirements
This section will display courses with grades of W or E, I or Z as well as repeated courses.  Grades in repeated courses are included in GPAs, even though no additional credit is earned for these classes.

Elective Courses
Elective courses are simply courses that do not meet any other graduation requirement in your program.  The credits are important in earning the 120 credits required for graduation.  There is no set number of elective credits required. (NCAA atheletes have a different rule concerning electives. Check with Athletics.)

UAlbany Academic Summary

A semester by semester listing of all the courses you take at UAlbany. 
You will see this if you have taken courses at UAlbany.
From left to right you will see:
the semester in which you took a class,
the course number
the number of credits earned for the class,
the grade earned,
the name of the class.
Additionally, the cumulative GPA is listed, along with each individual semester GPA

Helps to understand the various characters used throughout the DARS audit.