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Women's Health Grand Rounds

This on-going webcast series is sponsored by the School of Public Health in partnership with the New York State Department of Health Bureau of Women's Health. It features clinical experts paired with public health experts to provide continuing medical education on current women's health issues with both clinical and public health significance. These webcasts are available free to a national audience.

  • Currently there are no upcoming webcasts.

Women's Health Grand Rounds is available via live webcasting.

1. How do I register for a WHGR webcast?
On the Upcoming Progams tab on this page - click on the title of the webcast for which you
wish to register. On the next page in the right hand column it will say REGISTER ONLINE.
Click that link and fill out the form. Each registration must have its own
e-mail address.

2. What equipment or programs will I need to view a live webcast?

3. If I can't watch this program live, when and how can I watch it?
We archive all of our live webcasts. The archives are available about 2
weeks after the live program. See the Past Programs tab on this page.
All of our past programs are archived and available here.

You will need RealPlayer to view all archived broadcasts. You can
download a free version of RealPlayer here:,111003r1

4. Can I still watch the webcast in a large conference room?
Yes. If you have a conference room with internet access you can set up a
laptop/computer, LCD and speakers and project the webcast onto a screen.