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Chronological order - From most recent to 2012

Please note that most CE credits are available for 3 years after the live program. LCERPS are only available for 1 year after the live program. The specific expiration dates are listed on each webpage.

Title Date
Climate Smart Communities: Connections with Public Health May 2019
What You Should Know About Adult Immunization Apr. 2019
Raising Community Voices to Reduce Maternal Mortality Mar. 2019
Discussing Return to Community Living: Best Practices for MDS Section Q Mar. 2019
New York State's Public Health Approach to Alzheimer's Disease Feb. 2019
Pharmacists: Indispensable in Managing Chronic Disease Jan. 2019
Title Date
Breast Density and Breast Cancer Risk Dec. 2018
Combating the Opioid Crisis: Addressing Stigma Nov. 2018
Alzheimer's Disease and the Importance of Accurate Death Reporting Oct. 2018
Increasing Skin-To-Skin Contact to Improve Perinatal Outcomes and Breastfeeding Success Aug. 2018
Strategies for Recommending HPV Vaccination for Pre-teen Youth June 2018
New Concussion Guidelines: Implications for Return to School and Sports for School-Aged Youth May 2018
Home Visiting - Your Partner in Helping Families Apr. 2018
Health Literacy: A Tool for Effective Communication and Engagement Mar. 2018
Advance Planning for Independence and Autonomy Feb. 2018
The Importance of Child Passenger Safety Jan. 2018
Title Date
Determining Caregiver Needs and Wellbeing Nov. 2017
The Impact of Social and Cultural Values on Breastfeeding Practice and Strategies to Address Disparities Aug. 2017
Psychiatric Manifestations of Parkinson's Disease and Its TreatmentJul. 2017
Preparing for Extreme Heat in New York StateJun. 2017
Healthy Communities: An Assessment and Implementation Framework to Achieve Inclusion of Persons with DisabilityMar. 2017
The Money Follows the Person Program: Facilitating Return to Community-based Settings Feb. 2017
Clinical and Ethical Indications for Cognitive Impairment Screening in Primary Care Jan. 2017
Title Date
Transitional Care Partnerships: Improved Communication & Care Coordination Across the Healthcare Continuum Dec. 2016
The Clinical and Cultural Challenges of Dementia in African American and Hispanic Communities Nov. 2016
Falls and their Prevention: A Geriatric and Pharmacological Imperative Oct. 2016
Infectious Disease: Recognize and Report! Sep. 2016
Breastfeeding Grand Rounds 2016 - Building a Continuum of Care to Support Exclusive Breastfeeding in New York StateAug. 2016
The Importance of Maternal Immunization Jul. 2016
Preventing Harm: Addressing and Preventing Opioid Addiction and Overdoses May 2016
Saving Lives: How New York State is Increasing Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates Mar. 2016
Hiding in Plain Sight: Finding Patients with Undiagnosed Hypertension Feb. 2016
Parkinson's Disease: The Importance of an Interdisciplinary Approach for Identification, Treatment and Patient Support Jan. 2016
Title Date
Identifying and Assessing Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: Guidelines for EMS and Health Care Providers Dec. 2015
Can We Prevent Infant Sleep Related Deaths? What You Need to Know Nov. 2015
Reaching the Uninsured: Progress and Future of the New York State of Health Marketplace Oct. 2015
Alzheimer's Disease and Advance Directives: A Primer for Primary Care Physicians Sep. 2015
Breastfeeding Grand Rounds: Breastfeeding and the Workplace: Success Takes a Team Aug. 2015
The Changing Face of Long Term Care in NYS Jul. 2015
Pediatric Computed Tomography (CT) Scans, Radiation, and Risks: Having an Informed Dialogue Jun. 2015
Making Fall Prevention Part of Primary Care: Implementing CDC's STEADI Toolkit in a New York State County Health System May 2015
Recognizing and Treating Mild Brain Injury Apr. 2015
Gold STAMP: Pressure Ulcer Reduction in New York State Mar. 2015
Confronting Health Disparities: Obesity and Prevention in African American Communities Feb. 2015
Prediabetes: How Healthcare Providers Can Take Action Jan. 2015
Title Date
Bridging Gaps: The Vital Role of Cultural Competence in Healthcare Dec. 2014
Crossroads: The Built Environment, Health and the New York State Prevention Agenda Nov. 2014
Dental Health in NYS Children: A Way to Keep Kids Smiling Oct. 2014
Kicking Cancer Out of Your Community: Innovative Strategies for Cancer Prevention Sep. 2014
Breastfeeding Grand Rounds: International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes and Promoting and Supporting Exclusive Breastfeeding Aug. 2014
Mental Health and Substance Abuse: Connecting the Dots Jul. 2014
Work Related Asthma: Recognition and Diagnosis Jun. 2014
Mental Health in NYS: Changes & Challenges for Public Health May 2014
Comprehensive School Physical Activity Programs: Enhancing Student Health and Academic Performance Mar. 2014
School Meals: An Integral Part of the School Day Jan. 2014
Title Date
Human Trafficking: A PH Perspective on a Human Rights Issue Nov. 2013
Collecting the Data: First Steps in Achieving Health Equity Oct. 2013
Prescription for Radon Sep. 2013
Teens & Taboo: A Look at STI's Aug. 2013
Breastfeeding Grand Rounds: It Takes A Village: Promoting Breastfeeding at the Community Level  Aug. 2013
Extreme Weather, Climate & Health Jul. 2013
Ethics in Public Health Jun. 2013
iChoose 600: Helping People Order Fewer Calories at Fast Food Chains Apr. 2013
Prevention Agenda 2013 Mar. 2013
Sodium Savvy - Salient Public Health Solutions Mar. 2013
American Indian Public Health Disparities Feb. 2013
Sugary Drinks: Why the Fuss & What You Can Do Jan. 2013
Title Date
Breaking the Fall: Community Injury Prevention Strategies for Older Adults Nov. 2012
Implementing the Affordable Health Care Act & Public Health in NYS Oct. 2012
Breastfeeding Grand Rounds: Paid Family Leave: Essential for Successful Breastfeeding and Coalition Building 101 Aug. 2012
Social Media & Public Health July 2012
Dementia Update June 2012
HIV Testing Update May 2012