NoGravity Theatre - Feb. 9 at The Egg

an overhead shot of dancers in nude costumes shows them connected by hands with arms overhead and legs in splits with ankles overlapping

Prime Performance - Friday, February 9, 2024 at 8pm
Please note:
This performance takes place at The Egg

From Hell to Paradise is a multidisciplinary performance created by Emiliano Pellisari, director of this sensational Italian company.  Inspired by the extraordinary mechanics of Renaissance and Baroque theatre, the combination of beauty, dream, marvel, illusion and humor creates an environment where bodies effortlessly move across different planes, seemingly floating, flying in a world where gravity no longer exists.

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Presented in partnership with The Egg as part of the Dance in Albany series. Support provided by Executive Park at 4 Tower Place in Albany.

NoGravity is an Italian performing arts company directed by the multidisciplinary artist Emiliano Pellisari and dancer Mariana Porceddu who aim to push the boundaries between art forms. Its style is inspired by the extraordinary artistry of the Italian Renaissance and Baroque art with a focus on the theater of wonder. Beauty, dream, illusion and fun are the keys to NoGravity's poetics.

Pellisari’s style derives from studies which run the gamut from Hellenistic theatre to the extraordinary theatre of the Renaissance and the mechanical inventions of the seventeenth century. It readopts the grand Baroque Italian tradition of the theatre of marvels: a time when the artist’s studios, which emerged in Italian cities such as Florence, Rome or Milan, designed and built extraordinary apparatuses that were masterfully applied by the great Italian artist-artisans in their mise-en-scenes to enchant the courts of whole Europe. 

In 2006, Resto del Carlino proclaimed that Pellisari “is not a simple choreographer. Maybe it is better to define him as an architect of the human body.”

The company will present From Hell to Paradise. Pellisari depicts Dante’s journey through the three Christian realms: Hell, Purgatory and Paradise. In his conception of the work, the dancers, acrobats and actors make this recreation of Dante’s journey completely credible. They create an environment where bodies effortlessly move across different planes, seemingly floating, flying in a world where gravity no longer exists. 

A description of the show in La Republicca states, “Six acrobatic dancers apparently free from the weight of gravity, fly, hang, jump vertically; drop themselves into the void, take up again from top, cuddle, play and dance as if floating in a deep space.”

Prior to the performance, there will be a Prelude talk sponsored by the Dance Alliance that begins at 7:15pm at The Egg.