Project-based Learning Network

Connecting faculty and external partners, and empowering students to apply course concepts in industry aligned projects. 

What is project-based learning? 

Project-based learning allows students to apply course concepts to hands on projects and to build skills they’ll need to succeed in the future. 

UAlbany has partnered with virtual project-based learning platform Riipen to help instructors connect with regional, national and international external partners and integrate relevant projects into their syllabi. 

Any course in any discipline— whether virtual or in-person, undergraduate or graduate — can use the platform. All projects are created and delivered in conjunction with an external partner. Examples include: 

  • MBA students could work with a technology company to create and manage a Google Analytics account. 
  • Undergraduate communication students could work with a financial services firm to conduct an internal communication audit. 
  • Graduate and undergraduate education students could work with a youth enrichment center to develop a career readiness guide.  


Three students and a farmer walk up a hilly access road on a local farm during a service learning project.


How to Use the Riipen Platform

Riipen allows instructors to post an idea to attract companies and to look at projects for which companies are recruiting.

Using the platform is easy: 

  1. Contact the Minerva Center at [email protected] to discuss ways to integrate an industry-aligned project into your course.
  2. The Minerva Center will grant you access to Riipen and provide instructions for creating and using your account.
  3. Invite your students to the Riipen platform so they can engage in the project. Students must be registered with the Riipen platform at the start of the semester to participate in a project.  

The Riipen platform allows you to oversee the project and track progress toward meeting the course learning objectives you've set, while students benefit from an integrated hands-on learning experience.