Podcasts about Surviving in College

The audio podcasts listed below have been written for students by students.

If you would like to talk further about any of the podcast topics, please call the Middle Earth Hotline at 518-442-5777. The hotline is open Mon-Fri 1 pm to midnight and continuously Fri 1 pm- Sun midnight when classes are in session. Services are free and confidential.

Section 1: Talk to Me About Academic Success

How Should I Manage My Time?

How Can I Beat College Stress?

How Can I Be Less Anxious About Exams?

Career Planning Beginning

Career Planning Middle

Career Planning Final

Section II: Talk to Me About Helping Myself

How Can I Accept Myself?

How Can I Manage My Anxiety?

How Can I Manage My Anger?

How Can I Assert Myself?

What is Depression?

Why Do People Seek Counseling?

Could I Be Avoiding Counseling?

How Can I Help a Friend Who Has a Problem?

How Do I Deal With Loneliness?

How Can I Recognize Feelings of Loss?

Could My Friend Be Suicidal?

How Can I Help a Friend Who Is Thinking About Suicide?

Section III: Talk to Me About Relationships

How Can I Handle a Relationship Break Up?

How Can I Say No?