Hand Deliveries

Mail Services offers hand delivery service for time-sensitive items that are to be delivered to other state agencies and approved campus locations. Items such as contracts and payroll registers are the items most commonly handled.

Hand deliveries will be picked up with the regular mail pick-up. A "Hand Carry Authorization Slip" must be attached to each item requiring delivery. Mail that can be handled through regular interagency mail should not be tagged for hand delivery.

Delivery of hand carry items will occur on Tuesday and Thursday only. Hand carry items can be accommodated if received in Mail Services by 1:00 PM of either day. Requests received after the deadline will be processed on the next scheduled day. Special hand delivery or pickups that must occur on alternate days will have to be handled by the departments themselves, or commercial courier services may be used.

If you wish to obtain a supply of hand carry authorization slips click here to view and print form.