Award Winners 2009


Louise C. and Earl M. Applegate Award ($500)

Nicole MacFarland
Nicole MacFarland is a doctoral student at the School of Social Welfare. She will present findings of a pilot study on her dissertation research topic, geriatric addictions, at the 2009 Council of Social Work Education Conference.

Barlow Family Award ($500)

Nina Fei Yang
Nina Fei Yang is a graduate student in the Women’s Studies Department M.A. Program. This funding will defray the travel and research costs associated with work on her thesis, “A Comparative Study on Battered Women Who Kill and Legal Responses to them in the United States and China.”


Christine E. Bose and Edna Acosta-Belen IFW Feminist Research Award ($500)

Sarah Taylor
Sarah Taylor is a doctoral student in the Department of Anthropology. Her research is centered on a Mayan village in Yucatan, Mexico where she is examining the social and economic changes occurring since the opening of a nearby archeological zone and the subsequent implementation of a community-based tourism project in 2001.   

Karen R. Hitchcock New Frontiers Fund

Susan Appe
Susan Appe ($500) will use her IFW funding to support preliminary dissertation research on the growing role of women’s organizations as a subset of civil society organizations in developing and transitional countries. This summer, she will conduct on-site research in Ecuador and Colombia.

Binahayati Binahayati
Binahayati Binahayati ($500) is a doctoral student at the School of Social Welfare. Her award will provide travel support to work on her dissertation which is based on inter-organizational relations among Indonesian Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) which provide services to victims of domestic violence and human trafficking.

Jill DelTosta
Jill DelTosta ($222) will use IFW funds to attend and present her research, ‘state of the art’ clinical supervision, at the International Interdisciplinary Conference on Clinical Supervision. Ms. DelTosta is a Counseling Psychology doctoral student.

Ilona Flores
Ilona Flores ($500) is currently a Ph.D. student in cultural anthropology. She will use her award to offset costs associated with a year-long field project in Nicaragua.  Her research focuses on the effects of recent anti-abortion legislation on women’s reproductive experience in Nicaragua.

Laura Milanés
Laura Milanés ($500) doctoral student in the department of Sociology, will use this award to attend the Business History Conference. She will present a paper exploring, from a sociological perspective, how business historians have theorized the role of the media (or lack of) on the field of large U.S. corporations in 1980s-2000s. This paper is motivated by and linked to her Master’s thesis on gender and the representation of business leaders in the U.S. press.

Jacqueline Villarrubia-Mendoza
Jacqueline Villarrubia-Mendoza ($1000), a doctoral candidate in the Department of Sociology, will participate in the Latin American Studies Association Congress. She will present a paper entitled,” Exploring Differential Dynamics of Hispanic Residential Incorporation in New Destinations: A Comparison between the Hudson Valley and New York City.” This research focuses on the settlement patterns and residential incorporation of Hispanic immigrants in the Hudson Valley region and how incorporation varies by gender.

Young Ah You
Young Ah You ($500) is currently working on her Ph.D. in the Department of Public Administration and Policy. This IFW award will provide assistance to attend Kansas University Summer Institute in Statistics’ course, “Social Network Dynamics.”

Initiatives For Women Endowment Award

Heidi Bonner
Heidi Bonner ($240) will use this financial assistance to purchase NVivo software to support the analysis of qualitative data from the Project on Policing Neighborhoods. Ms. Bonner is a doctoral student at the School of Criminal Justice.

Jennifer Courtney
Jennifer Courtney ($500) is a Ph.D. student at the School of Social Welfare. Her award will help with costs associated with her doctoral research. Her dissertation goals are to further develop and evaluate an intervention program for family members of veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to enhance empathy and support for their veteran.


The Susan Van Horn-Shipherd '64 Women in Science Scholarship

Melanie Shoup
Melanie Shoup ($500) will use her scholarship to purchase supplies to support her dissertation research and offset travel costs to present findings from her study, “Female Olfactory-Based Mate Choice.”


General Awards

Hillary Closs
Hillary Closs ($500) is an undergraduate majoring in social work. Her goal is to earn a Master’s degree in Social Welfare, once she has completed her current studies. This scholarship will help to defray her undergraduate tuition costs.

Vanessa DeYulius
Vanessa DelYulius ($500) is Master’s student at the School of Public Health. She is currently participating in the PeerCorps internship program in Tanzania, Africa. Her IFW award will be used to support this endeavor.  

Mara Drogan
Mara Drogan ($500) plans on using her IFW award to assist with her doctoral dissertation research at the Legislative Archives, Washington, D.C. and the Mudd Library, Princeton, New Jersey. Ms. Drogan is a Ph.D. student in the Department of History and her dissertation is entitled, “Atoms for Peace, U.S. Foreign Policy, and the Globalization of Nuclear Technology, 1955-1960.”

Cecilia Ferradino
Cecilia Ferradino ($500) is a doctoral student in the Department of Political Science. She will use her award for travel costs associated with her dissertation research project, “American Women Veterans, Institutions, and Identity.”

AeLy Park
AeLy Park ($500), a student at the School of Social Welfare’s doctoral program, will attend an ICPSR summer program for additional quantitative training. This instruction will allow her to utilize more sophisticated statistical modeling applications in her dissertation on intergenerational transmission of intimate partner violence.

Miseung Shim
Miseung Shim ($500) is a doctoral candidate at the School of Social Welfare. She will use the award for her travel costs to advance her dissertation research on the effects of organizational culture and climate on public child welfare workers’ retention.

Lei Wu
Lei Wu ($500) will use her IFW funding for project which is tentatively entitled, “Welfare Recipient’s Attitudes toward Their Employment Programs and factors Influencing Their Attitudes.”  Ms. Wu is a Ph.D. candidate at the School of Social Welfare.

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