Award Winners 2000

Presidential Awards (5 at $1,000 each)

Belle Gironda 
Assistant Director of Instructional Development in the University's Center for Excellence and Teaching and a published multimedia poet, Dr. Gironda is also a single mother of two children who recently completed her Ph.D. in English at the University. The award will cover airfare to England to present a paper at Incubation: The TrAce International Conference on Writing and the Internet, at Trent -Nottingham University. She will also give a poetry reading in London, right before the conference, on July 4, as part of the Subvoicive reading series in London.

Grace Mose 
A Kenyan student in the D.A. program in Humanistic Studies program. Her primary field of study is women's studies; her secondary field is anthropology. Her dissertation research is on Female Genital Mutilation practices of the Kisii community of Kenya. This award will cover travel expenses and research materials for this project. Not only is this Ms. Mose's dissertation research, she will use this research to develop an eradication and intervention strategy to present to the Kenyan government.

Librada Pimentel-Brown 
Office Administrator for the Department of Latin American and Caribbean Studies since 1984, Ms Pimentel-Brown has a strong record of professional success and university service. Now that her daughter has completed her undergraduate degree, Ms Pimentel-Brown has returned to school at Empire State College with plans to change careers in higher education. Her degree will be in Educational Studies. The award will help cover tuition and related expenses.

Judy Postmus 
A Ph.D. student in Social Welfare, Ms Postmus' dissertation research focuses on the effects of welfare reform on victims of domestic violence. She is examining why domestic violence victims on welfare choose not to identify themselves as such and not to seek additional assistance that is available to them. This award will support her dissertation research.

Sarah Sobieraj 
A former Vista volunteer and a current Ph.D. Student in Sociology, Ms Sobieraj has an excellent academic record. Her research focuses on how voluntary associations and their volunteers utilize national campaigns to maximize their effectiveness and create lasting social change. Ms. Sobieraj will use this award for travel related expenses of her dissertation research.

Endowed Gifts

The Lillian Barlow Initiatives For Women Award ($500) 
Jenny Wistedt 
MFA student studying painting. Her paintings address the female body and how it is perceived - not only by others, but also by women themselves. This award will cover the cost of materials for her MFA thesis project.

The Christine E. Bose and Edna Acosta-Belen IFW Feminist Research Award ($500) 
Harry Ann Pearce 
A Ph.D. student in Sociology who is also a single mother and a returning student. Her dissertation research studies the relationship between mainstream American corporations and the gay and lesbian community, made visible in the form of a gay consumer marketplace. This award supports the costs of her research.

The Gloria R. DeSole Fund for IFW ($500) 
Stephanie Madnick 
A staff member of the Department of Residential Life and a Ph.D. student in History. Ms Madnick is doing research is on the local history of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community in Albany, focussing on politics and the shaping of public policy as it related to this community. This award will help to fund the cost of oral history narratives on community leaders.

The Judy L. Genshaft IFW Award ($500 + $500 from the General Fund) 
Maritza Martinez 
Assistant Dean of the Office of Academic Support Services/Educational Opportunities Program. Ms. Martinez is a Latina and the head of household with three children. She has a stellar professional reputation on campus and a strong record of university service. Ms. Martinez will use her award toward the costs of a two-week managerial training course at Harvard in June 2001.

The Bernice Mosbey Peebles '39 Scholarship Award ($500) 
Tamara Stovall 
An African-American undergraduate junior majoring in history. Ms Stovall was recently admitted into the highly competitive undergraduate Teacher Education program. She will use this award for tuition and related expenses.

The Susan VanHorn-Shipherd '64 Women in Science Scholarship ($500) 
Karin Ford 
A single mother of four children, Ms Ford returned to school and is majoring in Biology. She is planning on a career as a science teacher. Ms Ford will use her award for summer school tuition and childcare.

Named Awards

The IFW Fine Art Scholarship Award ($500) 
Jessica Morrison 
An undergraduate art student studying printmaking. She is planning to be an art teacher. She will use this award for materials for her summer and fall art classes.

Patrick A. Foti Award in Memory of R. Thomas Flemming ($500) 
Sarah McClean 
A Ph.D. student in Criminal Justice. Ms McClean's dissertation research studies the judicial decisions in the processing or adjudication of misdemeanor domestic violence cases, mainly how the judge's personal opinions, prejudices and orientation affect the decisions made on the bench. This award supports costs related to this research.

The Gladys and David Groudine IFW Award ($500) 
Constance Spohn 
Director of the University's Two-Year College Development Center and Ed.D. student in Educational Administration. She is a non-traditionally aged graduate student who has worked at the University since 1992. This award will help to defray research-related expenses of her dissertation.

Anne Gustin Scholarship for Women in Law and Government ($250 + $250 from the General Fund) 
Rochelle Haynes 
African-American undergraduate, majoring in political science, and minoring in English and history. She plans to go to law school and then on to a career in public service and political office. Her campus service record includes Director of Women Empowerment for Excellence and mentor in the Leadership Development Institute. Ms. Haynes will use this award to for a LSAT prep course.

John S. Levato Award in Memory of Jennine O'Reilly-Conway '88 ($500) 
Kimberly McClive 
Ph.D. student in Social/Personality Psychology program, studying how emotional vulnerability impacts people's intentions to reduce their exposure to health risks like sexually transmitted diseases. Ms. McClive is an older graduate student who was able to realize her long-term dream of doctoral study after separating from her former husband. She has developed a repetitive strain injury in her hands, an injury that is impeding her progress in her Ph.D. program. This award will help her purchase voice recognition software and a laptop computer.

John S. Levato Award in Memory of Lai Wah Kui '97 ($500) 
Wendy Gobeil-St. Pierre 
A Ph.D. student in Social Welfare who is completing her dissertation from a distance; she had to return home to Maine for family responsibilities. Her dissertation research studies the verbal and nonverbal interactions between people with Alzheimer's disease and their family and friends. She hopes to correct misconceptions about the cognitive awareness of those with the disease and to provide better communication methods for their caregivers. This award will support the costs of this research.

The Secretarial-Clerical Council IFW Award ($250 + $250 from the General Fund) 
Marina Taylor
Senior Administrative Assistant in the Professional Development Program and a undergraduate majoring in Sociology. A woman of color, Ms. Taylor has returned to school at a non-traditional age to complete her bachelor's degree. She has worked at the University since 1985, when she started as a keyboard specialist. This award will help Ms. Taylor purchase a personal computer for her class assignments.

The Lena Tucker IFW Memorial Award ($500) 
Ozioma Egwuonwu 
Undergraduate woman of color born in Nigeria. She is pursuing double majors in English and Communication. Ultimately she is planning to pursue a career in a law-related field. This award will help cover the cost of an LSAT preparation course.

General Awards

Nancy Belowich-Negron ($500) 
Director of Disabled Students Services and Chair of the Campus Affiliate of National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI).. This award will help send two women from this campus to the next NCBI Empowerment Retreat for Women.

Judeen Byrne ($500) 
A graduate student in the Master of Public Administration program. She is returning to school after raising three daughters and moving her family according to the structure of her former husband's military career. She finished her bachelor's degree in 1999 and began the M.P.A. program at a nontraditional age. Ms. Byrne will use this award towards tuition for a summer class.

Elizabeth Campisi ($500) 
A Ph.D. student in Anthropology. Her dissertation research is an extension of the experience she had working for the Justice Department's Community Relations Service at the U.S. Naval Base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. She will study the Cuban rafters, the balseros, their experiences in the camps and their adjustment to the U.S. culture.

Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning ($900)
This award supports the initial development of the Ariadne Project, an initiative designed to enhance and strengthen the community of University women interested in and involved with information technologies.

Tracy Chance ($500) 
An African-American undergraduate student who is in the combined "3+3" program with Albany Law School. She was also in the first class of students to participate in Project Renaissance. She will use this award for tuition and related expenses.

Michele Guzman ($500) 
A Ph.D. student in Counseling. A Latina with an excellent academic record, she is studying how ethnic identity and cultural scripts may play a role in the attitude Mexican-Americans have toward education. She will use this award toward the costs involved with dissertation research.

Jennifer Hays ($500) 
A Ph.D. student in Anthropology who is studying the indigenous people of Southern Africa, the San, in the education systems of that region. She will apply this award toward airfare to Namibia.

Danielle Kassow ($200) 
A Ph.D. student in the Division of Educational Psychology and Methodology. Her dissertation research, The Development Patterns of Young Girls' Body Image and Its Relationship to the Media, explores societal standards for female "thinness" and "beauty." She will use this award for research-related materials.

Jennifer Keys ($500) 
A Ph.D. student in Sociology. Her dissertation research is on the "feeling rules" which govern the abortion process for women who choose to terminate a pregnancy. She will use this award to defray summer living expenses normally covered by a summer job while she completes research on a full time basis.

Kristen Knutson ($500) 
A Ph.D. student in Anthropology. An excellent student who, before beginning her graduate work at Albany, worked as a secretary to the Chair of a Neurobiology and Physiology Department. She will use this award for tuition and books.

Julia Monokova ($500) 
An international Ph.D. student in Public Administration from Ukraine. Her dissertation research examines the intersection of public policy and organizational theory. She will use this award toward the cost of her data sets.

Julie Osland ($355) 
A fourth year Ph.D. student in Social Psychology, she will be presenting a poster presentation of her research, "Anger, Hostility, and Gender Roles: Exploring Links to Attachment and Sexual Coercion," at the American Psychological Society Conference in June. This award will pay for her airfare to the conference.

Josephine Ravida ($500) 
On the support staff as a Secretary I in Human Resources Management for 9 years, Ms. Ravida is pursuing a B.S. degree in Psychology, after 33 years of government service. Funding will help her purchase a personal computer to complete her class assignments.

Rosann Santos ($500) 
A Ph.D. student in History and a Latina. Her dissertation research studies gender and education, and imperialism in Cuba during the first U.S. occupation (1898-1902). She will use this award towards housing expenses during her research trip to Cuba.

Edie Watson ($500) 
A graduate student working on the M.S. program in Special Education and the M.S. program in Reading. An excellent student with 4.0 GPA, she will use this award for tuition and related expenses.

Support Her Dreams Award

Katea Dale 
A 25-year-old graduate student working on two master's programs in Special Education and Reading, Ms Dale is also the legal guardian of her five youngest siblings and head of a household of seven. In appreciation of Ms Dale's determination and sacrifice, and in celebration of Ms Dale's success in keeping her family together, this special IFW Support Her Dreams Award supports Katea's dreams of finishing her studies and becoming a teacher.

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