Social Welfare Joint M.S.W. (Direct Practice Concentration) and Master of Science in Bioethics - Albany Medical College and Clarkson University Capital Region Campus

 Admissions to this program have been suspended effective July 2020. 

This dual masters-level program provides students the opportunity to combine a Master of Social Work (with a Direct Practice concentration) offered by the University at Albany with a Master of Science in Bioethics offered by the Center for Medical Ethics at Albany Medical College and the Center for Bioethics and Clinical Leadership of Clarkson University Capital Region Campus. This unique combination gives bioethics a strong clinical application and social workers the in-depth education needed to make informed decisions and the credentials needed to become leaders in bioethics in health care.

The dual jointly registered degree program requires completion of 88 credits. Students take 16 of the 19 courses required of the M.S.W. degree (51 credits) and 11 of the 12 required M.S. Bioethics degree (37 credits). Both degrees count courses in the other program as meeting elective courses. Students attend the University at Albany campus for the social work courses. Most Bioethics courses will be offered online (with some on-site options) and three intensive sessions are to be attended in person on the Albany Medical College campus. This program is a Council on Social Work Education accredited M.S.W. program under the School of Social Welfare’s current accreditation.

Applicants to the dual program must submit a complete application package and application fee to both the University at Albany and Albany Medical College/Clarkson University Capital Region Campus. Students must be accepted through the admissions process set forth by each program and must be eligible to matriculate in both programs. Admission into one program does not guarantee admission into the other program.

Master of Social Work and Master of Science in Bioethics – 88 Credits

Social Work Courses (Albany) – 51 credits

Ssw 600 Social Welfare Policy Practice
Ssw 610 Human Behavior and Social Environment I
Ssw 611 Human Behavior and Social Environment II
Ssw 620 Micro Practice in Social Work I
Ssw 621 Micro Practice in Social Work II
Ssw 630 Macro Practice in Social Work I
Ssw 631 Macro Practice in Social Work II
Ssw 650 Field Instruction I
Ssw 651 Field Instruction II
Ssw 660 Introductory Research Methodology
Ssw 661 Evaluation of Clinical Practice OR Ssw 665 Research Methods in Social Work Management
Ssw 752 Field Instruction III
Ssw 753 Field Instruction IV
Ssw 7xx Advanced Practice (2 courses)
Ssw 7xx Advanced Behavior (1 course)

Bioethics Courses (Albany Medical College and Clarkson University Capital Region Campus) - 37 credits

Med 202 Clinical Ethics
Med 206 Research Ethics: Scientific Integrity
Med 246 Proseminar in Health and Human Values
Med 274 Biomedical Ethics
Med 281 Health Care Policy
Med 284 Bioethics and the Law
Med 301 Practicum I – Clinical Ethics
Med 302 Practicum II – Online Practicum
Med 391 Masters Project I
Med 392 Masters Project II
Med 399 Capstone in Clinical Ethics

Please note: This program requires an internship, field experience, study abroad component, or clinical experience requirement. Students who have previously been convicted of a felony are advised that their prior criminal history may impede their ability to complete the requirements of certain academic programs and/or to meet licensure requirements for certain professions. If you have concerns about this matter please contact the Dean’s Office of your intended academic program.

This program is approved for licensure or certification in New York State and the institution has not made a determination regarding the educational requirements for any other state.