Public Policy Courses

Pub 597 (Pos 597) The Politics of Economic Integration (4)
Examines the political origins and thrusts of the Common Market, integration and imperialist strategies pursued by nation states. Case studies of integration and/or disintegration include the political development of Germany, the USA, EEC, and COMECON.

Pub 598 (Pos 598) Defense Policy and National Security (4)
Defense policies and decision makers' conceptions of national security. Focuses on main international actors of the twentieth century; emphasizes economic and strategic considerations in defense policy making in World Wars I and II and the postwar era.

Pub 601 (Hpm 601) Workshop in Public Health (3)
Students work in teams on selected health policy problems that draw upon the analytic and management skills learned in other courses. Topics address health and environmental/occupational health. Prerequisite(s): Completion of other core courses.

Pub 698 Master's Essay in Public Affairs and Policy (4)
Required of all students receiving the M.A. in public affairs and policy.