Geospatial Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics Graduate Certificate

The title of this Graduate Certificate program was Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Analysis prior to Fall 2023.

The purpose of the graduate certificate program is to provide graduate students in various disciplines, and continuing students working in government and private agencies, with professional and technical training in Geographic Information Systems and in associated techniques of spatial analysis. A Geographic Information System is a computer-based system for handling spatially structured information, with facilities for processing, retrieval and display (including maps, imagery and other graphics). The disciplines of automated cartography, remote sensing and computer graphics are closely linked in the study of GIS. Various quantitative techniques of spatial analysis are used in bringing GIS products to bear on a wide range of problems, which include analysis of satellite imagery for applications in resource management, agriculture, forestry, and urban planning; land use mapping; computer map analysis and graphics; market area analysis; display of socio-economic data; and a host of other applications ranging from archeology to the analysis of acid rain.

The program requires 15 credit hours of graduate coursework. There is leeway for students to pursue their own professional and academic interests, under advisement.

Requirements for Admission to the Certificate Program

The general University requirements for admission to graduate study apply. In addition, students should demonstrate through their academic or professional records some background or interest in one of the substantive areas in which GIS are applied. Such fields include most social and environmental sciences, business, and urban and regional planning. Some experience with computers is highly desirable.

Required Courses (15 credits)

  • Gog 502/Pln 504 Statistical Methods (3)
  • Gog 596/Pln 556 Geographic Information Systems (3)
  • Gog 585/Pln 553 Remote Sensing II (3)
  • Gog 590 Advanced Cartography (3)
  • Gog 692/Pln 656 Seminar in Geographic Information Systems (3)

One course may be substituted for Gog 585 or Gog 590 with the approval of the Certificate Program Supervisory Committee.