Geographic Information Science Master of Science Degree Program

The Master of Science in Geographic Information Science prepares students for careers in a wide range of social and environmental application areas that make use of the technologies and methodologies of spatial analysis and mapping.

Program of Study (36 credits)

Core Courses (18 credits):

  • A Gog 529 - Spatial Statistics
  • A Gog 584 - Remote Sensing I
  • A Gog 585 - Remote Sensing II
  • A Gog 590 - Advanced Cartography
  • A Gog 597 - Advanced GIS
  • A Gog 692 - Seminar in Geographic Information Systems

Capstone Course (3 credits):

  • A Gog 592 - GIS Project Development

Elective Courses (15 credits):

  • A Gog 501 - Research Design
  • A Gog 518 - Ecological Modeling
  • A Gog 522 - GIS for Social Sciences
  • A Gog 524 - Landscape Ecology
  • A Gog 579 - Fundamentals of Applied Global Positioning Systems
  • A Gog 685 - Seminar in Remote Sensing of the Environment
  • A Gog 695 - Graduate Internship in Geography
  • A Gog 697 - Independent Study in Geography
  • H Ehs 612 - Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Public Health

Please note: This program offers an internship, field experience, study abroad component, or clinical experience in the course listing as an option to fulfill course requirements. Students who have previously been convicted of a felony are advised that their prior criminal history may impede their ability to complete the requirements of certain academic programs and/or to meet licensure requirements for certain professions. If you have concerns about this matter please contact the Dean’s Office of your intended academic program.