Educational and Social Thought Courses

The following courses provide direct support to doctoral, certificate, and master's programs in education and to programs in the arts and sciences colleges and to programs in other professional schools of the University.

Courses in the Sociology of Education

E Soc 631 (E Aps 604, A Soc 604) Macrosociology of Education and Educational Leadership

The leadership of schools and school systems from the perspective of sociology. The relationships between education and other societal subsystems are treated in historical and comparative perspective. Particular attention is given to the nexus between schools, the economy, the polity, and systems of social stratification.

E Soc 632 (E Aps 605, A Soc 603) Microsociology of Education and Educational Leadership (3)

Concepts and theories from sociology and social psychology selected for their relevance to organizational behavior. Stresses the relations between research findings and application to organizational problems. Topics include individual differences, attitude formation and change, perception, motivation, influence processes, and group formation as they affect both individuals and educational organizations.

E Soc 697 Independent Study in Society and Education (2-6)

E Soc 782 Ethnicity and Education (3)

Analysis of integration of American minority groups. Special attention is given to the concepts of race, religion, and nationality. Emphasis is on how ethnicity affects and is affected by education and schooling. Prerequisite(s): Soc 631 or consent of department.

E Soc 890 Research and Independent Study in Sociology and Education (2-6)

Designed to meet the needs of students in the advanced program. Prerequisite: consent of department.

E Soc 895 (E Est 895) Internship (4-8)