Counseling Psychology Graduate Program Curricula

Graduate programs in the division provide study leading to doctoral and master's degrees and to the Certificate of Advanced Study. A fundamental mission of all our programs is to promote and value diversity. This is found in the many opportunities our students have to explore issues of human diversity (race, ethnicity, culture, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, disability, etc.), to learn a variety of theoretical approaches to counseling, to study with a multicultural array of students and faculty, to work with a range of client populations, and to practice in multiple work settings. A common link across our master's and doctoral training programs is a commitment to excellence. Our graduate students work in countless agencies and schools throughout the local communities, contributing valuable new ideas and assistance to students, clients, and organizations. Additional information about the division and the degree programs is available on the web at

Students entering the following Counseling Psychology degree programs are expected to adhere to the School of Education's Standards of Student Professional Conduct.  

Doctoral Program:

Masters Programs: