University at Albany
Campus Crunch


The New York Campus Crunch is a state-wide celebration of local food on college campuses. Students, faculty and staff across New York State will take a bite out of a New York State-grown apple to affirm their commitment to food that is healthy for people and the planet. Help us get as many New York campuses involved in this annual event to celebrate our state’s agriculture!

The Crunch:

Campuses across New York State will be taking the crunch throughout October, but the official crunch will take place virtually in honor of food day on Friday October 29th at 1:00PM in the CC Multi-Purpose Room or join via Zoom. All you need to do is register!

Did you know?

New York is the second largest apple producing state in the US, averaging 29.5 million bushels annually that include 19 of the most popular varieties.

Apple Bite