The Office of Sustainability

As a public higher education institution, the University at Albany has both an obligation and an opportunity to be a leader in sustainability. Our institution can and should serve as a model for other colleges and universities as well as for our own students and the community around us.

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  • Office Composting Program

    Are you part of an on campus office? Are you interested in being part of the office composting program? Contact [email protected] to get more information or to get involved

  • Sustainability Courses

    Our office provides a database of courses that have a sustainability element which students can browse prior to making their course selections. Click above to check out our course listing page for sustainbility courses offered this summer and in the Fall 2022 Semester!

  • Terra Awards

    Every semester we look to celebrate individuals who excel in sustainability! Click above to learn more about the award that is given to our faculty, students, and staff members - you can also view the achievements of past winners!

  • Green Workspace Challenge

    Think your UAlbany office is green? Earn an eco-certification by enrolling in the Green Workspace Challenge! Click here to fill out the Self-Assessment Sheet to start your path to Green Workspace certification.

  • Office Composting Program

    Are you part of an on campus office? Are you interested in being part of the office composting program? Contact [email protected] to get more information or to get involved.

  • Zipcar on Campus!

    Reserve, unlock, and go with Zipcar, our car sharing service! Student organization leaders can now sign-up for free!


  • Sustainability Dashboard

    Check out the latest infromation about what we are doing at UAlbany to be more Sustainable!



Sarah Zahler

Sara Zahler is an Assistant Professor of Hispanic and Italian studies within the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures. Her nomination for the Terra this semester stems from her engagement with students inside and outside the classroom. A transaction she made at a campus center venue where she opted for no lid on her food, no receipt, and brought her own bottle left students and workers in awe. This sparked action of the owner of the restaurant to plan to reduce plastic waste. Her daily actions set the stage for what it truly means to lead by example.


Meghan Popcun

Meghan has been an active and contributing member of the coordinators group faithfully attending meetings and adding great insight to the sustainability movement. This semester she agreed to join the Climate Action and Sustainability Plan Steering Committee and is heading the Engagement and Planning group. She has done a wonderful job managing the various departments and initiatives within this topic. We are lucky to have her leadership, drive and dedication on this project which will reap many rewards for the campus.


Grace McGrath

Grace is a strong force in the office as the lead on our weekly sustainability blog. This semester she has made strides in reducing the amount of plastic being used on campus. After meeting with multiple administrators, and University leadership she has presented student government resolutions on the banning of plastic materials on campus. Grace is a dedicated student leader with a passion that inspires many community members to take action.