Student Organizations

CPSP student organizations must certify each fall semester.  For the Fall 20 semester, Community Service Chairs must reach out to the Director, Sheri Stevens, ([email protected]) to set up a time to discuss potential partnership during the pandemic.  

How to Certify with the CPSP:

Student organizations wishing to allow their members to earn credit(s) for the community service that they perform with the student organization must certify with the Community and Public Service Program (CPSP) before students can register for the RSSW courses. Organizations that are certifying for the first time must also complete the New Organization Application
• Student organization partners must have a dedicated e-board level member designated as “Community Service Chair” who will be the primary CPSP contact.
• The organization must submit a Service Plan that demonstrates a sufficient number of service events planned to meet the RSSW commitment - a minimum of 50 hours for RSSW 190, 75 hours for RSSW 291 and 130 hours for RSSW 290/390. This plan should be submitted on the Schedule of Service form.
• Service hours must be “true service” to a community greater than organization members. Tabling, and/or attending general meetings or programs DOES NOT COUNT AS SERVICE.
• CPSP RSSW students can NEVER “buy” service hours with donations of any kind.
Please bring any questions or concerns regarding the acceptability of service events/activities to CPSP staff for clarification and approval.
• Faith-based student organizations (FBSOs): The CPSP welcomes partnerships with FBSOs that have “service to the greater community” as core activities. Examples of approved activities include: FBSO-supported soup kitchens, after-school programs, shelters, clothing drives, etc. Teaching religious education, attending or participating in religious services or spiritual meetings does not count towards service hours.
• Member recruitment by student organizations does not count for RSSW hours. Tabling hours only count when the organization is specifically soliciting donations for a 501c (3) nonprofit organization or they are educating/spreading awareness regarding a social justice issue.
• New student organizations interested in becoming CPSP partners should stop in the CPSP office to discuss the process and explore the possibility.

Certification Forms:

    Certificate of Good Standing
    This form is  required each Fall semester and completed by a member of the organization's eboard, then brought to the Student Involvement office to obtain either Susan Henry or Arleny Alveraz-Pena's signature. This certificate verifies to the CPSP that the student organization applying for partnership is in good standing with the University.   SA student organizations - Susan Henry's signature.  Fraternal organizations - Arleny Alveraz-Pena signature.

    Schedule of Service Plan Form

    This form/plan is required each Fall semester. 

    New Organization Application
    This form is only required once. It is kept on file in the CPSP office.


CPSP will gladly generate a list of your students that have registered with your organization for a given semester. The request for this list can be made by an eboard member. The list provides the students' names, email address, course they are registered for (either RSSW190/290/291/390) and will have a blank column for each assignment that the supervisor will need to be involved with. This list takes a little time to generate, so it may help to make the request for this list via email.

Certificate of Good Standing (Updated)