Community Partners

CPSP has over 500 non-profit and public organizations locally that are eligible to supervise UAlbany volunteers earning credit through the RSSW courses.  Our community partners must be registered 501c3 non-profit organizations or public organizations.  They must have a bricks and mortar location and be able to provide  35,  60 or 100 volunteer hours per student per semester. Students can also participate at locations close to their home, given the above criteria is met by their organization. Any community partner who has an idea for a collaborative partnership with UAlbany can speak with a CPSP staff member to discuss possibilities!


We know that your organization's volunteer needs may be in flux due to the health crisis. We do not know what the upcoming semester will bring, but we know how important it is to have strong campus-community relationships with our partners, especially during a pandemic!

We are promoting virtual volunteer/internship opportunities whenever possible. We are allowing UAlbany students to complete in-person volunteer positions for RSSW credit if they feel safe doing so, wear masks, and comply with social distancing guidelines.  Sites offering in-person opportunities must take reasonable and appropriate measures to protect the health and safety of student participants, including following all state and local health protocols and providing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for student participants.

Please contact us if you *not* accepting in-person volunteers for this semester, and we will temporarily take you off the list so students do not contact you looking for a volunteer position.

Let us know if you need virtual volunteers! We are compiling a list of virtual/remote community service opportunities for RSSW credit, such as social media coordination, website development, or special projects.  Here are some resources that may help as you consider what a remote or virtual experience may entail.

Please contact Sheri Stevens at [email protected] or Jenny Horn at [email protected] if you have a remote volunteer project or would like assistance with recruiting volunteers this semester.

The Community Service Fair is traditionally held every semester, in October and March.  Partners table on the Uptown Campus, introducing students to volunteer opportunities in the community.  There is no cost to attend, but registration it required.  Once you are an official CPSP partner you will automatically be invited to the fair each semester.  Please note that the Fall 2020 Fair has been temporarily suspended due to public health concerns. Contact us if you want assistance in recruiting volunteers!

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