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NYS Tobacco Control Professional Development and Training Program

The NYS Tobacco Control Professional Development and Training Program works in partnership with the NYS Tobacco Control Program to provide professional development and training to tobacco control advocates and system change leaders in NYS, through a blended learning approach.

Goals of NYS Tobacco Control Professional Development and Training Program

  • To increase leadership skills and competencies of Bureau of Tobacco Control grantees.
  • To provide professional development that supports the implementation of evidence-based and promising strategies to prevent and reduce tobacco use.
  • To continually assess and modify the content and learning modalities to meet the ever changing needs of the Bureau of Tobacco Control and grantees.

Target Audience

  • NYS Advancing Tobacco Free Communities Grantees
  • NYS Health Systems for a Tobacco Free-NY Grantees

This project is funded through a Memorandum of Understanding with the NYS Department of Health.

The self-paced track offers grantees the opportunity to engage with content focused on health equity through activities developed by nationally recognized public health training centers, Council on Education for Public Health accredited schools of public health, governmental public health agencies, and other similar resources.

For the current time period, ATFC Community Engagement (CE), Reality Check (RC) leads and one Health System (HS) lead will be required to complete 10 credit hours of activities at their own pace by June 30, 2022.

The activities in the Self-Paced Guidebook are open for all BTC grantee staff, including Health Systems (HS) and ATFC staff who are not leads and would like to engage in independent study professional development.