Field Epidemiology

CT Scanning: Principles, Patient Doses, Benefits & Potential Risks

Originally presented on June 11, 2015

Keith Strauss, MSc, FAAPM, FACR

Cincinnati Children's Hospital
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

The use of Computer Tomography (CT), fluoroscopy and nuclear medicine diagnostic studies has increased over the years, making it the single largest contributor of the radiation dose to the population of the United States. Many physicians get very little training in the effects of radiation and may not be aware of the health risks.  This “Image Gently” webinar is designed to provide information to physicians on CT scanning.

Program Objectives
After watching this broadcast participants will be able to:

  • Describe the basic strengths and weaknesses of each diagnostic modality, e.g. CT, US, etc.
  • Identify the basic dose indices
  • Describe the relative radiation dose of different diagnostic modalities
  • Summarize the benefit/risk relationship by interpreting available information

Continuing Education Credits are expired for this activity. We encourage you to still take the evaluation as it helps towards planning future programs. Thank you!