University at Albany

A Study of Legally Exempt Child Care in Albany County

CHSR, in partnership with the Albany County Department of Social Services and the Capital District Child Care Council, was awarded a grant by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) to examine the challenges faced by legally exempt child care providers in Albany County.

Subsidized legally exempt child care is a common choice for both public assistance households and the working poor, yet little is known about the providers, the quality of care, and evidence-based strategies to strengthen this type of care arrangement. According to the OCFS, almost 40 percent of the approximately 175,000 children receiving subsidized child care services in 2002 received care from legally exempt providers. Within Albany County, there are approximately 2,500 children in subsidized care on a monthly basis.

Evaluation & Research

CHSR researchers reviewed studies of child care best practices; conducted focus groups and telephone interviews with providers and families to assess needs, challenges, strengths and interests; and analyzed Albany County data on legally exempt child care providers and the families who use them. Based on the information gathered through the needs assessment, an intervention was designed and field tested to assess the success of the services.

Contact: Rose Greene