University at Albany

Kinship Navigator County Collaboration Project Evaluation

This project is a collaborative effort between the New York State Kinship Navigator and CHSR researchers. It is funded by the Administration of Children and Families.

Kinship care refers to the non-parental care of a child; most often, caregivers are grandmothers but include other relatives or relations caring for a child in place of the parent. While it is a common arrangement for children whose parents are not available or able to care for them, research on kinship care and the needs of kinship families is limited.

The Kinship Navigator County Collaboration project aims to improve outcomes for kinship families in New York State by working with local departments of social services (LDSS), local community agencies, and enhancing services to kinship families. Services include information and referral, legal information and assistance, trainings, and access to financial assistance.

Evaluation & Research

This evaluation consists of a process study to inform program implementation and a quasi-experimental outcome study to assess whether the NYS Kinship Demonstration Project achieved its intended objectives. Specifically, the evaluation will 1) monitor the project implementation at LDSS, Kinship Navigator, and partner agencies; 2) provide ongoing feedback on the process; 3) collect high quality data on the demographics, needs, costs, service utilization, and case-level outcomes; 4) conduct a rigorous outcome evaluation; and 5) disseminate the findings to stakeholders and through publications.

Contact: Eunju Lee