University at Albany

New York State Family Resource Centers

CHSR is working with the New York State Office of Children and Family Services to gather data to support the activities and services of Family Resource Centers (FRCs) located throughout New York State.

New York State Family Resource Centers (FRCs) are voluntary programs that offer services and support for families in their communities, with an emphasis on families with young children. They are diverse in their program offerings and populations served, but all promote the strengthening of families through developing social support, increasing knowledge of effective parenting, fostering child development, and enhancing family functioning. Services include parent education classes and workshops, playgroups, information and referral services, family social and recreational programs, supervised visitation, adult education (e.g., job readiness, English as a Second Language programs), counseling, home visiting, early childhood education, and concrete services (e.g., food and clothing).

Evaluation & Research

CHSR has undertaken a number of studies to examine the implementation and outcomes of the FRCs:

  • The FRC Outcome Study assessed the effectiveness of FRCs in enhancing parenting behaviors and attitudes and increasing social support.
  • A Community Study examined the connections between FRCs and their communities. These connections were investigated through interviews with people at other organizations that provide services to the same target population of children and families.
  • A dosage analysis explored patterns of program attendance and retention based on participant demographics and site characteristics.
  • A Protective Factors Survey was administered to FRC participants at regular intervals. CHSR helped develop the survey to provide ongoing information about participants’ family functioning, social support, concrete support, nurturing and attachment, and knowledge of child development. CHSR analyzed the data periodically.
  • The Development of a Satisfaction Survey for FRCs to use to assess participants’ experience of The Incredible Years parent education curriculum.

Systems & Software Development

CHSR developed a web-based database application for FRCs to assist in monitoring activities, tracking participation, administrating programs, and measuring outcomes.

Contact: Sarah Rain