University at Albany

Coordinated Children’s Service Initiative Evaluation

The Coordinated Children’s Service Initiative (CCSI) began in the 1990s as a multi-agency approach to reduce out-of-home placements of children with emotional disabilities by creating locally coordinated systems of care. CHSR conducted an implementation and outcome study of CCSI in 1998.

Evaluation & Research

The CCSI study consisted of a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods. For the qualitative component, CHSR conducted on-site structured interviews with participants in eight counties that implemented CCSI in its earliest stages. In the quantitative component we analyzed placement data from the child welfare, education, juvenile justice, and mental health residential placement systems. We compared CCSI counties with non-CCSI counties and examined changes in placements over time, changes in placements by service system, and the potential cost savings of averted placements. The study culminated in a report that described CCSI’s strengths and challenges, provided some evidence that CCSI contributed to declines in out-of-home placements for participating children, and offered a series of recommendations to guide future practice.

Contact: Rose Greene