University at Albany

Evaluation of the Northeast Parent & Child Society Mentoring for Change Program

CHSR evaluated mentoring program characteristics and impacts on students' behavior and well-being.

Mentoring for Change is a program offered by the Northeast Parent & Child Society. Mentors spend a few hours per week with at-risk children and adolescents age 21 and under from the local community. Staff from Northeast helps mentors through ongoing training and support.

Evaluation & Research

CHSR assessed program characteristics and impacts, including:

  • Stability of the mentor/mentee relationship
  • Mentor/mentee activities
  • Student GPA
  • Student unexcused absences
  • Academic achievement
  • Student behaviors
  • Student inter-personal relationships
  • Parent and teacher perspectives

CHSR staff created and maintained a computerized data file of quarterly and annual feedback forms from students, mentors, teachers, and parents. CHSR researchers analyzed the stability of the student-mentor matches and the effects of mentoring on students' academic performance, attendance, and well-being.

Contact: Rose Greene