University at Albany

Front End Juvenile Justice Reform Initiative

CHSR worked with the Albany City Police Department to examine the impact of a front end juvenile justice reform initiative on youth placement and detention, systems change, and information sharing.  The project was funded by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS).

A Juvenile Justice Mobile Response Team (JJMRT) was created to prevent juvenile justice system involvement for low risk youth who have committed minor offenses. The team used risk assessment instruments to match the juvenile justice response to the level of risk posed by youth arrested in the City of Albany. The project sought to increase the use of pre-arrest diversion programs, decrease the use of pre-arraignment detention, and increase referrals to informal diversion at Albany County Probation, thereby reducing referrals to Family Court. The JJMRT was part of an effort to improve interagency collaboration and information sharing between the Albany City Police Department, Albany County Probation, and community partners.

Evaluation & Research

CHSR developed a logic model that outlined the goals, strategies, and outcomes of the initiative. Using primary and secondary data, we conducted a pre-post analysis to assess the effect of the JJMRT on juvenile justice system involvement. 

Contact: Dr.Susan Ehrhard-Dietzel