University at Albany

Capital Area Poverty Reduction Initiative (CAPRI)

The City of Albany has received a $1.5 million Empire State Poverty Reduction Initiative (ESPRI) grant to develop a plan to reduce poverty in Albany.

A main focus of the grant will be on increasing employment among out-of-school, unemployed youth. CHSR is working with CARES, Inc. to inform the design and evaluation of the ESPRI in Albany. The evaluation consists:

  • reviewing secondary data sources to report on youth demographics and employment trends
  • conducting a literature and document review to identify best practices, available vocational assessment tools, and outcome measures
  • interviewing local stakeholders
  • administering electronic surveys to local stakeholders

The project will provide a data brief on opportunity youth demographics, needs, and interests; a data brief on the local employment landscape; and a report on best practices and model programs.

Contact: Sarah Rain