University at Albany

Child and Adolescent Mobile Team Evaluation

CHSR conducted an outcome evaluation and cost-effectiveness study of a mobile team developed specifically to serve youth in behavioral, psychiatric or emotional distress in New York’s Capital Region.

Evaluation & Research

The evaluation study included a systematic summary of studies of mobile crisis services. CHSR identified and described model programs and crisis intervention components that have evidence to support their efficacy, and gauged the extent to which CAMT practices are consistent with best practices. Satisfaction survey data routinely collected by CAMT were analyzed by CHSR to identify possible areas for service delivery enhancement. CAMT’s client tracking system data were merged with data collected by CHSR from a representative sample of case files. CHSR staff investigated if interventions and outcomes differ across the three counties served, or for youth with different profiles of need. A cost effectiveness analysis demonstrated that CAMT is a cost-effective way to prevent hospitalizations compared to other responders, such as the police or ambulance services.

Contact: Dr. Lynn Warner