Center for the Elimination of Minority Health Disparities



Launch of Arbor Hill Community Immersion Project

Area High School students attend 3-day program aimed at raising health awareness
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Students from various inner city high schools load a school bus for a tour of the city's community health care facilities. On the tour bus, the M & T Core Director points out the City's 'Health Hubs--i.e., corners of the City with large numbers of health care facilities.
Inner City Community Environmentalist Aaron Mair tells students about community environmental health hazards. Students enter a community health care facility under the watchful eye of the M & T Core Director
Students learn about the various departments within a major health clinic guided by the Head of the Clinic's Social Work Department. Students pose with the bust of the founder of the Whitney M. Young Health Clinic.
The M & T Director says 'Good Night' to students as they arrive back at UAlbany's Downtown Campus after a day of touring community health care facilities.