Group Exercise

Treadmills aren't your thing? Want to work out and have fun too? It's time you try Group Exercise! From the heart pumping action of Insanity to the muscle toning benefits of Yoga, we have you covered. Each week patrons can expect a well-choreographed, calorie-burning program in a fun, high-energy and safe atmosphere.


Class Descriptions


o Reconnect with your mind and body while improving your strength and flexibility. Each instructor has a unique teaching style, be sure to try them all.



o Combining a dance flow with strength exercises. This class will get you up and moving to build a better YOU!



o Leaner muscles and establish core strength and stability. Breathing and relaxation are combined with exercise to help you “center” your mind and body.



o Transform your body into a machine. TRX used boxy weight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability. Space is limited to 8 participants, so come early!



o Spin will get your heart pumping while riding on the SPINNER bike. The instructor will lead you through a non-impact workout that will make you sweat. Limited to 15 participants.


Move Your Body

o A mix of today’s reggae, hip-hop, and Latin hits to create a high-energy dance workout. This class includes simple dance steps to tone, sculpt, and improve endurance.


Hula Hooping

o Hula Hooping combines aerobics and conditioning exercises. This class improves balance, flexibility, and core strength. Come ready to have some fun.



o Strap in for a fun and exciting ride full of hills, sprints, and jumps. Take this non-impact class to help you reach your goals. All fitness levels are welcome! Limited to 15 participants.


Killa Kardio

o This Insanity inspired total-body conditioning cardio class that will build muscle while stripping away fat, increase endurance, and improve stamina. Be ready to sweat in this heart-pumping class!


Goodnight Yoga

o A gentle restorative yoga class that will be centered on releasing the stresses of the day and preparing the mind and body for a good night's sleep.



o This High-Intensity interval training (HIIT) workout will blast calories long after class ends. A variety of equipment is used to challenge and strengthen all muscle groups.


Guts, Butts, & Thighs (GBT)

o Sculpt, Shape, and strengthen your abs, glutes and legs. A variety of lunges, squats, and other lower body movements will work your body. This class is open to all fitness levels.



o Come join the party! Dance to Latin and work rhythms in this total body workout. Easy dance steps and body-sculpting moves, makes this a perfect workout for everybody and every body.



o A high-intensity interval training (H.I.I.T.) workout that will blast calories during and long after the class ends. A variety of equipment is utilized such as battling ropes, TRX, plyo boxes, kettle bells, and more! Modifications are given for all fitness levels. Limit of 15 participants.


Yoga: Mind & Body

o This class aims to help you enhance the connection between your mind and body with a focus on meditation. In this class, you will learn to listen to your body and “find what feels good”.


Cycle Express

o This 30 minute express cycle class will give you energy long after the ride stops. Strap in for a fun and exciting ride full of hills, sprints, and jumps. All fitness levels are welcome! Limited to 15 participants.


Stretch & Flex

o This class involves a mixture of balance, core, flexibility, and gentle yoga to promote circulation, improved posture and flexibility. Some light active movements will be followed with stretching exercises, holding poses, and more.


Power Yoga

o Body weight is used to create a fun and challenging yoga flow. Modifications are given in the class. All classes end with relaxation and stretching to restore the body and mind.


Core Blast

o Get ready for a challenging 45 minute class designed to engage and strengthen your core. Your abs, hips, and back will thank you after taking this class.