Group Exercise

Current UAlbany faculty and staff members can purchase a Group Exercise Pass for the Spring 2022 semester.

Cost - $45

Eligibility: Current UAlbany faculty and staff members. Graduate students who wish to attend classes should purchase the Graduate Student Membership here

How to purchase:

1. Click here and complete the transaction. (note, link not available yet, will let you know when it is)

2. Within 2 business days, you will receive an email from Campus Recreation confirming the activation of your Albany ID Card.

3. Bring your UAlbany ID card with you to access the class. Please note that for the Fall 2021 semester, all fitness center patrons must be vaccine compliant as it relates to university policy and wear a mask



Please see the schedule below:





Spring 2022 Group Ex Schedule



Aerobic, Dance, & Strength Style Classes


This instructional dance class will break down different dance moves, and allow participants to master them. This hour class will pair afro beats to fun and creative choreography. Perfect for beginners, or current dancers looking to spice up their moves. Get your body moving and most especially, ‘Own It’!


This class will incorporate yoga, Pilates, and ballet moves to sculpt the entire body. This non-impact class will challenge muscles you didn’t know you had! Open to all fitness levels.

Body Sculpt

Work all muscle groups with a variety of strengthening and conditioning exercises. This athletic-based sculpting class tones upper and lower body using resistance like hand weights, body bars and your own body weight. All-Levels.


A high-intensity interval training (H.I.I.T.) workout that will blast calories during and long after the class ends. A variety of equipment is utilized such as battling ropes, TRX, plyo boxes, kettle bells, and more! Modifications are given for all fitness levels. Limit of 15 participants.

Core Blast

Get ready for a challenging 45 minute class designed to engage and strengthen your core. Your abs, hips, and back will thank you after taking this class.

Crunch & Punch

Ready to punch, kick, and jump your way into a sweaty workout? This cardiovascular class will do just that by combining martial arts, kickboxing, and more!


Strap in for a fun and exciting ride full of hills, sprints, and jumps. Take this non-impact class to help you reach your goals. All fitness levels are welcome! Limited to 15 participants.

Dance 360

Combining a dance flow with strength exercises. This class will get you up and moving to build a better YOU!

Guts, Butts, & Thighs (GBT)

Sculpt, Shape, and strengthen your abs, glutes and legs. A variety of lunges, squats, and other lower body movements will work your body. This class is open to all fitness levels.

HIIT Barre

This class combines the fun of a typical Barre class with the cardio benefits of HIIT (High-Intensity-Interval Training). This quick routine with strengthen your entire body while getting your heart rate up.

Killa Kardio

This Insanity inspired total-body conditioning cardio class that will build muscle while stripping away fat, increase endurance, and improve stamina. Be ready to sweat in this heart-pumping class!


Develop, longer, leaner muscles and establish core strength and stability. Breathing and relaxation are combined with exercise to help you “center” your mind and body.

Pop Dance

A dance workout consisting of today’s pop hits. Not only is it great fun, it also helps to reduce depression, boost memory, and reduce stress with the help of a musical cure. With easy-to-follow moves, everyone can participate.


Spin will get your heart pumping while riding on the SPINNER bike. The instructor will lead you through a non-impact workout that will make you sweat. Limited to 15 participants.

Step Aerobics

Heart-pumping routines utilizing the step to burn 30-60% more calories than traditional cardio.


Transform your body into a machine. TRX used boxy weight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability. Space is limited to 8 participants, so come early!


Come join the party! Dance to Latin and work rhythms in this total body workout. Easy dance steps and body-sculpting moves, makes this a perfect workout for everybody and every body.

Yoga Classes

Align & Flow

A main focus of this yoga class will be on alignment. The instructor will bring participants through a variety of sequences to engage the entire body. Leave feeling stronger and recharged.

Chakra Yoga

Chakra yoga will be focusing on corresponding yoga flows to each of the 7 individual chakra points in the human body. Each chakra will have a different yoga sequence ranging from strength and endurance; balance and flexibility ; meditation and mental focus. Each class will focus on one of the chakra points, with a yoga flow designed to awaken and reenergize the participant mind and body.

Happy Hour Flow

Join us for a happy hour flow to relax and release the stresses of the week. This class will focus on cultivating self-love and acceptance through breath work, setting intentions, and a challenging flow to get your body and mind ready for the weekend.

Monday Reset Yoga

The instructor will bring participants through a variety of sequences to engage the entire body focusing on alignment. Leave feeling stronger and recharged.

Progression Yoga

This yoga class dives into stronger yoga poses and creates a space to prepare body and mind for splits, inversions, and other intrinsic movements.

Restorative Yoga

This class will blend restorative and vinyasa yoga to focus on self-care. Participants will connect to their bodies through movement and breath; focusing on listening to the body and giving it what it needs. This class is a practice of cultivating the attitude of letting go, to allow a deep relaxation.

Strong Vinyasa

This yoga class will focus on breath and the continuous flow of movements. Postures will flow to build endurance, flexibility, strength and mental focus.

Sunrise Yoga

Intentions will be set to start off the day on a positive note through guided meditation and a peaceful flow.

TRX Yoga

Combining yoga poses and flows with the TRX straps to create a workout that builds on both length and strength. This class is limited to 9 participants.

Yin Yoga

Yoga poses are targeted for muscles that are often ignored. Each pose will be held for a few breath cycles to really allow for stress and negative energy release.


Reconnect with your mind and body while improving your strength and flexibility. Each instructor has a unique teaching style, be sure to try them all.