Intramural Sports

What are Intramural Sports? 

Partake in fun, social and good-natured competition between teams of UAlbany undergraduate students. 

Our Intramural Sports program offers a wide variety of sports leagues, tournaments and single-day events. 

Teams don’t have scheduled practices and typically play one to two games per week. Students of all skill levels are welcome. 

Participants and spectators are expected to always act with sportsmanlike behavior. Our staff works to ensure the program is inclusive, safe and enjoyable. 

Log into IMLeagues to review and register for teams and events: 



Updates & Alerts 

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Sportsmanship Expectations

After each event, Campus Recreation staff members will consult with officials, scorekeepers and site supervisors and then assign a sportsmanship rating to both teams. 

Ratings are made on a scale of zero to four, with four being the highest score attainable. Teams that fail to maintain an average 2.5 sportsmanship rating may be excluded from playoff competition. 

Items considered when assigning ratings include but are not limited to: 

  • Unsportsmanlike penalties or technical fouls 

  • The number of verbal warnings given to players 

  • The amount of complaining or arguing from players 

  • Ejections from the game 

Here is a thorough explanation of each rating: 

4.0 — Outstanding Conduct & Sportsmanship 

  • Players fully cooperated with officials and team members. 

  • Players are under control and are not excessively fouling or contacting others. 

  • Officials issued no verbal warnings to players. 

  • The captain calmly conversed with officials about rule interpretations and calls and had full control of their teammates. 

  • Exceptional sportsmanship was shown by all sides. 

3.0 — Average Conduct & Sportsmanship 

  • Players verbally complained about some decisions made by officials and/or showed mild dissent, which may have merited a technical foul or yellow card. 

  • Players displayed some unsportsmanlike conduct and made some complaints about officials’ judgments. 

  • There were one to two technical fouls for unsportsmanlike behavior. 

  • A yellow card was presented. 

2.0 — Below Average Conduct & Sportsmanship 

  • Players demonstrated a poor ability to correct issues after receiving warnings, resulting in multiple penalties (technical fouls and/or yellow cards). 

  • One or more players were ejected from the game due to unsportsmanlike conduct. 

1.0 — Poor Conduct & Sportsmanship 

  • Players and/or fans showed constant dissension to officials and/or the opposing team on the field and/or from the sidelines. 

  • There were ejections, fouls, technical fouls and/or yellow cards for unsportsmanlike behavior. 

  • The team captain had little to no control over their teammates and/or themselves. 

  • Players used profane language. 

0.0 — Unacceptable Conduct & Sportsmanship 

  • The game was forfeited or ended due to unsportsmanlike conduct (including but not limited to players being ejected, failing to help remove an ejected player, ignoring officials’ warnings, fighting or attempting to fight making, and/or making unnecessary contact with an official). 

  • The team forfeited without notification. 

  • The captain has no control over teammates and/or themselves and is unable to follow the Campus Recreation’s Intramural Program guidelines, as enforced by officials.