Africana Studies

Africana Studies draws upon critical, multi-, and cross-disciplinary perspectives to address the complexities of black communities and black popular culture that concern Africa, the U.S. and the Black Diaspora. You’ll learn about African Americans' and Africans' ways of life - from languages to history to religion, art and literature. You’ll implement methods and theories from Africana Studies as well as sociology, psychology, history, law, and ethnic and race studies.

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Latin American, Caribbean and Latinx Studies

Latin American, Caribbean, and Latinx Studies offers interdisciplinary programs on the history, culture and political development of Latin America and Caribbean nations and the relationships between these nations and the United States. You'll explore the interdependence between resident Latinx and immigrant populations in the United States and their countries of origin. Issues of race, gender, ethnicity and class are central to the curriculum.

Piece of artwork depicting hurricane aftermath in Puerto Rico
Faculty Publications
Isles of Noise: Sonic Media in the Caribbean by Alejandra Bronfman
Stories from the Front of the Room: How Higher Education Faculty of Color Overcome Challenges and Thrive in the Academy
Democracy on the Ground: Local Politics in Latin America’s Left Turn by Grabriel Hetland
Black Authenticity: A Psychology for Liberating People of African Descent by Marcia Sutherland
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