Deposit of Project Collections

  1. All funds received should be safely stored until they are deposited with the Collections Office. Funds should be stored in a safe or locked drawer and the area should be accessible by designated personnel only. 

  2. Collections should be deposited intact, that is in the form received, on a daily basis with the Collections Office. Deposits may be made less frequently during slow periods, but in no case less than once a week. 

    • Deposits can be made with the Collections Office from 8:30a.m. to 11:00 a.m. each day.

    • Deposit appointments can be made at other times to meet special needs or circumstances.

  3. When remitting collections to the Collections Office, an IFR invoice should be completed. The description should indicate "CONFIRMING DEPOSIT". 

  4. A signed listing of the items (checks and cash) included in the deposit should accompany the collections and a confirming invoice placed in a sealed envelope or other protective container and submitted to the Collections Office. 

  5. No more than 100 checks should be attached to one confirming invoice.