Understanding the Impact of Environmental Social Governance (ESG)

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The increasing importance of sustainability and human rights has cast considerable focus on the practices or policies within a company or organization as well as the impact those practices, policies and investments have on employees, the environment and society. The concept in its entirety is called Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).

This microcredential introduces you to ESG as a system. This course covers how these impacts are identified, measured and reported within a dynamic environment that is exposed to external forces (e.g., climate change), the impact of which is not fully understood. You will learn how to build ESG concepts into business plans and identify points of risk within a business's operations.

Sessions will include discussion of real-world scenarios, including active debate on policy implementation and enforcement. Lastly, we will discuss the market impacts of differentiating understandings of ESG as a concept and ESG as an economic entity.

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