Fundamentals of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Sense of Belonging (DEIS) for Professionals

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The ongoing demographic shift in the global workforce has demanded intentionality from leaders and managers to ensure organizational viability moving forward. It is essential that leaders have a deep understanding of diversity and equity, are culturally responsive, and able to foster a sense of belonging for all their stakeholders.  With this knowledge and understanding you can implement practices that increase innovation, productivity, and success through the creation of diverse high-functioning teams.  

The Fundamentals of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Sense of Belonging for Professionals microcredential provides you with the concepts and practices that are foundational to being culturally and equity responsive. In three sessions, you will have the opportunity to learn foundational aspects that influence effective diversity, equity, inclusion and sense of belonging. 

  1. Historical and Foundational Aspects of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Sense of Belonging: Introduces you to key historical events, including legal events that have influenced practices of DEIS in the workplace. Morril Act, Fair Housing Act, Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX will be discussed to provide context of current practices today. This session covers foundational understanding of protected classes and literacy surrounding equal employment opportunity.
  2. Dialogue Across Difference: Combines experiential activities and small group discussion based on the philosophy of Intergroup Dialogue. Learn skills in active listening, suspending judgment, leaning into discomfort and using empathy as way to be more culturally responsive in work environments. Gain a better sense of your own identity and how power, privilege and oppression interplay with those who you supervise and lead.
  3. The Influence of DEIS in the Workplace: Emphasizes the strategic benefits of DEIS in successful teams and organizations. This session helps you differentiate between performative/reactive actions and impactful, enduring initiatives focused on engaging all employees, improved climate sense of belonging and the creation of high functioning teams. 

Additional Information:

Starts October 30, 2023. Course is asynchronous and takes a total of 12-15 hours to complete. Weekly assignments, quizzes and discussion posts required. The instructor will be available to assist and provide feedback.

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