Astro/Particle Physics

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Gain competency in the interdisciplinary fields of astro/particle physics, general relativity and cosmology. Through analysis and study, you will learn to address crucial problems and research these modern fields using critical thinking and non-linear problem-solving skills. 

You will also develop the expertise to create computational models to solve complex physics problems and generate data. A grade of B or higher in four related physics courses chosen out of five options is required to demonstrate a deep understanding of astro/particle physics and astronomy. You’ll create a portfolio of research term papers and presentations.

Additional Information:

This is a series of four for-credit classes. Choose from:

  • APHY 426 Introduction to Particle Physics
  • APHY 443 Introduction to Cosmology
  • APHY 452 Astroparticle Physics
  • APHY 458 Physics of Radiation Detectors
  • APHY 468 Particle Physics
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